Five elements of Rudraksh character from Yeh Hai Chahatein which is appealing

Yeh Hai Chahatein is one of the latest offerings by StarPlus and Balaji telefilms. This show is a spin-off show of one of the longest running daily soap of Star Plus, “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”. The show started with the noble concept of a single mother and how she gets the acknowledgement in society. However a show which is mostly dominated by the female characters, Rudraksha outshined as one of the unique characters in the display. Now if you wonder why we are saying so then you have to go through these reasonings behind them.

Rudraksha is one of those male leads of Indian television, who has a successful career of his own and luckily it is not business. He is a singer and the rockstar and he does perform various shows and songs and also shoots for advertisement and catalogues just like any other celebrity artist. Though he was forced to become a singer by his own father so that they can have so much money in hand, he does respect the source of income and also he is very careful about his voice and throat all the time. He maintained all those rules and regulations to keep his voice intact and good. Even his practice sessions for his concerts and shows on a regular basis.

His love for his family and mostly for his elder brother and step mother. He loves and respects his step mother and his elder brother to no end and can do anything to bring a smile on their face. He knows how to make his loved ones happy and contained. More than his father it is the wish of his elder brother Rajiv to see his younger brother Rudraksh perform on stage in front of a huge crowd and he wants to do it more for his brother. He is also a careful son for his mother and he tries to motivate her to the best way.

The wittiness and comic timing of Rudraksh is one of the main reasons why people are liking his character so much. Apart from having a successful career and belonging from a disturbed childhood, he has a freshness in his nature and a happy go lucky approach. His sass and sarcasm is one of the most liked qualities of this character and Abrar is doing a great job in pulling off this side of his on screen character.

Rudraksh bond with Saransh is one of the highlights of his character. Like he never ever likes kids much and still Saransh appeals to him from the very start specially, when Rudraksh has no idea about he is being connected to his elder brother in any way. He is always moved by his tears and his happiness. Hence, now his attachment to Saransh is very obvious when he feels that this little kid can make him feel the presence of his elder brother Rajiv. This bond is surely one of the special bonds Rudraksh shares in the show.

It is very rare to see in a TV show where the male protagonist takes the lead and does the investigation and showcases his intelligence level and presence of mind. Rudraksh is one of the most loved characters because he has a mind of his own and he doesn’t come under anyone’s manipulation at all. The biggest example of this is when he was accused of making his fellow team member pregnant, he himself does all the investigations with a cool and calm mind and proved his innocence in the court.

Basically Indian television needs male leads like Rudraksh Khurana more. ITV is a biggest platform and we believe it should be used to promote the agenda of gender equality in every sense. To make the characters real and relatable to the audience, it is really important to make both the protagonist active and meaningful in their actions. Tell us, why do you like Rudraksh Khurana as a character? Keep watching this space for more.