FNP Media’s new short film Saat Tareekh featuring Aishwarya Narkar is creating waves!

FNP Media’s new short film Saat Tareekh” features Aashay Srivastava and Aishwarya Narkar released on 25th June. It has a very strong message for the society. Speaking about her role Aishwarya says, “When the director of the film Kartik Singh met me and gave me a narration of Saat Tareekh, I knew that this is an usual story and needs to be said. In India rape is a very serious issue and we should all do something. All the time we only talk about it. Through Saat Tareekh we are trying to say a mother is someone who teaches her family and also makes our society aware of many things. So when a son commits a crime, a mother should always take the right step to punish him.”

While speaking about her preparation Aishwarya says,”The way Kartik has written the script, the character graph is very accurate as an actor I just needed to think about it and deliver my lines. The thoughts of a mother expressed here is so powerful that I could easily connect. Apart from my director I would also thank the DOP, the way our emotions has been captured on camera is just too good. I remember when I was about to start the shoot I just recovered from COVID so I was a bit worried about how I am going to manage. But thanks to our producers Aagaaz Entertainment and FNP media, our set was nicely organised I felt very secured.”

Speaking about her career path Aishwarya says,”I have mostly done regional work in Marathi and also some in Hindi. I personally feel an artist’s work should not be restricted due to language. The message and the entertainment part should reach the audience irrespective of language. When cinema started, the basic idea was to educate people, tell them what is wrong, what is right. So I feel I would like to be associated with a show in which I can convey a message to our society and also entertain viewers. I am happy that Saat Tareekh is a project which has a huge significance of what’s wrong in our society.”