From Aarav fighting from goons to save Simar to bringing her back to Oswal residence: Here is what all happened in ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ earlier this week!

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers. Geetanjali Devi asked Simar to leave the house.

Yet Badi Simar convinced Aarav to bring Simar back as he had married her. So in the upcoming week it will be interesting to see what Geetanjali Devi will do with Simar. Will she accepts her or not as the Bahu of Oswal family.

The episode starts with Vivaan finding Reema and telling her the reality. Badi Simar is going back and asks her to have patience and stay strong until Oswal family accepts her. Badi Simar takes leave. She tells Geetanjali Devi that one day she will realise that why she has selected Chote Simar as their Bahu.

Shobha taunts Badi Simar. Geetanjali Devi threatens Simar that if she doesn’t want her family to see behind bars then quietly depart from Oswal resident. She insults Simar that new bride brings prosperity and happiness to the family but she has bought sadness and distress to this family and she couldn’t be the Bahu of Oswal family. Manoj is trying to save Avinash. Aarav shows his anger to Simar. So she leaves the house.

Badi Simar prays for Simar to return and to bloom her and Aarav relation. Aarav complains her that he blindly trusted her and she took such a big decision for his life. Badi Simar explains that Simar is same as him. She asks to bring Simar back for the sake of her promis.

Badi Simar reminds him that Simar is wearing Mangalsutr and Sindoor of his name. Chote Simar calls Indu. Manoj informs Indu that they can take Avinash home. Simar gets into the clutch of some goons.

They snatches her phone. She tries to run and save herself. Aarav goes out to look for her, he reaches Narayan resident yet he finds lock on the main door. Simar tries to escape from the goons as they asks her to give her jewellery to them. She has thrown dust on their eyes and try to run away from them.

Aarav come to rescue Simar from goons. Badi Simar sees Aarav holding Simar’s hand. She feels relieved, Mataji tells her that with time their relationship will also grow. Aarav brings Simar home, she broke her sandle so he picks her up in his arms. He secretly brings her inside.

Geetanjali Devi feels devastated, she asks her sons to pay them as much money the Narayan family wants and end this relationship. Vivaan consoles Reema, she finds lock at her door, she wondered where her family went.

She gets inside and feels betrayed and lost. Aarav warns Simar not to touch any gifts as they were for his wife and she is not his wife. He tells her that their relationship is based on compromise, she is like a burden and a formality to him.

Reema tries to call Aarav but he didn’t picks. Avinash reports are good Manoj tells them to take him home but have to keep him happy. Indu asks Gagan to drop Roma to her house. Simar feels thirsty, goes out to find water but sees Gajender and hides near Mata Rani.

She prays to Mata Rani that why everyone blames her as she didn’t betrayed anyone. Aarav thinkd that he just wanted a loving partner but what he got in return was humiliation for his family, so now he just want his family to be happy. Next morning Sandhya notices Simar infront of Mata Rani. Simar tells her the truth.

Sandhya asks her to get back to her room, so nobody can find her. Sandhya asks her to get ready but Simar tells her that she doesn’t have any dress to change. So Sandhya brings her a dress from Aditi without informing her. Chitra findd Sandhya’s behaviour doubtful. Simar hears Aarav’s footsteps, so she hides herself in the wardrobe as she cannot face Aarav in that condition. Aarav come to his room and cannot find Simar so he goes out to find Simar.

Sandhya asks Simar to follow her towards kitchen so that nobody could see her. While going towards kitchen Chitra doubts that someone is there with Sandhya. Vivaan confess about Reema to Aarav. Aarav tells him that he bought Simar back to Oswal residence.

Simar cooks Halwa. Sandhya gives her Shagun for that. Shobha slaps Roma and throw her out, once again as Shobha is going to slap Roma Lalit hold her hand and stops her. Chitra come to kitchen, Sandhya hides Simar with the staff and covers her face. Chitra opens her veil and saw Simar.

Then Sandhya tells her the truth yet Chitra supports her, as she always wanted this. Chitra tells that Aarav did a fabulous job by bringing back Simar as she the Bahu of Oswal family now. Griraj tells Geetanjali Devi that today Guptaji is coming and they are going to fix Vivaan marriage.

Geetanjali Devi finds that Oswal family is in the headline of all the newspapers and TV. She gets furious. She telld that she will never accept Simar as her Bahu and both the sisters are fraud.

Geetanjali Devi burns the newspaper to ashes. She gets shock to see Simar. She tells that it took lots of sacrifice and hard work to build respect in the society which she has lost due to Simar and her family. She picks up the ashes from floor and put it on her face and tells her that the revenge for soot is soot.

Aditi runs to inform to Aarav and Vivaan about the incident. Sandhya apologizes to Geetanjali Devi on behalf of Simar. Geetanjali Devi glares at her.Shobha makes it clear that Roma will not stay in the house, so Lalit tells her that if she is asking him to choose between his wife and mother then he will choose his wife. Lalit and Roma leaves the house. Aarav sees Simar in that condition. Reema gers worried about her family. Sandhya and Aditi cleans Simar’s face.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Geetanjali Devi will ask Simar to leave the house. Aarav will tell that he bought Simar because she is the one to whom he has put Sindoor and Mangalsutr, that’s why he bought her back to home. Still Geetanjali Devi will ask her to leave the house before night.

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