From Aarav proposing Simar to Chitra conspiracy to defame Aarav: Here is what all happened in ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ earlier this week!

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” is all set for high voltage drama to grab the attention of audiences.

The episode begins with Sandhya showing Aarav Reema’s photo, he thought it’s destiny plan. Aarav unveils his new plans for the family business while Vivaan busy with his mobile. Geetanjali Devi praise Aarav for his attachment to the roots. Aarav calls Reema for coffee she made Simar to talk pretending to be Reema. Indu invites Roma and Lalit for the evening and praises her. Reema tells Simar to call Aarav and asks him to meet. Simar goes to buy gifts for her parent’s while Reema waited at the coffee shop. Aarav arrives before time and plans to do some shopping for his parents. The gift he liked for his dad was already taken by Simar so the shopkeeper asks him to request it from her. Aarav starts looking for Simar.

Aarav meets Reema in the cafeteria, they share their thoughts. Aarav goes to buy her coffee but same time Vivaan called Reema and ask her to meet. Reema leaves Aarav without informing. Simar comes to the same cafeteria and see Aarav and falls for him. Simar bumps into Aarav’s car. While Reema meets Vivan, he returns her pendrive and offers her modelling assignment for Oswal group. Reema finds Simar and tells her about the modelling offer. But Simar warns her about Avinash. Reema comforts Simar.

Indu finds a red rose from Avinash pocket. Geetanjali Devi asks Simar for the photographs. Chitra also shows interest to see the girls but Geetanjali Devi reminds her that first they have to select a girl for Aarav then Vivaan. On the other hand Aarav unveils that he likes the girl he met at cafeteria to Vivaan. Vivaan tells Aarav to propose her without knowing that the girl is Reema. Simar hears their conversation and supported Aarav. Chitra too hears their conversation yet she was unhappy with Vivaan’s behaviour. Simar and Reema also discusses about Aarav and Vivaan. Chitra meets Sandhya and give back her CCTV footage. Indu and family celebrates their marriage anniversary. Geetanjal Devi shows her concern about Aarav marriage. Simar console her.

Aarav texted Reema. He share everything with Vivaan. So Vivaan suggested Aarav if he really loves that girl then propose her for marriage. Avinash comes to meet Tanu’s parents to complain about her. He gets late for his anniversary celebration. Roma and Lalit leaves. Simar calls Avinash yet he didn’t answers. Aarav shares his feelings with Badi Simar. Aarav calls Reema to meet. Same time she asks Vivaan also to meet her at the Taj for some discussion on modelling assignment. Simar goes with Reema. Next morning Avinash said sorry to Indu and give her anniversary gift. Avinash calls Reema and Simar and shows them the love letters which Tanu wrote for him and tell them that for these reasons only he plans for their marriage.

Avinash ask Reema and Simar for their biodata. Reema tells Simar that she will accept the Oswal’s group modelling assignment. Aarav buys red rose bouquet for Reema. Chitra sends a guy to spy on Aarav. Reema calls Vivaan, he was in the cafeteria. Reema left to meet Vivaan and asks Simar to handle Aarav. Aarav calls Simar and without listening to her he shares his feelings. Simar wearing Reema’s dress, so Aarav gets confuse and proposes her. Meanwhile the spy clicks their photo. Geetanjali Devi calls Simar and asks her to confirm about Aarav’s choice by tonight. Vivaan gives advance payment to Reema, she hugs Vivaan. Simar bumps into Aarav again, he bursts out at Simar. Simar clarifies him. Here Chitra watches Simar and Aarav and she asks to find all the details of Simar.

Aarav hurts Simar self-respect. Aarav tells Simar that he lost his trust in love and now he wants them to find a perfect match for him. Simar conveys this to Geetanjali Devi. Reema insults Devesh infront of everybody. Vivaan fires him out. Reema hugs and kisses Vivaan’s hand. Griraj tells Chitra about Guptaji’s daughter coming to meet Aarav. Avinash warns Simar and Reema to upload their biodata on matrimonial advertisement by tonight. Aarav regrets proposing. Aarav meets Guptaji and his daughter. Simar did not like her as she doesn’t know cooking. Geetanjali Devi confirms the girl for Aarav. Meanwhile Guptaji looks at the picture.

Guptaji shouts and insults Geetanjali Devi whereas Aarav requests him not to blame Badi Ma for his mistake. Avinash rebukes and slaps Simar. Simar cannot tell the truth to her parents as Reema was involved. Reema is shopping with Vivaan for her shoot. Aarav tells to Simar that it’s a mistake. Chitra tells them that the girl in the photo is Roma’s sister. Geetanjali Devi hears their conversation and becomes very furious. Geetanjali Devi calls and scolds Shobha. She rebukes and slaps Roma. Simar asks Aarav to apologize to Geetanjali Devi. She tells Aarav that she has taken some important decision for him. Geetanjali Devi and Simar takes Shobha and Roma with them and comes to meet Simar.

In the upcoming episodes this week we will see Geetanjali Devi will meet Simar and likes her for Aarav. She will give her very costly necklace as shagun. Meanwhile Reema will be very furious and tell Simar that why did she accepted this proposal, it was for her as Simar didn’t even know the boy. Simar will come to meet Geetanjali Devi and will tell her that she wanted to break this relation.

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