From Abhi’s and Pragya reunion to Tanu separating them with fake charges against Abhi: Read to know what happened this week on Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update

This week’s Kumkum Bhagya started with Abhi regains his memory and searches for Pragya. Aliya telks him Pragya is at her place and tries to tell him against Pragya but Dadi stops her by revealing everything to Abhi than he rushes to Pragya place. Rhea video calls Ranbir and informs him that Abhi got fine and take Pragya’s name first.

Prachi feels happy after hearing it. Call gets disconnected than Ranbir hugs Prachi in his excitement. Prachi breaks the hug by throwing him. Abhi reaches to Pragya place and both had an emotional reunion than he asks her to pack her bags.

Pragya looks on than Abhi understand what she is thinking than he goes to Saritha ji and asks her permission to take Pragya and Prachi with him. Saritha tells him that some people in his house may creates problems to Prachi and Pragya. Abhi understands her intentions than he promises her to clear the mess from his home before he is taking Pragya with him.

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Ranbir tells to Prachi to not think overly because I hugged you in excitement but you coudnt hide love on me in your eyes and where is your Parth gone?  Prachi tells him she found someone better than Parth than she called Bindya aunty and accepts the USA match. Ranbir asks her to marry before his marriage, if she has really moved on. Prachi agrees saying she will marry before his marriage. Ranbir feels devasted.

Tanu and Aliya blames eachother for their situation that time they hear a loud noise interrupts them, and they goes out and finds Abhi is throwing their suitcases. Aliya asks him why he is throwing her things. Abhi asks Mitali, Alia and Tanu to leave the house immediately. Mitali Apologizes to Abhi by telling him that she got influenced. Baljeet asks him to forgive Mitali than  he agrees but he wont listen Aliya pleas than Aliya and Tanu leaves from Mehra mansion.

Pragya tells to  Prachi that Abhi is taking them to the Mehra house the next day and tells to Prachi that how Ranbir helped her and tells to Prachi that she may misunderstood Ranbir care. Prachi rushes inside her room saying she needs to get freshen up and blames herself for Ranbir condition. Shahana tries to console Prachi.

Aliya returns to the Mehra house and confronts Abhi than she tries to justify her actions and requests Abhi to give her one chance for their parents. Baljeet request Abhi to give another chance to his sister than he allows Aliya to stay at Mehra mansion. Next day Abhi went to Pragya’s place and takes her with him to Mehra mansion. Saritha notices inauspicious signs and she called Pragya to know whether they reached safely or not. Abhi tells to Saritha to not worry about them and he shows her live of their Grihapravesh. Saritha ji feels happy after seeing the Grihapravesh.

Aliya and Mitali Apologizes to Pragya and she forgives them. Vikram calls Abhi and Apologizes to him telling Ranbir didn’t finished their important project on time. Abhi assures him that he will set everything. Abhi tells Pragya that he’ll have to go to the office for a while and explains the reason to her. At office Prachi goes to give coffee to Ranbir but he gets irritated and ends up spilling it. Prachi tries to clean his clothes than he warns her to stay away from him by telling he is tired of her fake care and leaves from his cabin.

Rhea meets Prachi and tells her that she can still separate their parents if she do any mistake regarding their deal. Prachi promises to Rhea that she won’t commit any mistakes regarding their deal. Ranbir overhears the deal word and questions them about it but they manages by telling him lie. Once they left Ranbir finds Prachi’s anklet and keeps it with him.

Abhi returns home and informs everyone that his plans are cancelled. After few minutes Tanu enters to Mehra mansion. Pragya warns her amd asks her leave from their place but Tanu calls Inspector and asked him to arrest Abhishek Prem Mehra for raping her on the day before their wedding was supposed to take place. Everyone felt shocked. Aliya and Pragya supports Abhi but Tanu manipulates the inspector with her fake tears.

Pragya takes Tanu aside to talk with her but Tanu won’t listen to Pragya and she informs to inspector that Pragya is offering her money, than inspector about to arrest Abhi and tries to take him from back door but one of the media manages to enter the house and they tries to tarnish Abhi image believing Tanu words and they asks Pragya whom she gonna support. Pragya tells them her husband is innocent. Media person mocks her with his conclusion than Abhi tries to attack him but Inspector stops him and took Abhi with them to station.

Tanu informs to family members that she will make Abhi rot in jail for 14years. Pragya vows to prove Abhi is innocent. Mitali questions Aliya why Tanu is not listening her words. Aliya tells them how she had refused to help Tanu on the day Abhi threw them out of the house and how they broke their friendship.

Next week viewers gonna witness that Aliya will blame Pragya for Abhi condition and she will throw Pragya from Mehra mansion. Tanu oaths to take revenge on Abhi fir choosing Pragya over her and she will met Abhi at station, Abhi will tell to Tanu that she don’t know the meaning of love and Pragya’s love has always saved him from her. Pragya will tell to Sarita behen that Aaliya and Tanu can throw her from home but they won’t let her get separated from Abhi life.

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