From Adarsh agrees to help Pratigya To Meera and Krishna plans to convince Pratigya: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite Show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2.

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This week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 episode starts with Krishna asks Pratigya to stay with him but Pratigya questions Krishna how come he enters her room without his permission. Krishna gets hurt by Pratigya’s behavior and asks why she is doing all this. Pratigya says to Krishna that she had done nothing wrong so she isn’t feeling bad about others words and asks Krishna to stop his act of standing for herself saying that she knows his true intention behind his this acts and asks him not to behave like a lost puppy. Krishna shouts enough and leaves the room. Komal asks Sumitra to talk to Sajjan for her and Adarsh’s marriage otherwise she will tell Krishna her plans of separating Krishna and Pratigya. Adarsh asks Pratigya why she is doing this injustice to Krishna and asks her to reveal the truth otherwise he will tell to Krishna. Pratigya says Adarsh to not to say any of this to Krishna and asks him to help her. Sumitra acts infront of Meera and says that Pratigya hurts Krishna the most and asks Meera to take care of Krishna. Meera hesitates then agrees seeing Sumitra’s fake tears. Adarsh asks Pratigya why she is Choosing Meera. Pratigya says that Meera takes care of Krishna and the kids and she is the one for Krishna. Later Pratigya explains her plan to Adarsh. Adarsh first says no then gives in to Pratigya but says if she only agrees to meet another doctor then only he will help her. Pratigya agrees to meet another doctor.

Meera asks Krishna why he is not getting angry at Pratigya even after she is doing so many things to hurt him. Krishna praises Pratigya. Meera shares her plans to Krishna that how to convince Pratigya. Krishna gets happy. Garv says to Pratigya that this time he will listen to her words and he wont go to the picnic and winks at Meera. Shakti asks why Krishna isn’t here to have food. Meera says to everyone that he is angry and he shouted at her for no reasons. Komal asks Pratigya to take care of Krishna as she is his wife and it’s her responsibility. Adarsh also asks Pratigya to give food to Krishna. Pratigya puts food in the plate. Everyone gets happy then Pratigya gives it to Meera saying that they may calm Krishna’s anger but not hers. Krishna waits for Pratigya in his room but gets sad seeing Meera is bringing food. Adarsh asks how to eat a particular dish. Pratigya sees Krishna is approaching her so she decides to feed the dish to Adarsh. Everyone gets shocked. Krishna will fights with Shakti for bad mouthing Pratigya. Sumitra asks Krishna why he is getting angry at everyone instead of Pratigya then she calls Pratigya a shameless person. Pratigya asks Sumitra to do her work and not to interfere here. Krishna warns Pratigya to not to talk or behave like that way towards any of his family member’s then leaves.

Meera pacifies the very upset Krishna sayimg that Pratigya is angry that’s why she is doing all this to hurt him and says they will once again have a happy life and asks Krishna to have food. Krishna refuses to eat. Adarsh talks to the doctor on the call and asks them to let him know the possibilities of Pratigya’s survival as soon as possible. Komal confronts Adarsh and asks him why she Lead her on if he wants Pratigya then asks him directly he loves her or not to which Adarsh says no. Komal gets angry and pushes him on the pool and leaves. Meera asks Pratigya how can she can be so heartless and act this way towards Krishna. Pratigya asks Meera to take care of Krishna if she worries about that much and closes the room door. Krishna apologises to Sumitra for Pratigya’s behavior. Sumitra says to Krishna that she will talk to Pratigya if that will make him happy and leaves the room. In the morning once again infront of everyone Pratigya and Adarsh acts too close which makes Krishna and Komal furious. Shakti and Sumitra enjoys. Komal asks Krishna why he isn’t saying anything and how long he is going to simply sit and watch everything and calls Pratigya a shameless person. Krishna warns Komal to not to say anything against Pratigya. Pratigya says to Adarsh she is dying inside slowly and it seems like she is killing Krishna slowly too. Adarsh asks Pratigya to tell the truth to Krishna. Pratigya says no. Krishna comes to Pratigya’s room and sees Adarsh and Pratigya together and asks Adarsh to help them with something and forcefully take him outside. Pratigya thinks now how she is going to separate herself from Krishna.

Meera says to Krishna that today is the day when Lord Shiva and Parvati get married and its extra special because after hundred years once again the same day is coming and asks Krishna to ask Pratigya to does the Puja with him. Krishna refuses to ask Pratigya. Meera says that she will ask Sumitra to ask Pratigya. Sumitra reveals her plan to Shakti after hearing her plan Shakti praises Sumitra. Later Meera informs Krishna that Pratigya agreed to Sumitra and she had seen it from a far. Sumitra asks Pratigya to do this one last time for Krishna and the kids future. Krishna gets happy and gets ready then thanks Meera for helping him get Pratigya back and says that he will pray god to get her a husband as she wish. Meera thinks that Krishna is her only love and he is her god. Krishna gets surprised seeing the arrangements from their family members and they all goes to meet Pratigya. Shakti asks Sumitra whatever she is doing here will not separate Pratigya and Krishna but will bring them closer only. Sumitra smiles and asks him to wait. Krishna and everyone gets shocked seeing Pratigya and Adarsh holding hands together. Krishna asks Adarsh what is he think of himself and says that he considered him as his own brother and pushes him down and takes the stone to throw on Adarsh. Pratigya comes in between and asks Krishna to stop. Krishna gets furious and asks Pratigya what is she doing and is she know the importance of today’s day. Pratigya says that she knows and she decides to spend her life with Adarsh and that’s why she does the puja with him. Everyone gets shocked hearing Pratigya’s words.

Pratigya calls Krishna an animal and accuses him for forcefully marrying her ten years back. Krishna asks Pratigya not even once she felt the love neither she loved him in these ten years of their marriage life. Pratigya says no and says that after Adarsh came in her life only she understood the real meaning of true love. Meera asks Krishna to leave but Krishna warns her not to interfere. Pratigya calls Krishna a goon and says that their child has to know about their parents marriage so that in future they will not repeat the same mistake of what Krishna did. Pratigya then says the kids are not the sign of love but the painful reminder of her what all she wants through. Krishna asks Pratigya to remove her mangalsutra. Pratigya rips it from her neck and throws away. Meera catches the mangalsutra and says to Pratigya that she may well educated but she dont even know the value of mangalsutra. Pratigya says to Meera if she knows then she can have it. Sumitra comes and says to Pratigya that Meera may be illiterate but she is a well cultured girl unlike Pratigya. Komal asks Pratigya to not to blame others for her mistakes. Pratigya asks Sumitra to not to teach her lessons when she herself failed to properly give a good upbringing. Krishna loses his cool and pushes Pratigya down and calls her shameless woman and then says that today onwards she will see Krishna Singh Thakur’s hate. Krishna leaves with Garv. Sumitra smiles and then leaves with everyone. Pratigya cries loudly and asks for forgiveness.

In the upcoming episode viewers will get to see that Krishna will burn Pratigya’s things. Krishna will say that from now everyone will see the old Krishna who is cruel and heartless person.

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