From Anant exposing Kanak to Kanak taking whole blame on herself to save Hema: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show ” Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 “

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Anant says to Gehna that he checked his savings and he has just 5 lakhs and he can’t even take loan because he don’t have job now so don’t know how he is going to arrange the remaining money.

She apologize to him saying that she didn’t listen him that’s why all this happening and he must be angry with her. He tells her that he is not angry with her and asks her to not sign any contract without reading it because not everyone is trustworthy like her.

Next day, Shivangi tells Anant and Gehna that she came to help them because she didn’t like what happened yesterday. She tells Gehna that she learnt that Gehna does embroidery and she has another business too so she came to give order and if Gehna finished that in 5 days then she need not to pay 25 lakhs. Anant asks her that how can he believe her. She tells him that they can make contract too because other than helping Gehna she don’t have any other intention. He accepts her offer.

Kanak and Hema overhears their conversation and plans to do something.Gehna informs Desai’s about contract issue and also about the embroidery order. Desai’s decides to help Gehna to complete the order in 5 days. Gehna decides to start embroidery work after finishing the cooking.

She gets surprised seeing all the gentlemen in the kitchen. Anant informs her that they came to help her in the cooking. They messes up the kitchen. Gehna shocks seeing that and scolds them for increasing her work and tells them to leave the kitchen saying that she will clean the kitchen.

Hiral asks her family that how they are going to complete the order in 5 days, it’s really difficult to finish on time. Anant asks her to not worry because together they can complete it. Gehna checks embroidery design and Kanak helps her to pick the design. Hema could not able to do embroidery work properly so Gehna stops her. Jamuna asks Hema to do something else. Hema gets upset and while leaving from there she collides with Sagar. Sagar drops the bowl. Chetan asks Hema to clean the floor.

Hema tells Kanak that she wholeheartedly helped Gehna today but at end she just faced insult because of Gehna. Kanak tells her that she is also angry but this is not the right time to show their anger to Gehna, because their plans were right always but they executed it at wrong time so this time they need to wait for the right time. Gehna tells Desai’s that her mother made one duppata for her but don’t know where is it now and gets emotional while talking about it. They completes the consignment.

Shivangi praises Gehna for completing the consignment in 4 days and tells her that she is sending tempo to collect the clothes and contract would be there in the tempo. Kanak and Hema disguises themselves as guy and comes to Desai mansion with tempo. Pankaj and Anant puts the boxes in the tempo. Anant goes inside to bring food for poor people. Kanak tells Pankaj to bring the last box so he also goes inside. Kanak and Hema leaves from there with tempo.

Anant and Gehna learns that tempo is missing. Shivangi yells at Gehna for her carelessness. On the other hand, Amrish gives 10 lakhs to Kanak to get the consignment. Jamuna gives duppata to Gehna saying that she made it for her. Gehna thinks her family loves her so much but she is going to break their heart. Sagar takes the money bag from Hema. Hema snatches it from him. Anant and Gehna notices that. After some time, Kanak and Hema hides the money in money planet.

Gehna informs Anant that Kanak locked her room which never happened. They thinks that Kanak hiding something from them. Anant searches Kanak and Hema’s room and finds moustache in Hema’s room. He tells Gehna that he made mistake by not exposing Kanak and Hema. She tells him that without evidence they can’t expose them. Sagar takes the money plant with him to play. Hema runs behind him and yells at him. Amrish reveals the truth to Desai’s. Jamuna refuses to believe him. Gehna accepts that he is telling the truth.

Police takes Gehna with them. Kanak says to Hema that finally she won and Gehna lost it and now she is going to rule Desai mansion and other side, Gehna will suffer in the jail. Later, Kanak dances with money plant and dreams of becoming queen of Desai mansion. Hema wakes her and tells her that Anant knows their truth. Kanak says to her that she is not afraid of him because he can’t do anything against her without proof and asks her to not worry. Anant learns about Gehna’s arrest and starts breaking the things saying that Gehna won’t do something like that and breaks the money plant too.

He asks Kanak that why she didn’t inform Desai’s that she already met Amrish twice and all the problem occurred because of her. Kanak tells him that he can’t accuse her like this because Gehna is the culprit. Amrish reveals that he made deal with Kanak and also reveals that how Kanak and Hema instigated him against Gehna. Anant reveals that how Kanak and Hema stole the consignment and how he learnt about Amrish and Kanak’s deal. He also reveals that Kanak brought Radhika to their house to separate him and Gehna and she even took 25 lakhs from Radhika. Gehna plays Kanak’s confession video.

Kanak falls on Jamuna’s feet and apologize to her saying that she did huge mistake. Jamuna asks her to apologize to Gehna because she did wrong with her. Kanak apologize to Gehna and tells her that from now on she won’t do anything against her. Pankaj asks her to leave the house. Chetan tells them that Hema should leave too with Kanak. Hema defends herself saying that she did nothing.

Kanak takes the whole blame on herself to save Hema for Kid’s sake. Pankaj throws Kanak out of the house. After some time, Gehna gathers everyone in the hall and asks them to forgive Kanak. Pankaj tells her that Kanak deserves punishment for her sin not forgiveness. Praful asks Gehna to bring Kanak inside. Anant and Gehna shocks realising that Kanak is missing.

In the upcoming episode, Kanak’s mother will slap Gehna.

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