From Anirudh gifting pressure cooker to Bondita to Bondita accusing Manorama: Check out what happened this week in Colors TV show Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu Weekly Update

This week began with Bondita trying to apply colors on Anirudh but Anirudh avoids her and greets Manorama’s parents. Bondita interrupts while Manorama and Anirudh start dancing together. Later, Manorama meets one disguised revolutionary man, who gives her one letter regarding bomb making strategies. Manorama thinks to divert everyone’s mind by spreading colors but Bondita misunderstandings her. Bondita feels Manorama is trying to apply color on Anirudh and she then hurriedly throws color at Anirudh. Anirudh gets happy but he doesn’t show his happiness to Bondita but he scolds her for not taking permission from him before putting colors. Sampurna in order to know Manorama’s intentions spikes her drink. But she fails to make her drink that. Manorama goes inside the haweli and Bondita locks her in room to stop her from meeting Anirudh. Bondita bumps into the revolutionary man and suspects him. Before she could catch the man, Manorama handles the situation and the man runs away.

Other side Anirudh acts like drunkard in order to teach Bondita valuable lesson. Sampurna doubts Anirudh drank the bhaang thandai. Anirudh calls his wives and Manorama gets stressed thinking Anirudh can reveal her truth. Anirudh praises Bondita and tells his marriage with Bodnita is the real one. He calls Bondita his favourite wife but then he gifts pressure cooker to Bodnita and gives typewriter to Manorama. Bodnita is left shattered to see it as she expected Anirudh will give the typewriter to her. Anirudh knowingly mocks Bondita that she is interested to become a good housewife only then what will she do with the typewriter.

Bondita makes dish using the pressure cooker and gets delighted to see that she learned how to use it. Manorama checks the letter and Anirudh enters. Manorama hides the fact that she is going to sacrifice her life in the end of the mission. Anirudh warns Manorama regarding Sampurna’s evil intentions.

Bondita gets upset seeing Anirudh teaching Manorama how to use the typewriter. Anirudh keeps exaggerating about Manorama’s capabilities. Manorama gets nervous thinking Bondita can catch her as Anirudh is lying. Anirudh makes Bondita jealous saying Manorama typed a whole essay. Then Bondita finds one page of the essay. She reads “Value of Education” is written. She memorizes it and learns the importance of Education. She then thinks of telling the whole essay to Anirudh. Later, Bondita gets shocked seeing Manorama wearing Barrister coat. She snatches the coat from her saying that coat belongs to me only. Anirudh becomes successful in convincing Bondita. Bondita promises that she will fulfill Anirudh’s dream. Bondita tells Vatuk she wants to go to school.

Manorama gets to know from Bondita that Vice Roy General is coming for a concert in Tulsipur. Manorama gets excited but then she learns Roychowdhury family is not invited because of Thakur’s personal enmity. Trilochan also refuses to go there. Manorama talks to Anirudh and he gives her the idea of impressing Queen Baibhavi so Manorama gets invitation to attend the concert and welcome Vice Roy. Anirudh tells Baibhavi likes to have English breakfast.

Manorama attempts to make cake and it comes out worse. Later Bondita feels Anirudh is going to hate Manorama’s cake. Bondita makes a delicious cake for Anirudh to impress and leaves it in the kitchen.

Manorama welcomes Baibhavi and gives her Bondita’s cake. Bondita lashes out at Manorama for stealing her cake. She insults Manorama in front of Baibhavi. Manorama feels guilty but for her mission she taunts Bondita. After that Anirudh rebukes Bondita and tells her to leave. Anirudh explains Bondita shouldn’t have discussed family issues in front of the guest. Bodnita rectifies her mistake and praises Manorama in front of Baibhavi to save her family respect. Manorama gets the invitation and she apologises to Bondita. Bodnita reveals she only saved her family name. She warns Manorama not to steal her stuff again.

In upcoming episodes Manorama will something dangerous to kill the Vice Roy. She will request Anirudh to make a dress for her. There she will hide some stuffs regarding bomb blast. Bondita will decide to wear it without letting Manorama know about it. Manorama will get shocked seeing Bodnita holding the dress.

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