From Charmi deluding Darsh about Nandini to Darsh’s love turning into hatred: Here is what all happened in ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ earlier this week!

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Weekly Update

The intriguing storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” is successfully captivating the attention of audiences.

This week the storyline focuses on the love-hate saga of Darsh and Nandini. Meanwhile, Rajvi gets startled unearthing Shamika as the fake bride and rebuke her for all the chaos. Here, Shamika apprises them about Namrata’s plan. She discloses about Namrata requesting her to marry Darsh in order to save him from Nandini’s trap. Namrata confesses her insecurities regarding Nandini and tagged her to be a gold digger. She then reveals about Vipul, Parul and Chetan being involved with her. Rajvi along with Keshav shows their disappointment towards their family.

Darsh gets enraged and yells at Namrata. Here, Nandini tries to sacrifice her love but Darsh puts an end to the matter by expressing his feelings for her. Namrata questions Nandini about her missing, while she tells them about her abduction. Namrata points finger on Nandini’s character but Rajvi rebuke Namrata and supports Nandini.

Rajvi determines herself to punish Moped. Whereas, Keshav appreciates Nandini’s courage and showers her and with blessings. Further, wedding rituals gets started. Gunjan tries to get close to Shobhit but he gives her a cold shoulder. He thinks about Charmi and gets into delimma. Later, Darsh insists to says his own vows during the pheras. Nandini gets emotional as he recites some heart-warming vows for her.

Gunjan gets jealous of Nandini and determines to snatch her happiness. Meanwhile, the marriage gets over and everyone rejoices. Elsewhere, Rakla frees Charmi and remembers about his ploy. He intentionally instigated Charmi against Nandini, blaming her responsible for Shobhit’s marriage.

Charmi meets Darsh and informs him about Nandini’s plan. She states that Nandini betrayed him. Ahead, she apprises Darsh about her and Shobhit’s love story and accuses Nandini for separating them.

Here, Naveen and Bansuri gets emotional on Gunjan and Nandini’s departure, while Rajvi assures them to take care of their daughters.

Afterwards, Rajvi ask Nandini to do her grahpravesh ritual, but everyone gets dumbstruck seeing Darsh’s peculiar behaviour. He masks his anger and silently hurts Nandini, whereas she gets confused seeing his changed behaviour.

During the ring finding ceremony, Nandini gets scared of Darsh’s actions. He find the ring and goes straight to his room followed by Nandini. Whereas, Gunjan also finds the ring and gets excited about ruling Shobhit throughout his life.

Gunjan tries to get close to Shobhit during their first night but he ignores her and goes away after attending an emergency call. Elsewhere, Vanlata and Rakla celebrates their success of creating rift in between Nandini and Darsh.

Here, Nandini expresses her love for Darsh and shows her exhilaration. He tries to supress his anger. Nandini gets doubtful about Darsh’s behaviour and console him thinking that he is upset due to Namrata’s matter.

Charmi tries to suicide while Shobhit blames himself for her condition. Doctor informs Shobhit about Charmi’s state and gives her phone to him. Shobhit punishes himself for causing pain to Charmi. He notices Charmi’s voice note and hears it, in which she have blamed Nandini for their separation and notify him about telling the truth to Darsh.

Later, Darsh questions Nandini about Moped. She narrates about her fight with Moped to get back to him. He taunts her indirectly and goes out of their room. He remembers Charmi’s words about Nandini’s plan and fumes in anger. He blames Nandini for betraying him and spoiling Shobhit’s life. Further, he breaksdown and determines to take revenge on her.

Vipul apologizes to Rajvi for his mistake, while she forgives him and shares her happiness with him.

Here, Nandini dreams to spend some romantic moments with Darsh but gets scared seeing his outburst. He scolds her for irrigating him and ask her to get changed. She rushes inside the washroom being terrified by him. Unfortunately, she gets locked inside it. She keeps screaming for help but Darsh ignores her remembering her betrayal. He determines to punish her for impairing Shobhit’s life.

Nandini gets doubtful about Darsh but then assures herself that he can never hurt her. She spends her night shivering in cold. Whereas, Darsh remembers his love confession for Nandini and collapses. He gets inside the pool and drenched himself pouring his anger out. Later, Nirali gets shocked witnessing his state and spots him going towards his private study room.

Shobhit continues hearing Charmi’s voice recording, in which she have accuses Darsh for not taking any action against Nandini even after learning about her truth. She advices Shobhit to be wise and instigates him against Darsh. She says that Shobhit have sacrifised his love for Darsh but he isn’t doing anything for Shobhit. Meanwhile, Shobhit assures himself that Darsh must be planning to expose Nandini in front of all. He keeps his trust on his brother and then goes to seek his help. Nirali informs Shobhit about Darsh being inside his study room.

Shobhit sees Darsh’s shadow and requests him to bring him out of the mess. He cries pleading Darsh to do something and shows his disappointment towards Nandini. He goes away being assured about getting help from Darsh but the person inside the private study gets revealed to be someone else.

Here, Darsh gets ready for his vengeance. He goes inside the washroom and opens the shower drenching Nandini along with himself. She gets frustrated with his behaviour and confronts him for his actions. He forcefully tries to scrub her stating that he doesn’t like filthy person.

Now in the upcoming episode, Darsh will coerce Nandini to act in front of his family. He warns her not to hurt anyone. Later, Nandini will agree to do her cooking ritual. Shobhit will get erated finding Darsh and Nandini happy. Darsh will try to communicate with Shobhit but he will ignore him. Shobhit will leave being disappointed by Darsh. Lot more drama and twists to come in “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha,” don’t miss watching the show.

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