From Darsh vowing vengeance against Nandini to Nandini cancelling the honeymoon tickets: Here is what all happened in ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ earlier this week!

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Star Plus popular daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” is moving towards the bitter chaos in Nandini and Darsh’s life.

This week the storyline focuses on the revengeful side of Darsh. He victimised Nandini for her tricks and treachery. He also threatens her to pretend to be a happy couple in front of his family, while she looks at him being aghast. She breaksdown being befuddled by his changed behaviour.

Here, Shobhit gets restless seeing Darsh’s demeanour. Nandini and Gunjan joins the family for breakfast, whereas Nandini decides to hide from the family about Darsh’s ill-treatment. Shobhit misunderstands Darsh seeing him happy with Nandini and felt betrayed. Whereas, Darsh feels guilty for Shobhit’s state and determines himself to free Shobhit from the forced marriage.

Shobhit remembers Charmi’s warning about Darsh and breaksdown. He felt being used by Darsh and cries pouring his heart emotions out. His love transformed into hatred. He determines himself to take revenge from Darsh and oaths to separate him from Nandini.

Elsewhere, Darsh rebuke Nandini for touching his stuffs but she fiercely faces him, demanding an answer for his peculiar behaviour. She tries to remind him about their love, while he instead remembers Charmi’s words regarding Nandini’s ploy and pushes her down. Nandini cries as Darsh’s vows flashes in front of her, whereas Darsh decides to take revenge from her.

Shobhit lures Gunjan with jewellery in order to keep her in his control. Meanwhile, Nandini keeps bugging Darsh about the matter. He shouts at her stating that he will make her pay for her crime. She states that she is ready to bear any of his punishment, while he throws her bag ordering her to leave.

Nandini gets shocked but Rajvi comes there making Darsh change his decision. He handles the situation and goes from there, whereas Nandini follows him in order to find the truth. Darsh anger gets ignited hearing the conversation of the drivers, who were talking ill about Nandini’s character. Further, he perform his own funeral. Nandini witnesses it and confronts him. She questions if he is torturing her because he thinks that she wanted to run away with Moped? She tries to clear his misunderstandings but he stays firm on his statement about castigation.

Further, Rajvi excitedly apprises both the couples about post-marriage rituals. Keshav notify about touching the traditional gold coins before entering the kitchen. But, everyone gets shocked seeing two gold coins missing. Shobhit along with Rajvi goes to search for it. Meanwhile, Namrata accuses Nandini and her family for stealing the coins. Nandini faces Namrata and defends her family, whereas Darsh supports his sister and demands Nandini and Gunjan to prove their innocence. Keshav scolds him but Nandini agrees to fulfill his demand.

Elsewhere, Shobhit gets frustrated seeing Rajvi’s concern towards Darsh and his anger gets enkindled. Meanwhile, Darsh searches Nandini’s bag and humiliates her. She gets enraged and determines to leave him.

Chetan informs everyone that he have taken the coins to polish them. Rajvi gets dumbfounded learning about Darsh and Namrata’s action. At that time Nandini starts leaving with her luggage, while everyone pleads her to stop. She declares that she can’t stay in a relationship where there is no respect. Suddenly, Rajvi gets panic attack. All gets worried, while doctor advices them to be cautious about her health.

Rajvi apologises and pleads Nandini to stay. Whereas, she agrees concerning about Rajvi’s health. She prepares soup for Rajvi but Namrata scolds her. Nandini teaches her a lesson and sends her off.

Ahead, Rajvi confronts Darsh about his mistake and ask him to be responsible towards Nandini. He apologises to her and thinks about turning Nandini’s life into hell. Later, he demands Nandini to pay the amount of the wedding reminding about her own wish of paying for her marriage. She looks at him being dumbstruck while he warns her stringently.

Shobhit over-heated the soup prepared by Nandini and tells about it to Darsh. Ahead, Darsh admonish Nandini and ask her to consume the hot soup as a punishment. She tries to justify herself but he keeps blaming her. She gulps the soup and winces in pain. Darsh becomes shocked by her action and gets worried for her but then masks his expression. She faces him fiercely stating that she doesn’t fear him and proclaims to leave him after paying the money for marriage and curing Rajvi.

Shobhit burns Darsh’s pictures and determines to create rift in between him and Nandini. Here, Nandini takes care of Rajvi, while she gifts honeymoon tickets to her and Gunjan.

Darsh joins them and feeds spicy chickpeas to Nandini. She screams in pain, while Rajvi grows worried and makes her eat honey. Whereas, Darsh decides to protect Rajvi from falling into Nandini’s trap.

Here, Gunjan takes Namrata help for shopping regarding her honeymoon. Meanwhile, Nandini cancels her honeymoon tickets due to a misunderstanding. Shobhit confronts her and gets suspicious about Darsh and Nandini’s motive behind it.

Rajvi decides to handover their business to Darsh, while Shobhit gets irked hearing it. Further, Darsh learns about the cancellation of honeymoon tickets and scolds Nandini for it. He clears her misunderstanding and warns her to leave after Rajvi’s recovery.

Rawal’s gets shocked learning about the information of Darsh handling the business getting leaked. Their business partner denies to accept their decision, while Rajvi grows worried for Darsh. Shobhit shows his fake concern and informs Rajvi about the cancellation of honeymoon tickets by Nandini. Rajvi’s health deteriorates, whereas she declares that both the couple will go to honeymoon together. Shobhit smirks as his plan gets sucessful, while Gunjan gets disappointed by Rajvi’s decision.

Now in the upcoming episode, Shobhit will inform Darsh about the business issue. He will pretend to care for Darsh and shows his concern. Meanwhile, Darsh will say that he isn’t reliable on anyone even after the accident. Whereas, Shobhit will determine himself to take revenge from Darsh. Lot more drama and twists to come in “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha,” don’t miss watching the show.

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