From Desai’s celebrating Vineet’s birthday to Gehna exposing Radhika: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show ” Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 “

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Vineet says to Desai’s that he brought gifts for them and requests them to accept it. Praful says to him that this formality is not needed. Vineet says to him that they treats Radhika as their family member and he is an orphan but he gets family vibe from Desai’s whenever he meets them. Later, Radhika asks Gehna that why she invited Vineet. Gehna says to her that she is not understanding that why Radhika feeling bad when she thought Radhika will be happy to see Vineet. Anant also questions Gehna. Gehna says to him that Radhika should be happy that her husband came to take care of her leaving his work.

Radhika wonders what she will do if Vineet’s goodness comes in front of Anant. Hiral asks Vineet that if he knows to do massage. He replies her saying that he don’t know but he will learn it for Radhika. Sagar pushes Hema by mistake and hot tea was about to fell on Radhika but Vineet saves her. Anant notices everything. Sagar asks Kanak to say story to him. She tells his and Gehna’s story to him and he need to punish the person who did wrong with him. Sagar says to her that he will also punish Gehna and goes to kitchen but he changes his decision. Kanak gets upset realising that Sagar didn’t hurt Gehna.

Desai’s celebrates Vineet’s birthday. Tiya suggests to play ” Musical pillow ” game. When Anant loses Tiya asks him to do paper dance with Gehna so he dances with Gehna. Then just Radhika and Gehna left in the game. Radhika tells Gehna that loser has to fulfill winner’s wish. Hema makes Gehna lose the game deliberately. Radhika says to Gehna that she won the game like she said because she don’t have the habit to lose and says to her that she wants one more final battle between them.

Radhika sings ” Mohe Rang Do Laal ” song and dances around Vineet but looks at Anant. Gehna dances by looking at Anant and recalls the moments she shared with him. Radhika slips while dancing and with that Gehna wins the final battle. Sagar takes Kanak with him and gives joker cap and stick to her and tries to put clown nose on her. She beats him for hurting her and Gehna protects him. Desai’s comes there and they questions Kanak. Anant asks Kanak that if she beated Sagar last time.

Kanak says to them that she failed to win her family’s trust and beats herself to prove her innocence. Later, Kanak searches Sagar’s toy in the store room. Radhika tells Kanak that Anant and Vineet going together for meeting and what if Anant get to know about her lies. Gehna overhears their conversation and Radhika shocks seeing Gehna there through mirror. She moves towards it and Gehna hides inside the cupboard then Radhika locks that cupboard.

Radhika tells Kanak that Gehna heard everything so she locked her in the cupboard. Hema also hears that. Radhika, Hema and Kanak moves towards store room but Jamuna stops them and tells Hema and Kanak to go to kitchen and tells Radhika that Anant waiting for her to do office work. Anant hears Gehna’s mobile ringtone from cupboard and tells his family that Gehna must be inside the cupboard. They breaks the door and shocks seeing the unconscious Gehna. Anant calls Sapan and informs him about Gehna’s condition. Sapan tells him that Gehna needs fresh air and asks him to take Gehna alone.

Anant rubs Gehna’s hands and legs and asks her to open her eyes. Sapan asks Anant to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, so to save Gehna’s life Anant follows Sapan’s instructions. Gehna regains her consciousness and tells Anant that Radhika locked her in the cupboard and Radhika deceiving him by telling lies about Vineet. Anant asks her that why Radhika will lie to him. Gehna tells him that Radhika wants him back.

Radhika cries and tells Anant that this is why she wanted to hide the truth from Gehna but he wanted to tell the truth to Gehna that’s why she told everything to Gehna. She says to Gehna that she is Anant’s first love definitely but she won’t become second woman in his life. Gehna says to her that she just wants to expose Radhika’s truth. Anant says to them that he is tired of their stupid fight and leaves from there.

Radhika goes to Anant and tries to defend herself. Anant thinks Gehna never lies and he already suspected Radhika and now she also proved him right by running because she said that she is not able to walk properly. He tells her that he knows that who is lying. Radhika thinks Anant trust her. After some time, Anant says to God that he made mistake by trusting Radhika and he has to rectify that and he wants Radhika to confess her lies and while doing that he may hurt Gehna. Gehna packs her clothes and tries to leave the room. But Anant stops her saying that it’s her room so he will leave the room.

Vineet postpone his meeting but Radhika convinces him to attend the meeting. Radhika cries and Anant covers her with shawl. She confesses her love to him then apologize to him saying that she should not have said this to him. He tells her that he loves her too and she hugs him. Gehna overhears their conversation. Jamuna asks Gehna that why she is crying. Anant tells her that Gehna saw him and Radhika hugging each other. He reveals that he wants divorce from Gehna.

In the upcoming episode, Anant will give divorce papers to Gehna.

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