From Dev and Shiva patching up to Gautam slapping Krish for insulting Rishita: Read to find what all happened this week in Star plus’ Pandya Store

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The week begins Dhara advising Dev. Dhara reminds Dev that Rishita fought to the whole world for him and she’s the girl whom he loves. Dhara further says that after marriage the responsibilities increase, especially for husbands. She asks Dev to fulfill his responsibility towards Rishita. Their happiness brought a new hope for everyone in the family since unlike Shiva and Raavi, they got married by their wish. Dev assures Dhara to work on his relationship with Rishita, but tells that he can’t stand her insult. Dhara says that she’s at mistake as well. She should have explained to Rishita without scolding her. Dev wonders how Dhara can still care for Rishita. Dhara tells it’s because she’s able to understand Rishita’s feelings and asks Dev to do the same.

Shiva notices Raavi crying. He gets concerned and tries to find out the reason behind her sadness. However Raavi angrily reacts and says she’s getting punished for marrying him. Later, Dhara apologizes to Raavi on behalf of Rishita. Raavi breaks down in front of Dhara. She says that she admitted that her love for Dev is one sided and married Shiva yet she gets taunted by Rishita. Shiva also hates her. Therefore he left her alone with the goons. Dhara tries to assure Raavi that everyone loves her. However Raavi blames Dhara for her state since she’s the one who forced her into this marriage. She questions Dhara why she broke her trust by hiding Dev and Rishita’s truth from her. Dhara explains that she got to know the truth after Haldi. She hadn’t the courage to tell her the truth and break her heart. In the meantime Dev agreed to marry her and she thought that she will get her happiness. Raavi says that thankfully Rishita stopped her marriage with Dev. She could never be happy Dev, who doesn’t have any feelings for her; at least Shiva has hate feelings for her. Dhara advises Raavi to move on in her life to find happiness. She asks to have faith on God; he will take her to her happiness. The bell rings and they both look at God’s idol.

Meanwhile Dev apologizes to Shiva for ruining his and Raavi’s lives. He blames himself for Raavi’s sadness. He further says he wanted to say sorry since longtime, but couldn’t tell as his sorry can’t change anything. Shiva asks him to forget what happened. He wants to beat him, but he can’t after all they are brothers and loves him. Shiva further says that he feels bad for Raavi. She got married to him instead of a gentleman like Dev. It’s a torture to have him as a husband. Dev hugs Shiva and says that he has a pure heart and assures that Raavi will soon understand him. Other side, Gautam tells Krish to focus on his studies and get good marks.

Dhara tells Gautam that Rishita and Dev were kissing in the open, and Raavi came there by mistake. Rishita lashed out Raavi for the same. When she reached there Raavi was crying, so she scolded Rishita. Gautam decides to talk to Rishita and asks Dhara to bring Rishita to the garden. In the garden, Gautam asks Dhara to bring Rishiuta’s favorite mango milkshake. Gautam talks to Rishita. He asks if everything fine with her or not. He apologizes to Rishita for not being able to talk to her earlier. He tells that he knows that she would be hurt by staying away from her family. Gautam makes Rishita understands that Raavi also left her family and came here. She didn’t even get her love and is heartbroken. He asks Rishita if her friend is in the similar situation, she will not support her friend. He says that it’s no right to hurt Raavi more for the mistake she hasn’t done. She’s very innocent and if she befriends her, she will shower love at her. Rishita realizes her mistake and apologize to Gautam and Dhara.

Meanwhile Raavi sees Krish dancing like girl and misunderstands Shiva is troubling Krish. Raavi gets a stick to beat him. Shiva breaks that stick. They start ague. Krish stops them and Takes Raavi from there. Krish asks Raavi to become like before, a joyful girl. Krish gets Shiva’s message and goes to Raavi’s room to get Raavi’s makeup stuff. Shiva goes to Raavi’s, who is enjoying the breeze on the terrace. Shiva watches her hidding. Raavi spots him and catch him. He keeps her engaged in talk. When Raavi turns to leave, he catches her shall and stucks it in his watch to stop her from going downstairs. She removes it and says something is cooking in his mind, but she won’t stop and leaves.

Rishita comes to Raavi and apologizes for hurting her. Gautam and Dhara get happy seeing this and hope everything will be alright. Krish is taking Raavi’s cosmetics. He runs away when Raavi spots him. Raavi also run after him. Shiva catches Krish. Raavi complains to Shiva that Krish is taking girl’s stuffs. Krish runs from there asking Shiva to explain Raavi. Raavi wants to Inform Dhara. Shiva stops her and lies that Krish has identical crisis and nowdays he likes to deck up like girls. Raavi believes his words and feels pity for Krish. Shiva asks not to tell this matter to anyone in the family and gives his Swear to her. However Raavi reveals it to Dhara. Raavi indirectly gives a hint that Shiva told her this. Dhara gets shocked and decides to find out whether it’s true or not.

Dhara and Raavi get shocked finding Krish singing “Mai ladki tu ladka”. Krish notices them and worries whether Raavi told Dhara. Dhara calls out Krish and tells that he can share everything with her as he’s her son. Krish says that he has to take Raavi’s stuff as he needed. Raavi says that he can use her things, she doesn’t have any issues. If she had a sister-in-law, she would use her things Dhara nods no to Raavi. Dhara suggests playing cards. Krish agrees.

Dhara, Krish, Rishita and Raavi play card. Raavi ask Krish what his favorite color is. Krish says red and everything in red inclinding the king. Raavi and Dhara get shocked. Shiva observes them and understands tht Raavi told everything to Dhara. Krish wins and asks to give money from everyone. Raavi says that she doesn’t have money and ask Dhara to give it. Rishita questions why Raavi didn’t ask shiva for meney. Krish explains Dhara has the money that they earn from the shop and they will get it from her when they need. Rishita gets shocked and says this is wrong to ask money to Dhara for every small thing. Shiva taunts her and thinks to execute his plan to scare Rishita that night.

Rishita gets worried for Dev as he hasn’t returned home yet and also his phone is switched off. Gautam tells that Dev went to meet a dealer. Rishita questions Gautam why he didn’t send Shiva in the place of Dev. Rishita accuses him of deliberately sending Dev away to punish her for hurting Raavi. She accuses Gautam of doing partiality with her. Krish yells at Rishita for disrespecting Gautam. Gautam slaps Krish and asks to apologize to Rishita. Krish turns away. Dev comes back. Rishita goes Dev and complains that Krish insulted her. They all look tensed.

In the upcoming week, it will be shown that Krish will scare Rishita and she will collapse down getting frightened. Dhara will come there.

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