From Fateh’s father throws Fateh for choosing Jasmine over family To Tejo tells Fateh that Jasmine agrees to meet the guy named Varun: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite show Udaariyan.

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This week episode starts with Tejo and Jasmine sees Jass and his mother find out about their plan and trying to leave they follows them to catch. Abhiraj asks Tejo to not to worry as he has executed already his Plan B. Jass and his mother got stuck when they try to leave Tejo, Jasmine, Abhiraj and their friends surround them. Finally they catch Jass’s mother and Tejo and Jasmine goes behind Jass then Jass put gun on On Jasmine’s forehead. Fateh comes there and save Jasmine but fails to catch Jass. Inspector praises Jasmine and Tejo for being brave. Satti comes there and scolds them for putting their life in risk and she and Rupi thanks Fateh for saving their daughters. Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine joins their hand and says To the new beginning and smiles at eachother.

Fateh’s father asks Fateh to leave the house when Fateh chooses Jasmine over his family. Fateh’s mother and siblings tries to stop him. Fateh asks his mother to take care of everyone. Fateh’s father asks him to give his money and mobile back and says that he has to earn his own to have food. Fateh gives everything and takes blessings from the elders and leaves the places. Fateh’s friend brings him to the old and small place then asks Fateh to come to his house. Fateh refuses and says that he is happy to stay here.

Fateh’s friends gives Fateh money and mobile. In Tejo’s house Rupi gets angry at his eife for bringing alliance to Jasmine when Tejo herself is not come out from whatever happened to her. Rupi reveals how his wife asks him to go to the Canada job which lead him to do some illegal things and he gets caught and now even if their kids gets married in Canada he can’t able to visit them then leaves the place. Tejo’s grandmother says to everyone that her first child which she given to Rupi’s aunt is in Canada and that’s the reason why she wants to go to Canada and cries. Jasmine says that she is ready to meet the guy and asks her father to search his background then they will decide.

Tejo tries to make Jasmine understand but Jasmine says that’s her dream is more important to her than anything and anyone. Fateh’s mother worries about him and ask Fateh’s father to bring him to the house so she will make him understand. Fateh’s grandfather supports his son’s decision and leaves with him to the Watch shop. Tejo gets to know about Fateh and goes to meet him. Fateh tells Tejo that he and his father is sharing the same blood that’s why they both are too stubborn to back down from their decisions. Fateh’s father sees Jasmine who comes to the shop where he and his father is looking for a Watch and passes some comments about how this generation people are being so greedy which leads to argue both Fateh’s father and Jasmine to argue with eachother.

Fateh says to Tejo that his father will definitely like Jasmine. Then Tejo and Fateh have food and then Tejo helps Fateh to clean the house. Tejo jokes about Fateh when he about to fall from the chair for saying that he don’t need any help. Later Tejo says to Fateh that whatever he is doing these all to the person is not even understanding him and to Jasmine, Fateh is just an option. Fateh asks Tejo the guy whose marriage proposal comes for Jasmine is from Canada. Tejo says yes which makes Fateh sad.

Tejo asks Fateh dont he care about Jasmine plans to meet Varun and asks him why he isn’t stopping her. Fateh says that Jasmine is like a water no one can stop her and says that he is dying inside but he can’t do anything If that’s what she wants. Fateh’s mother comes to meet Fateh and asks him to come to the house. Fateh says that he can’t live without Jasmine. Tejo’s father informs everyone that he loves Varun and his family. Jasmine also says okay to meet Varun. Tejo worries thinking about Fateh. Tejo informs Jasmine about Fateh’s decision of leaving the house and asks Jasmine to not to let go of someone like Fateh. Fateh plans to see how Varun looks when he learns Jasmine goes to meet him.

Jasmine meets Fateh and asks why he is doing all this and says that she is feeling responsible for all this. Fateh asks her not to worry. Later they both decides to have lunch outside as there is no food in the house. Fateh’s father explains Jasmines behaviour to his mother without knowing she is the one who Fateh loves. Fateh’s mother asks him to not to judge Fateh’s girl without meeting her. Later they both go the market and meets Fateh and Jasmine accidentally. Both Fateh’s father and Jasmine gets shocked seeing eachother and recalls their earlier argument. Fateh’s father asks Fateh is she is the one who he loves. Fateh says yes and introduces Jasmine to them.

Khushbeer says to Fateh that he already met Jasmine. Jasmine apologise to Khushbeer. Fateh looks confused and asks how they know each other. Khushbeer taunts Jasmine and tells Fateh Jasmine’s choice of words against him the day before they met eachother in the shop. Fateh takes stand for Jasmine. Later Jasmine says to her parents to say no to Varun’s family and says to Tejo that Fateh will be her first priority when she looks for her a groom. Tejo gets happy and meets Fateh and informs him about Tejo’s decision. Fateh and Tejo talks the importance of the family and their family members blessings when they take big steps like marriage and worries how they are going to make Khushbeer understand about Jasmine.

Khushbeers father asks him to be extra care as his opponent is waiting for an opportunity to do something against him. Later reporter asks Khushbeer why he throw his first son out of the house. Fateh comes there and says that he will be always with his father and takes his hand and asks people to vote for his father. Khushbeer smiles at Fateh. Someone approaches Khushbeer with a knife in his hand. Fateh notices and goes stand in front of his father the man stabs Fateh instead of Khushbeer. Everyone gets shocked and Khushbeer shouts Fateh’s name. Fateh falls to the ground bleeding heavily.

Jasmine decides to tell her mother about Fateh. Tejo distracts her mother and asks Jasmine to not to reveal this saying their father will not approve of Fateh only on the basis of his Canada job and promises Jasmine to be with her and Fateh’s side always. Khushbeer takes Fateh to the hospital, doctor treats him later doctir asks the family members to have faith in God. Buzo informs Jasmine about Fateh’s condition. Jasmine and Tejo comes to the hospital. Gurpreet accuses Khushbeer for her son’s this state. Tejo says to Gurpreet that Fateh is a champion and he will get through this too. Jasmine asks Fateh to wake up as he already told her that he will listen to whatever she says. Tejo prays to god and asks God to help Fateh gain consciousness. Reporters comes there and asks questions to Khushbeer.

Tejo comes there and says that they should be ashamed of acting like this way in this situation and asks them to leave. Khushbeer blames himself for Fateh’s condition. His father says to Khushbeer that his grandson is a fighter and he will get through this. Tejo asks Khushbeer to not to blame himself for whatever happened with Fateh and gives him water then leaves. After two days the doctor says to Khushbeer that they aren’t sure when Fateh will wake up and asks them to pray to God. Jasmine and Tejo comes to the hospital from temple. Jasmine asks Tejo to meet Fateh. Tejo says to Jasmine that she don’t have Strength to see Fateh in that condition and leaves the place. Jasmine goes to meet Fateh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will ask Fateh to wake up and say to Fateh that he have no other options. Tejo will say to Fateh she knows how to wake him up. Tejo will put Jasmine’s hand in Fateh’s and will say if he don’t wake up she will tell her parents to say yes to Varun. Jasmine will cry.

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