From Gehna failing to expose Radhika’s fake injury to Hema joining Kanak’s team: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show ” Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 “

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Radhika apologize to Anant and shows her leg. Everyone shocks seeing her injury. Kanak recalls how she informed Radhika that Gehna planning to expose her beated her leg. Radhika asks Gehna that does she has to prove anything else and says to her that if Gehna wants her to leave then she will leave and pleads her to not accuse her like this. She says to Anant that he hurted her most by suspecting her and asks him that how can he think that she will play dirty tricks to stay in his house and she also has self respect so she won’t stay in the house and tries to get up from bed but winces in pain. Gehna tries to help Radhika. Anant yells at Gehna for accusing Radhika. Jamuna apologize to Radhika on behalf of her family.

Later, Anant says to Radhika that they should tell the truth to Gehna because she deserves to know. Radhika says to him that without knowing the truth Gehna doing all this if Gehna got to know the truth then she can’t even imagine what all Gehna will think about her and she has solution to solve the problem and decides to leave the house. He says to her that he won’t tell the truth to Gehna and tells her to take rest. Gehna says to Paresh that she doesn’t like to see Radhika and Anant together that’s not mean she accused Radhika unnecessarily and everyone thinks she is wrong. She apologize to Anant.

Kanak tells Sagar to not come in front of Gehna because she is angry with him and searching to beat him with stick. Kanak wears Gehna’s dress and also wears mask beats Sagar with stick. Sagar pleads her to not beat him and assumes Gehna beating him. Gehna comes there and switch on the light. Sagar runs from the room. Kanak informs Radhika that what she did with Sagar.

Everyone searches Sagar and Gehna finds him first. He moves backward in fear seeing Gehna and touches current wire without seeing it. Sagar loses his consciousness and Anant picks him. Sagar regains his consciousness and gets afraid seeing Gehna and hides behind Anant and he informs Anant that Gehna had beaten him with stick.

Kanak instigates Hema against Gehna. Gehna confronts Kanak. Later, Gehna says to Paresh that she will fight for truth in her way and will destroy the evil with her goodness and she won’t back off no matter what. Radhika wakes up because of nightmare and Anant tells her to not worry saying that no one can harm her when he is with her. Gehna applies home remedy on Radhika’s wound and tells Anant to go for sleep saying that Radhika will feel relieved in few minutes.

Radhika curses Gehna in her mind for spoiling her plan. Next day, Sagar address Kanak as his new mother and thanks her for giving so many gifts to him. Gehna recalls how she put gifts on Sagar’s bed on Kanak’s name.

Sagar gets afraid seeing Gehna. Hema notices that and recalls Kanak’s words about Gehna. Sagar asks Kanak to play with him. She gets tired after sometime and he asks her to bring juice for him. Gehna sees everything and thinks it’s punishment to Kanak for hurting Sagar.

Jamuna takes out her mother sarees to wash. Gehna tells her that she will wash those sarees. Radhika groom up well to impress Anant and he says to her that she is looking good and informs her that they have lot of pending work so they should complete them today and starts working. Sagar disturbs them so Anant locks the door.

Kanak applies grease on the floor and cut the rope so saree can fell on the floor. Hearing footsteps she hides there. Gehna notices the saree and gets worried seeing grease and was about to see Kanak but Hema calls her. Hema sees Kanak and tells Gehna that Jamuna calling her.

Later, Hema says to Kanak that when she saw fear in Sagar’s eyes for Gehna she understood that Gehna doing everything for revenge. She says to her and Radhika that she finally understood Gehna’s cunning plan and she will make sure that Gehna pay for her deeds. She reveals that it’s she who send Sagar to Anant’s room deliberately because she knows that Anant won’t like the disturbance and because of her plan Radhika got chance to spend time with him. Radhika praises Hema’s plan. Kanak welcomes Hema to their team.

Jamuna shatters seeing stain in her saree and scolds Gehna. Kanak and Hiral taunts Gehna. Gehna apologize to Jamuna and goes to wash the saree. Anant gives baking soda to Gehna and tells her to use this to wash. After few minutes, they gets happy seeing that grease got removed from saree. She was about to fall because of slippery floor but Anant holds her and they gets drenched completely under the shower. Sagar sees that and he informs about it to Kanak and Radhika.

Gehna gives the saree to Jamuna. After some time, Gehna gives spicy laddy to Radhika saying that it will help her to recover completely. Anant notices Radhika’s teary eyes and assumes that Radhika got emotional seeing Gehna’s care.

Kanak notices that Sagar spoiled her hand with nail polish but stays silent controlling her anger. Hema thanks Kanak for taking care of Sagar like how she does for Sanchi and Piyush. Gehna says to Anant that she received  admission card for computer class.

Radhika reveals that she applied for Gehna and thinks now she can get time to spend with Anant. Then she shocks seeing Vineet there and learns that Gehna brought him. Vineet says to her that he cancelled his meeting and he will stay with her until she recovers completely and thanks Gehna for making him realise his mistake.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that, Kanak will tell Sagar to punish the person who did wrong with him. Sagar will throw something towards Gehna and Tiya.

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