From Gunn learning about Charmi to Namrata going against Nandini: here is what all happened in ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ earlier this week!


Star show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is getting audience attention for delivering good content. The love story of a blind man and normal girl is raising the curiosity among the audience and forcing them to watch the show. So far in the episode it is seen, Nandini agree to marry Darsh. Rawal’s learn that Namrata planned against Nandini. Darsh takes a stand for Nandini. Check out what all happened in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha earlier this week!

Drama was high in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha. Mohan learned about Nandini’s alliance with Darsh. He decides to separate the duo. Darsh plans for Kulfi date for Nandini. Mohan spikes Darsh’s kulfi. Darsh tells to Nandini his head is spinning.

There, mystery woman thinks Shobhit doesn’t see her. She decides to be careful until Darsh’s alliance doesn’t break with Nandini. Shibhit asks mystery woman if she is fine. Woman signals yes to Shobhit. Charmi bumps into Shobhit. Shobhit decides to behave rudely with Charmi so that she does break up with him. Charmi finds Shobhit’s behaviour odd.

Ahead, Nandini calls out Naveen. Naveen takes Darsh’s with him inside. He checks Darsh’s nerves. Gunn catches Mohan. She beats Mohan and says to him that because of his craziness, her alliance will break with Shobhit. Mohan says to Gunn that he can do anything to gain Nandini. Gunn asks Mohan to believe Vanlata. Mohan says Vanlata is making him fool.

Other side, Naveen asks Darsh to take a rest. Darsh says he will go back home. Naveen asks Darsh to relax. He asks Nandini to bring warm water for Darsh. Naveen orders Bansuri to bring something for Darsh to eat. Later, Gunn tries to manipulate Mohan. She tells to Mohan that Vanlata lay a trap for Darsh and Nandini’s wedding so that her alliance can happen at Rawal’s. Mohan stands shocked hearing Gunn.

Further, Vipul and Chetan visits Naveen house. Nandini welcome Vipul and Chetan. She asks them to wait and she will call Naveen. Vipul says to Nandini that he is here to talk with her. Nandini asks Vipul to continue. Vipul tells to Nandini that with one operation Darsh’s eye-sight can be revived. Nandini gets happy. Chetan asks Nandini to break her alliance with Darsh. Vipul says to Nandini, once Darsh’s eye-sight will be revived he will regret sharing life with her. Nandini stands shocked. Vipul and Chetan asks Nandini to break the alliance. Nandini says to Vipul and Chetan that she will not break the alliance but if Darsh feels she is not a perfect match for him than he will break his relationship with her. Chetan gets irked with Nandini. Vipul says to Nandini that they haven’t disclosed to Darsh about the operation as they doesn’t want to hurt him. Nandini refuses to break her alliance with Darsh. Chetan and Vipul leaves the place.

Nandini decides to visit Dr. Rathode to talk about Darsh’s operation. Darsh’s sister Namrata tries to frame Nandini and mislead her. She locks Nandini at morgue. Darsh and Charmi comes for Nandini’s rescue later. Three of them unites to expose Namrata’s lie. Rawal’s gets shocked learning about Namrata’s deed. Darsh scolds Namrata for her behaviour towards Nandini. Parul asks Namrata to apologize to Nandini. Namrata refuses to bend down in front of Nandini.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

In the meantime, Vipul disclose to Naveen how Namrata saved Darsh’s life in past. He says Namrata is possessive about Darsh. Namrata goes to Darsh. Darsh says to Namrata he is angry for her behaviour towards Nandini. Nandini tries to talk with Namrata. Namrata leaves the place.

Here, villagers asks Rawal’s to perform another ritual. Vipul refuses. Darsh comes and says he is ready to perform any ritual. Parul explains as per the ritual he needs to pick Nandini in his arms and jump to reach Lord Krishna’s idol to seek his blessing. Darsh, Nandini and others stands shocked.

Nandini motivates Darsh. Darsh completes the ritual. Later, Rakla threatens Bansuri about disclosing Gunn’s affair to Rawal’s. Bansuri alerts Nandini and Gunn about Rakla’s intention. Nandini asks Gunn to reveal her past to Shibhit. Gunn learns about Charmi and gets angry with Shobhit. Meanwhile, Nandini asks Vipul to allow them to have wedding rituals from Naveen’s house. Darsh support Nandini. Vipul agrees.

Furthermore, Rawal’s reach Naveen’s house to perform pre-wedding ritual. Parul asks Namrata why she is standing out. Namrata says because dirt stuck on her foot. Other side, Chetan sit on the chair and fall. Naveen apologizes. Vipul says it would have been better if they would have keep function at their house. Candyman asks Vipul to relax. Namrata demands AC from Naveen. Nandini brings fan for Namrata attached with water to give AC feel. Rawal’s gets impressed with Nandini’s invention. Nandini demands playing dandiya with Darsh. Darsh hesitates. Nandini motivates Dandiya.

Afterwards, Namrata tries to manipulate Darsh against Nandini. Darsh support Nandini. There, Shobhit tries to talk with Gunn. Gunn avoids Shobhit.

Now in the upcoming episode, Mohan will plan to separate Nandini and Darsh. Gunn will support Mohan.

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