From Imlie drawing a sketch of her and Aditya to Aditya giving a surprise to Imlie with a bunch of gifts: Check what happened this week in Star Plus show Imlie

Imlie Weekly Update

This week began with Imlie taking stand for housewives and Aditya gets impressed seeing that. Imlie then gives milk to Malini but Malini refuses to drink it. Aditya tells Imlie to drink it instead, Malini thinks why Aditya is insisting Imlie as if he cares for her really.

Imlie gets upset over the fact that Aditya and Malini have a wedding photo together but she doesn’t have any photo with Babushaheb. She decides to draw a sketch and the sketch comes out excellent. Aditya tries to see what Imlie is drawing but Imlie doesn’t show him. Later, Anu and Dev visit Tripathi house to invite them for a puja. As planned, Tripathis tell them only Aditya and Malini will attend the Puja. Dev invites Imlie and Aditya shows his concern for Imlie as last time Imlie was humiliated by Anu and her friends. Dev then says they will treat Imlie like their daughter. Aditya agrees. Children find Imlie’s sketch and before they could show that to Dev Aditya takes it and Malini puts it into dustbin without noticing the sketch.

Malini and Aditya get into argument before going to Anu’s House as Aditya passes comment on Anu’s irritating behaviour towards Imlie. Aditya tells her that Imlie always respects Anu but Anu does the opposite.

Malini and Aditya do the Puja in Anu’s House and Imlie gets disheartened to see that. Imlie then goes to have food with other servants in the house. Aditya doesn’t like the idea at all and he also sits beside Imlie on floor. Malini gets shocked and shows her insecurity by taunting Imlie. She says Aditya is worried for Imlie after Imlie saved his life. Imlie requests Aditya to join his family. But he denies. Malini talks to Aditya and says she needs answer what’s wrong and why Aditya is behaving strange nowadays. He doesn’t even call her “Mun”. Aditya doesn’t find words and Malini hugs him. Aditya feels sad for her and Imlie enters in the meantime. Malini tells Imlie that she won’t repeat this mistake again. She will knock before entering anybody’s room. Imlie says she won’t come between Aditya and Malini. Aditya feels helpless.

Imlie gets heartbroken and she shares her pain with Dev. Dev suggests her to accept the truth instead of suppressing it. Anu tells Malini to take test of Aditya. Malini obeys and she tells Aditya that she will stay back in Anu’s house tonight. Malini tells Imlie will also stay. But Aditya objects to the idea and he takes Imlie with him angrily. Anu instigates Malini again.

On their way back, Aditya surprises Imlie with bunch of gifts and Imlie gets delighted and tells Aditya not to put so much efforts. Aditya makes her understand that they can’t run away from the truth. They have to accept their feelings for each other freely and they should tell this to Malini though she gets hurt. Imlie refuses saying she cant hurt Malini for her own happiness. Malini calls on landline number and gets to know from Aparna that Aditya and Imlie didnt reach home yet which shocks her.

Nisant questions Aditya when he returns home. Nishant asks why doesn’t he seem happy with Malini. Aditya gives an indirect hint saying Malini and his relationship won’t work anymore. Other side, Malini is confused regarding what she should do to clear her doubts. Dev’s mother suggests her that she should plan for a child with Aditya. Their issue will be resolved that way.

Here Meethi apologises to Satyakam for the slap and Satyakam tells Meethi to reveal the truth to Imlie. In Tripathi house Rubi sings a song beautifully and expresses her sadness. Imlie connects her sorrow with Rubi as she is also in the same situation. Aditya notices it and then due to power cut when Imlie goes to Aditya’s room with a lighted candle, Aditya gets close to her and asks her the reason behind her sadness. Imlie and Aditya spend time with each other and Malini enters Aditya’s room surprisingly. Aditya gets shocked and then he shows his disappointment towards Malini. He asks why did she call on the landline number. Malini says she had to listen to other’s opinion as Aditya is not talking to her clearly.

In morning Imlie gets stressed for her exam result. She does aarti and Tripathis enjoy the scene of her madness. Aparna decides to make Imlie’s favourite dish Kadi Chawal, so that her tension goes away. Pankaj and Harish think of making food for everyone in the house. Aditya shows interest in cooking and tells he will accompany Pankaj and Harish in making food. They face difficulties while making the dishes and it creates a hilarious atmosphere.

Aditya serves the food and Kadi Chawal turns out to be spicy and Tripathis refuse to eat it except Imlie. Imlie goes to her room and eats it as Babushaheb made it for her. Malini gets surprised to see that.

Later Aditya and Malini reveal that Imlie is the state topper in the exam. Tripathis gets overjoyed and congratulate Imlie. Imlie gives hug to everyone. Aditya later surprises Imlie by applying vermilion on her hairline. Aditya says its a gift from his side. Imlie gets emotional. Other side, Meethi decides to call Tripathis after seeing Imlie’s result.

In upcoming episodes Malini will notice the vermilion on Imlie’s hairline. What excuse Imlie is going to give?

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