From Kabir kidnapping Saaransh to Preesha divorcing Rudraksh: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Yeh Hai Chahatein”

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Rudraksh learns that Yuvraj waiting for him and they got permission to meet the Judge and he informs about it to Preesha. Preesha tells him to not get angry today. After some time, Rudraksh informs Judge about blackmail and he even filed case against Kabir and gives FIR copy to him. Judge tells him that he feels bad for Saaransh but he can’t help them in any way. Rudraksh tells him that Saaransh is not happy with Kabir and Mishka, if he wants he can ask Saaransh again.

Judge tells him that he accepts that the latter telling the truth but tomorrow he is retiring that’s why he can’t help them. He informs him that tomorrow new Judge will come and he will tell him to reopen the case. Yuvraj gets worried hearing him and plans to escape. Preesha misses Saaransh and moves towards him seeing him playing with Sunny. Mishka stops her from meeting Saaransh and reminds her about court order and takes Saaransh from there.

Preesha learns that Sunny is missing. Rudraksh finds Reema and takes her to the resort. Preesha yells at Reema for not meeting Sunny. Reema tells her that Rudraksh can give luxury lifestyle to Sunny that’s why she stayed away from him. Preesha calls Saaransh as Sunny and asks him that where he went without informing anyone. Reema thinks now she need to act and talks with Saaransh like she is talking with Sunny.

Preesha slaps Reema. Reema reveals that Yuvraj told her to do all this. Sulochana learns that Yuvraj and Sunny left the resort and she informs about it to Mishka and Kabir. Kabir learns that Saaransh custody case reopened. Rudraksh learns that Yuvraj escaped with Sunny and new Judge reopened the custody case and he informs about it to Preesha. Rudraksh introduces Reema to Kabir and Mishka and tells them that she is his proof. Preesha tells them that Saaransh will expose them in the court by revealing about blackmail.

After some time, Sulochana tells Kabir and Mishka that Saaransh should not reach the court no matter what. Mishka tells them that they should take Saaransh to London. Saaransh overhears their conversation and informs everything to Preesha and Rudraksh and locks himself in the washroom. Rudraksh regrets for trusting Sulochana. Later, Kabir kidnaps Saaransh. Sonia reveals in her letter that what all Sulochana did to break Rudraksh and Preesha’s relationship and also reveals about Yuvraj’s wrong deeds and also apologize to Rudraksh for her betrayal.

Ahana scolds Mishka for kidnapping Saaransh when she has Saaransh’s custody. Mishka tells her that Rudraksh got to know everything that’s why she escaped from there. Kabir demands 100 crore from Rudraksh. Preesha asks Kabir to not hurt Saaransh. Next day, Rudraksh arranges 100 crore. He stops Preesha from calling Police inspector. Kabir tells Rudraksh that he wants money first. Rudraksh agrees to give money first going against Preesha. Police comes there. Kabir tells Rudraksh that the latter betrayed him now he won’t get Saaransh. Rudraksh tells him that he didn’t call the Police.

Preesha asks Kabir to not blame Rudraksh and she called the Police because she don’t trust him and asks about Saaransh’s location. Kabir refuses to say anything about Saaransh and threatens to kill him. Preesha snatches the gun from the Police inspector and points at Kabir. Sulochana pleads her to drop the gun. Kabir snatches the gun from Preesha. Sulochana tells him that they should give Saaransh to Rudraksh. Kabir points gun at Sulochana. Rudraksh asks him that how can he do this with Sulochana.

Kabir reveals that he is not Rudraksh’s brother because he is illegitimate son of Sulochana. Sulochana agrees that Kabir telling the truth, she had an affair with someone else that’s why Balraj throw her out of the house. Kabir attempts to shoot Rudraksh but Sulochana snatches the gun from him and shoots on his leg. Sulochana tells Rudraksh that he won’t lose Saaransh and informs him that Mishka has Saaransh. Mishka yells at Sulochana for bringing Rudraksh and asks about Kabir. Sulochana tells her that Kabir is in Police custody and asks to give Saaransh to Rudraksh.

Rudraksh pleads Mishka to give Saaransh to him and he will give the money to her. Police comes there with Preesha. Mishka tells Rudraksh that now he won’t get Saaransh and presses the bomb button. Rudraksh and Preesha shatters seeing the bomb blast. Constable checks the car and informs Police inspector that car burnt completely and there is a woman and a child’s dead body inside.

Later, Rudraksh performs Saaransh’s last rites. Preesha cries seeing that. She goes to Rudraksh and cries holding him. He pushes her and warns her to not get close to him and stay away from him. She asks him that why he is saying like this. He tells her that she snatched Saaransh from him and he lost his son because of her. He cries saying that if she had not called the Police then Mishka would not have done that.

She tells him that she can also say that everything happened because of him. She asks him that why he went to Mishka alone and Mishka got scared seeing him instead of Kabir that’s why she did that so he is responsible for Saaransh’s death. She says to him that Saaransh is her son and she won’t hear a word against herself and tells him that from today she won’t see him and cut all ties with him. He tells her that without Saaransh they can’t stay together and leaves from there.

In the court, Sulochana gives statement against Kabir and accepts that she also supported him. Judge announces that Sulochana has to do 2 years of community service and Kabir is sentenced to 10 years in prison. Rudraksh and Preesha signs on the divorce papers. Preesha sends Vasudha to Delhi and walks aimlessly. She hears Saaransh’s voice and runs towards the cliff and was about to fall but one guy holds her hand to save her. She asks him to leave her saying that she need to go to her son. He yells at her saying that no one is there and she is attempting suicide. She tells him that she didn’t came to suicide but she came there hearing her son’s scream.

After some time, they reaches the hotel where he stays. One little girl comes there and calls Preesha as mother and hugs her saying that she missed her so much. That girl shows one picture and Preesha shocks seeing her picture. That guy asks that girl to bring food for mother. Preesha blames him for bringing her for his selfish reason. He tells her that he don’t know that he is saving her and his wife left him but he is not able to tell that truth to his daughter and reveals that she did his wife’s delivery and this picture was clicked that time so he show this picture to his daughter.

That girl brings food for Preesha and feeds her. Preesha cries thinking about Saaransh. That girl wipes Preesha’s tears. On the other hand, Rudraksh learns that all the properties went to trust because Saaransh is no more. Rudraksh tells Lawyer that he don’t care about it anymore. Sulochana apologize to him. He decides to quit singing.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will say seeing Preesha’s picture that he won’t forgive her.

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