From Kalindi misguiding Bondita to Anirudh’s attempt to teach Bondita: Check out what happened this week in Colors TV show Barrister Babu.

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This week began with Anirudh goes on a lookout for Bondita. Bondita rings the bell to give signal to people for help. But villager and Deboleena catch her and Bondita while running gets hurt after her head bangs against a stone. She falls unconscious. There Anirudh also tries to reach Bondita. Deboleena along with the villages shift Bondita to a secret place. They assume Bondita is dead.

The villager sharpens a knife in order to kill Bondita. Deboleena gets scared and villager calls her coward. Bondita gains consciousness and recalls what Anirudh taught her. She gathers courage and throws dust at the villager’s eyes and scares them showing knife. She also shuts him saying women are not weak. Intelligence is important more than physical strength. She runs off.

Anirudh asks petrified Deboleena about Bondita and beats the villager. He finds her but before he could meet her Thakuma throws color at Anirudh’s eyes.

Bondita gets delighted to see her Thakuma after years. Thakuma tells her about Sumati’s poor health condition also reminds Bondita that her Thakuma is very strict and is against women empowerment.

Bondita meets her mother and decides to stay in Kalindi’s mansion until Sumati gets better. Sumati replies that because of Kalindi’s remedies she is feeling better now. Thakuma expresses that only men have the right to study and Bondita has to forget her dreams. Bondita sends letter to Anirudh from Krishna Nagar that she is safe.

Anirudh after reading it rushes to meet Bondita in Krishna Nagar. Kalindi punishes Bondita as she sent letter to Anirudh. Afterwards Anirudh meets Bondita and gifts her a pen as well.

Bondita gets smitten seeing him. As a result Thakuma urf Kalindi slaps Anirudh and asks if he has no relation with Bondita then why Bondita will listen to him? From now on Bondita’s Thakuma will take her life decisions. She breaks the pen gifted by Anirudh. Anirudh gets shocked and says he won’t let her destroy Bondita’s bright future. Kalindi beats him and he bears the pain.

Trilochan gets stunned to see Kalindi and instead of taking stand for Anirudh he tells Anirudh to back off. There’s some past found between Trilochan and Kalindi.

Trilochan insists Anirudh to not go against Kalindi as she is adamant. Latter says he is also stubborn and will talk to Sumati about Bondita. Anirudh threatens Kalindi to burn himself if she doesn’t allow him to meet Sumati. Kalindi outsmarts him.

Bondita stops them from fighting. Sumati comes in the meantime. She tells Anirudh to leave shockingly and shows her disappointment towards him. Bondita gets emotional. Anirudh decides to buy mansion in Krishna Nagar so that he can stay in touch with Bondita. Half portion of the mansion belongs to Kalindi. Anirudh tells Trilochan to talk to the owner.

Kalindi tells Bondita to not concentrate on her worthless dreams. Bondita misses Anirudh and later she gets surprised to see him coming towards her. Anirudh says he is Bondita’s new neighbor. Kalindi gets to know about it and loses her temper. She ruins the grihapravesh ritual preparations of Anirudh and Trilochan. Anirudh and Kalindi get into a verbal fight.

Anirudh says he will fulfil his dream to make Bondita a Barrister. Bondita supports him. Kalindi says its not Tulsipur so Anirudh won’t achieve what he wants. Anirudh keeps the kalas and coconut near Kalindi’s house doorstep saying it has become auspicious now which was fallen because of Kalinidi. Kalindi gets irked. Later Anirudh teaches Bondita through exchanging letters from terrace. Bondita gets happy after studying. She sends thank you note to Anirudh.

Kalindi troubles Anirudh by cutting the electricity supply of his mansion. Bondita feels bad for Roychowdhurys. She applies Anirudh’s teaching in real life. She takes help from Tapur and fixes the electrical problems. Kalindi other side gets worried for her house status as society people are taunting Bondita.

Trilochan gets relaxed after seeing the electricity supply is back. But Anirudh reveals electricity is not back because of any electrician but Bondita has done it. Kalindi gets shocked to see Bondita’s action. Bondita doesn’t apologise to Kalindi saying she didn’t commit any mistake.

Kalindi gives punishment to Bondita saying she will find one needle from the rice straws and will sew Thakuma’s blanket. Rimjhim thinks Bondita will be awake whole night to finish task given by Thakuma. Kalindi then cuts the rope through which Anirudh was teaching Bondita. Bondita gets worried thinking now how will she continue her studies.

In upcoming episodes, after getting tired of all the failed attempts Anirudh will dress up like a married woman and will enter Kalindi’s mansion to meet Bondita. Will Bondita recognise him? Will Kalindi catch Anirudh?

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