From Kanak planning to spoil Gehna’s birthday to Anant bringing Radhika to Desai mansion: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2”

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update

This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Anant goes to temple to search Gehna. Sagar, who is disguise form says to Gehna that Anant’s life in danger and he asks her to tie “Raksha Dhaga” on her husband’s wrist. Gehna moves towards him and he makes her unconscious and he picks her and his allies joins him. Anant searches Gehna in the temple and learns that she went to bbackside of the temple. Desai family gets worried for Anant. Kanak says to her family that it’s Gehna’s mistake and Anant suffering because of her. Praful sends Pankaj, Chetan to the temple to search Anant and Gehna.  Sagar makes Gehna lay on the bed. Gehna regains her consciousness and shocks seeing Sagar and tries to push him, but he tightens his grip on her. Gehna screams for help and Anant hears her voice. Gehna and Sagar also hears Anant’s voice.

Pankaj and Chetan reaches temple and searches Anant, Gehna. Police comes there to save Anant. Sagar runs from there seeing Anant and Police. Anant consoles the crying Gehna. Hema suspects Sagar in Gehna’s disappearance. Sagar accepts to her saying that he kidnapped Gehna but Anant rescued her with Police’s help. Gehna informs Anant about Baba and Anant says to her that it must be Sagar. Scorpion bites Gehna and she faints. Anant picks her and takes her to the nearest house. Kanak informs about Anant and Gehna’s disappearance to Radhika and Radhika decides to find Anant. Anant prepares medicine for Gehna with one lady’s help and he applies the medicine on Gehna’s leg. He blames himself for Gehna’s condition and apologize to the unconscious Gehna. That lady asks him to take rest, but he refused.

He remembers about Gehna’s fasting and refuses to have food also. That lady says to Anant that Gehna is lucky to get a husband like him. Anant thinks he is lucky and looks at Gehna. Hema suspects Kanak in Gehna and Anant’s disappearance and confronts her. Kanak warns Hema to not accuse her without knowing anything. Gehna regains her consciousness and Anant gets relieved seeing her and hugs her. Radhika gets angry seeing them like that. That lady says Gehna is lucky because Anant loves her so much. Gehna recalls Anant’s rejection. Anant decides to hide about Gehna’s kidnap from his family and he informs them about Scorpion’s bite. Jamuna ties black rope on them saying it will protect them from now on. Kanak taunts Hema for talking about food. Chetan takes stand for Hema.

Hema says to Gehna that Chetan taking care of her so much nowadays and it all happened because of her only. Anant reminds Gehna about her studies and shows the hall ticket application form to her. He decides to celebrate Gehna’s birthday. Radhika learns that Anant going out to buy gifts for Gehna. Anant asks Radhika to finalize the necklace. He informs Paresh about Gehna’s surprise birthday party and asks him to decorate the house without Gehna’s knowledge. Sanchi, Piyush plays with water balloons and tries to throw them at Gehna. Kanak throws the water balloon at Gehna and smriks. Radhika takes Anant to her house and acts like her husband Vineet tortures her a lot. She attempts suicide and Anant saves her with Sapan’s help.

Anant blames himself for Radhika’s condition. She tells him to go to house saying Gehna must be waiting for him and she is his past but Gehna is his present.Gehna smiles seeing the decorations and Anant too comes there. Hema asks Anant about Gehna’s surprise gift.  Gehna shocks seeing Radhika in Desai mansion. Kanak thinks Radhika is Gehna’s surprise gift and smirks. Anant says to his family that they should cut the cake now. After cake cutting, Paresh says to Radhika that he will drop her in her house. Anant brings Radhika’s luggage and informs his family that she will stay with them from now on. Jamuna questions him. He recalls how he asked Radhika to stay in his house and also how she asked him to not tell about her condition to his family.

Paresh thinks Radhika’s entry will affect Anant and Gehna’s relationship. Gehna opens the gift box and wears the necklace. She thanks Anant for celebrating her birthday. Radhika says to Kanak that her plan worked. Anant gives “pani puri” to Gehna. But Radhika takes it from Gehna and eats it. She starts to talking about her past memories which she shared with Anant. Radhika shows the necklace Gehna wearing and says it’s her necklace and shows another necklace saying Anant brought this one for Gehna. Gehna returns the necklace to Radhika. She goes to kitchen to bring water for Radhika. Radhika acts like Vineet called her and leaves from there. Anant follows her. Gehna notices that and wonders where are they going at this time.

Radhika says to Anant that she has to click pictures of Vineet’s important document to send it to him and if she failed then his business deal would be cancelled and she can’t even imagine what he will do with her after that. Kanak mocks Gehna and reminds her about Anant’s rejection. Radhika searches the file and fell asleep. Anant too stays with her. Kanak informs her family that Anant and Radhika left the house yesterday night and returning now only.

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