From Kanak returning to Desai mansion to Kanak revealing her intention to Jigna: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show ” Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 “

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Gehna opens the parcel and smiles seeing the clock. Hema hides behind the pillar and waits for the right time to press the remote. Everyone comes there hearing sound and shocks seeing Hema’s condition. Hema wonders that how her plan backfired.

Sagar apologize to Hema saying that he was playing with Gehna’s clock and put it near her then blast happened. Later, Gehna informs Anant about Kanak and Pankaj’s marriage anniversary and tells him that they should bring Kanak home. Desai family goes to Jigna’s house and learns about Kanak’s disappearance.

They returns to Desai mansion and shocks seeing the food on dining table and wonders that who prepared all that. They hears sound from kitchen and moves towards it. They shocks seeing Kanak cleaning the floor. Kanak apologize to Gehna for her mistake and tells her that she always treated her like maid but now she want live as Gehna not Kanak.

She tells them that she want to take care of them like Gehna to rectify her mistakes. Pankaj tells her that she realised her mistakes and that’s what he wants and hugs her. Hema wonders that why Kanak want to live like Gehna.

Next day, Kanak finishes her puja. Jamuna wishes Kanak and Pankaj for their marriage anniversary. Gehna goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast but Kanak stops her saying that she will do that. Hema asks Kanak that what happened to her. Jamuna comes there and gives bangles to Kanak as gift and asks her that what is she doing in the kitchen instead of spending time with Pankaj and asks about Gehna. Hema tells her that Gehna is with Krishna.

Gehna’s earrings sound disturbs the classes so she tells Anant that she will remove it. He talks about punishment for her mistake and brings her bangles saying that she forgot to wear these and makes her wear those bangles. Then he takes her to terrace to teach her about adventures things. Krishna comes there and tells Anant that she is afraid of heights.  Later, Anant brings his car but it didn’t start and Gehna tells him that she is getting late for her computer class. Anant asks Krishna to drop Gehna. Gehna leaves from there with Krishna.

Sagar asks Gehna to play him. She tells him that she will play with him later. He snatches the bag from her and she chases him. Hema drops marbles deliberately on the floor so Gehna can fall but Sagar falls and hits his head on the floor then faints.

After some time, Sagar regains his consciousness and talks about Police. Kanak thinks that seems like Sagar remembers everything now. Gehna asks Sagar that if he is fine. He tells her that they will play game and he will become thief in that.

Krishna and Anant gives dress to Gehna as gift. Gehna goes to get freshen up. Hema takes the chits of gifts and exchanges it so Gehna can wear Krishna’s gift assuming it as Anant’s gift but chits fell down from boxes after some time. Jamuna asks Kanak that why the latter didn’t got ready.

Kanak tells her that she is happy that she can celebrate her marriage anniversary with her family and she don’t want anything else. Krishna thinks that she is an interesting character. Tiya comes there wearing saree. Krishna gets mesmerized seeing her.

Anant gets mesmerized seeing Gehna. Hema realises that Gehna wearing Anant’s gift. Pankaj and Kanak cuts the cake and everyone dances. Hema gives cake to Sagar and asks him to give it to Krishna and Gehna. Sagar follows her instructions. Hema recalls that how she mixed drug in those cake pieces. Later, Ladies goes to Gehna’s room and shocks seeing Anant and Gehna is drunken state. Hema realises that Anant ate her spiked cake.

Drunk Anant hallucinates Krishna and pinches Gehna’s nose. She winces in pain and he asks her that where Krishna went now and takes the stick to beat him and tells Gehna that he won’t leave him because Krishna keep coming between them. She tells him that Krishna is not there but she can see many Anant and starts counting and tells him that she will catch him and moves towards her hallucinations. He holds her and tells her that he likes her and she is like fairy for him. She asks him that then why don’t he love her. He tells her that she has horns that’s why and laughs.

Hiral asks her family to think that why Anant and Gehna are in drunken state. Kanak finds those cake bowls and tells Jamuna that it smells like chemical. Hema puts the blame on Krishna and shows drug powder to them saying that she found it in Krishna’s bag. Krishna tells them that he had them in his bag because he need that to use in his play.

Next day, Anant and Gehna don’t remember anything. He asks her to get ready and meet him in the terrace to learn about “bungee jumping”.Hema overhears their conversation. Later, Hema tells Kanak that she did something against Gehna. In the terrace, Anant asks Gehna to feel the air without worrying about anything and Hema pulls the rope she tied there and Gehna falls down and starts rolling. Kanak saves Gehna and everyone comes out of the house hearing Anant’s scream.

Jamuna asks Gehna that if she is fine. Anant blames himself for Gehna’s situation. Gehna tells him that it’s just an accident. She thanks Kanak saying that today the latter gave new life to her. Anant tells her that he didn’t trust her completely after her return but today she proved him wrong and apologize to her.

Later, Jigna video calls Kanak. Kanak tells her that everything going according to her plan and Hema also helped her without knowing anything. Jigna tells her that Desai family will face the consequences for insulting her daughter. Kanak tells her that Desai family throw her out of the house and she won’t leave anyone. Anant applies ointment on Gehna’s leg.

Krishna treats her sprain without ointment. She tells them that it’s not paining now. Kanak talks to Jamuna about puja and tells her that she will do all the preparations. Jigna apologize to Jamuna saying that she got to know that Kanak also did lot of mistakes in the past. Kanak tells Jigna that so much going to change. Anant doesn’t get job because of his over qualifications.

In the upcoming episode, Anant will scold Krishna for disturbing Gehna’s studies.

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