From Krishna getting angry with Meera to Pratigya defends Meera: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2.

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This week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 episode starts with Sumitra manipulates Pratigya and asks her to choose a life partner for Krishna before she dies because after he leaves the world and there will be no one to take care of Kirishna and the kids. Sumitra asks Pratigya to choose Meera. Pratigya questions why to which Sumitra says that Meera is the one for Krishna.

Adarsh and Komal gets closer seeing that Shakti warns Adarsh. Meera arranges bed for Krishna and Pratigya, Krishna thinks its Pratigya and gets happy. Meera thanks god for giving an opportunity to meet Krishna and talks to the idol how much she loves Krishna and how she wants Krishna to be happy. Pratigya confronts Meera about the bed arrangements then thanks for thinking for Krishna’s happiness. In the morning Pratigya refuses to give dessert to Krishna, Meera interferes their conversation which makes Krishna furious and he leaves the place.

Pratigya asks Meera why she does this to which Meera apologises and leaves. Sumitra says to Pratigya that she already told Meera is obedient. Pratigya agrees with Sumitra and says she is right.

Pratigya says to Krishna that Meera is a good person and she cares for this family that’s the reason she isn’t neither upset nor getting angry with Meera’s behavior and asks Krishna to not to think much. Meera hears this and praises Pratigya to Shakti and ignores Shakti attempt to get close with her.

Samar questions Pratigya why she is taking medicines to which Pratigya says that she is having a head ache. Meera comes there and sees Pratigya sarees and says its beautiful. Pratigya asks Meera to take it and ask her to use the bathroom. Krishna mistakenly hugs Meera thinking Pratigya then he accuses Meera for trying to get close to him and trying to take Pratigya’s place. Pratigya defends Meera and asks Krishna to apologise to her Krishna refuses then leaves.

Pratigya sees Meera crying and promises her to give her a happy family as she wants. Later Pratigya says to Sumitra it’s hard to change Krishna’s way of thinking but promises her to change Krishna.

Pratigya and Krishna gets into an heated argument who is right its Krishna or Meera. Krishna says that even after all these years if someone tries to get close to her he will become jealous and how could she not even react seeing Meera trying get close to him. Pratigya says it’s not a big deal and leaves. Later Pratigya sees the red marks in her neck and calls the doctor to know about the red marks.

Doctor tells its because of the cancer and asks her spend as much as time possible with her family. Doctor informs Sumitra that he misguided Pratigya which makes Sumitra happy. Krishna asks Pratigya to not to he angry with him and says he will apologise to Meera but Pratigya says to Krishna that she needs some space which makes Krishna upset so he leaves the place.

Meera sees Krishna in the garden and hold her dress to prevent sunlight from hitting Krishna’s face and tells how she feels about Krishna thinking he is asleep. Krishna gets up and leaves. Meera blames her fate for this. Krishna sees the medical report and questions Pratigya.

Pratigya says it’s just a headache but Krishna wont believe and tries to call the doctor. Later Pratigya says to Krishna that he is suffocating her and she needs space from him and packs her things. Krishna tries to stop her.

Everyone tries to stop Pratigya but Sumitra supports her saying she just need space. Pratigya goes inside the room and cries saying even she don’t want to do this all but she have no other options left. Krishma gets angry at Meera but Meera ignores and says that she can’t see Krishna sad. Krishna apologises to Meera. Meera smiles then leaves. Meera mocks Shakti. Komal puts a letter and rose on Adarsh’s room, Sumitra reads the letter and decides to throw Adarsh out with Pratigya.

Krishna arrives at the dinner lately and asks Pratigya about her life in her new room. Garv comes there and says that he wants to go the picnic to which Pratigya says no thinking her lack of time to Spent time with her kids. Krishna goes to console Garv. Adarsh thinks something is wrong with Pratigya and decides to find. Later at night Adarsh sees Pratigya’s health condition is worsening also sees her neck which has red marks in it and says that if Pratigya dont tell then he will ask Krishna. Pratigya says everything to Adarsh. Adarsh gets shocked. Sumitra locks them inside the room and smiles.

Adarsh and Pratigya tries to open the room but they fails so decides to sleep. In the morning Sumitra asks where is Pratigya even everyone wonders where Adarsh went. Everyone searches for of both of them. Sumitra opens the door using the keys and asks everyone to come. Everyome sees both Adarsh and Pratigya in a same room. Shakti accuses Pratigya.

Pratigya says that they got stuck inside the room and asks everyone to believe and asks Krishna to say something. Komal raises her hand to slap Pratigya in anger but Krishna stops her and says that he believes and will always believe Pratigya over anyone and leaves. Sumitra gets upset that her plan was not successful. Adarsh warns Komal for misbehaving and using ill words against Pratigya. Pratigya cries remembering how Krishna stood up for her.

Meera brings food to Pratigya and begs her to go to Krishna’s room because he is looking sad. Pratigya decides to go to Krishna but Sumitra comes there and stops Pratigya then she starts manipulating Pratigya. Finally Pratigya gives in and agrees to Sumitra.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pratigya will shout at Krishna for entering her room without permission. Komal will threaten Sumitra to reveal how she is giving poison to Pratigya to Krishna if she don’t approve her to marry Adarsh. Pratigya will insult Krishna. Krishna will raise his hand at Pratigya.

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