From Mahesh learning about Karan’s arrest to Megha threatening Prithvi: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya”

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Karan hugs Preeta to console her but she comes out of his embrace and asks him to not show his fake concern towards her because he definitely doesn’t care about her that’s why he is separating himself from her by going to jail. She tells Police that Karan didn’t murder Akshay and asks them to find the real murderer. Karan says to her that he is just fulfilling his promise and tells her that till now she did everything for him and his family so now he is doing this for her and his family. He confesses to her saying that he is lucky to get her and assures her saying that he will return soon. Police takes Karan from there.

Sarla and Rakhi consoles each other. Prithvi learns that it’s Megha who blackmailed him till now. She threatens him saying that she has Akshay’s mobile which has his and Akshay’s conversation so if he didn’t give 50 lakhs then she will submit the mobile to Police and will reveal the truth to Kritika too. Pammi tells Rakhi to come to their old house saying that they shifted there for Mahesh’s sake. Later, she learns about Karan’s arrest.

Pammi says to Rakhi that she is upset with her behaviour and like Kareena said Preeta is unlucky for Luthra’s. Rakhi tells her that she is not upset with Karan’s decision instead she is proud of her son and Kareena never liked Preeta and moreover Kareena’s thoughts about Preeta are wrong not Preeta. She informs her that Karan starts to understand the importance of relationships after Preeta’s entry in his life and Karan did the right thing today by fulfilling his responsibility as a husband so she don’t think her son did anything wrong. She warns her to not say a word against Preeta.

Pammi decides to not apologize to Preeta. Mahesh asks about Karan to Rakhi. Rakhi learns that Mahesh now remembers the recent incidents and recalls Doctor’s advice. Prithvi informs Sherlyn about Megha. Mahira decides to seek her father’s help to get Karan out of jail. But Prithvi tells her to not do anything for Karan. So Mahira argues with him and Sherlyn.

Preeta informs Mahesh about Karan’s arrest. Pammi thinks Mahesh will throw Preeta out of the house. But Mahesh says to Preeta that from the time he got to know that her marriage happened with Karan he used to thought that she deserved a better guy than Karan but he was wrong and today he realises that Preeta and Karan are made for each other. He asssures her saying that they will get Karan out of jail and he is with her so she need not to worry.

Pammi shocks hearing him and Suresh notices her expression. Srishti and Sameer discusses about Ruchika and Megha. Srishti calls Ruchika but the latter disconnects the call after picking it without saying anything. She asks Sameer to meet her tomorrow saying that she needs time to think what would have happened.

Pammi asks Suresh that how can Rakhi and Mahesh choose Preeta over Karan and tells him to talk to Mahesh. Suresh asks her to not interfere in Preeta’s matter. Preeta decides to meet Karan and informs about it to Rakhi. Prithvi searches Sherlyn. Mahira overhears Sherlyn’s conversation with Rishabh and notices the change in Sherlyn’s behaviour.

Preeta meets Karan and tells him that she is still angry with him. He tries to cheer her but fails and asks her to make him feel good. She tells him that she can’t do that in this situation and moreover she just came to give breakfast to him. He tells her that he is behind the bars that’s not mean that she can show attitude to him. They stares each other and then laughs. Prithvi gets irritated seeing them laughing together. Preeta promises to Karan saying that she will prove his innocence by catching the real murderer. Karan tells her that he trust her.

Prithvi gets worried thinking that he will be exposed if Preeta found the real murderer then. Rakhi informs Preeta that she met Karan and asks Luthra’s to stay happy for Mahesh’s sake and this is what Karan also wants from them. Later, Preeta meets Karan to give food to him. He asks her to accept that she missed him otherwise he will kiss her. She accepts that she really missed him a lot.

Karan asks Constable to put Preeta behind the bars for lying. Preeta asks Constable to ignore him. Srishti says to Sameer that they didn’t cross questioned Ruchika when she said that Megha is Akshay’s murderer so they are not sure that she told the truth or not. Srishti and Sameer complaints about each other to Preeta. Preeta decides to talk about their marriage to Karan after his release.

Ruchika tells Megha that the latter married Akshay by deceiving him. Megha says to her that it’s Ruchika who deceived Akshay because her son Aakash is not Akshay’s child. Ruchika reveals that it’s Megha who stoled her bracelet first that’s why she involved Megha in Akshay’s murder. Preeta reaches hospital to collect Mahesh’s report and there she learns about Megha’s pregnancy.

In the upcoming episode, Megha will threaten Prithvi saying that if he didn’t give money to her then she will inform to Police that he is also involved in Akshay’s murder. Preeta will hear that.

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