From Meera gets suspicious about Krishna’s odd behaviour To Pratigya learns about Krishna’s illegal business: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite Show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2.

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This week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 episode starts with Pratigya becomes Krishna’s secretary. Krishna and Pratigya gets into the lift to see the upper floor of the hotel but the lift get stuck.

Pratigya acts that she is scared of darkness then hugs Krishna. Krishna feels the connection between him and Pratigya and wonders what’s happening to him. Sajjan and Shakti tests Adarsh whether he truly changed and want to marry Komal or he is just acting.

Adarsh proves both Sajjan and Shakti that he is loyal towards them by pulling the trigger to kill the person who they asked him to.

Shakti and Sajjan thinks that Adarsh truly changed. Krishna explains his staff about what all he wants to change in this hotel. Pratigya signs Krishna to see the lipstick mark in his shirt but Krishna once again gets distracted then leaves the meeting.

Pratigya tells Krishna that she is scared of darkness so she hugged him there is nothing else. Krishna leaves the hotel.

Sumitra asks Kirti to work in the kitchen. Shakti warns Kesar when she tries to support Kirti. Meera gets shocked seeing lipstick mark in Krishna’s shirt and shares her worries with Sumitra.

Pratigya thinks that Krishna’s inner self is pushing him to think about her that’s why he behaved with her oddly. Meera questions Krishna about the lipstick mark in his shirt. Krishna asks Meera to not to worry.

Next day Pratigya brings a bag with her thinking that by giving Krishna his favorite food may work on her favour.Meera shares her worries with Sumitra so Sumitra asks Meera to accompany with Krishna to the hotel to clear her doubts.

Krishna says no to Meera’s request to take her to the hotel and tells Sumitra that Pandit Ji is coming to fix Adarsh and Komal’s marriage date. Pratigya waits for Krishna but gets upset seeing that he ignored her. Pandit Ji fixes date for Adarsh and Komal’s wedding. Komal gets happy.

Later Adarsh gives money to the Pandit Ji then smiles. Krishna questions Pratigya for the flowers in his cabin which he is allergic to. Pratigya tells Krishna it’s not her then give him his favorite sweet. Krishna gets angry and asks Pratigya to do her work.

Pratigya thinks may be Krishna wants to get close to her also to avoid that he is reacting this way towards her and wonders how she is going to make him remember his past life.

Meera comes to meet Krishna in his hotel. Krishna looks at Pratigya and feels guilty about showing his anger towards her then goes and sits opposite her. Later Pratigya and Krishna have food together also talks to each other.

Meera finds Krishna with the other women so decides to see who is this women but before she could see Pratigya leaves the place. Krishna warns Meera to be in her limits when she questioned about Pratigya then leaves.

Meera decides to find who this women is and what’s her intention. Adarsh comes to the Singh’s house and greets everyone. Garv misbehaves with Adarsh. Kesar scolds Garv saying that Adarsh is going to be their uncle soon.

Sumitra taunts Kesar for not teaching the kids how to behave with the elders. Pratigya hears Krishna and his managers conversation and decides to do something to go with Krishna to him to the site.

Meera calls Pratigya and asks her to tell her the name. Pratigya introduces herself as Krishna’s secretary then asks Meera what she wants. Meera argues with Pratigya then disconnects the call seeing Krishna. Krishna asks Meera to help Sumitra.

Krishna gifts a car to Adarsh. Adarsh refuses to take the key from Krishna but Krishna gives him then tells his family member’s he needs to be at his site so he is leaving now.

Krishna hears Garv saying to Keerti that they have to talk to their father and asks them what they want to tell Shakti. Everyone gets shocked. Shakti lies and asks Krishna to go to his site as he is getting late. Once Krishna leaves Shakti threatents both Garv and Keerti. Adarsh gets angry.

Pratigya tricks manager then gets into Krishna’s car with the file’s. Krishna gets glimpses about his car accident. Pratigya questions Krishna is someone also is with him that day. Krishna says that he doesn’t remember anything. Pratigya asks him to relax.

Komal says to Adarsh that they can stay in her house until Adarsh gets a new job to buy a house. Adarsh smirks and thinks that his plan is going how he wants to. Krishna’s car gets punctured while they are returning from the site. They both get to know through the locals it’s not safety especially in this rain.

Krishna and Pratigya looks for a shelter and finds one. Meera worries about Krishna’s whereabouts then calls Krishna but they both didnt hear each other voice.

Pratigya dances on the rain. Krishna takes Pratigya with him to the shelter. Krishna looks at Pratigya then smiles seeing her enjoying the rain.

Krishna sees Pratigya is shivering so gives her clothes which he has taken from the shelter and asks her to change. Meera worries about Krishna’s whereabouts so calls his manager but he tells Meera that he dont know whether Krishna is with his secretary or alone.

Pratigya imagines that she and Krishna is getting closer. Adarsh says that he is ready to take revenge from Komal. Garv and Keerti worries about Krishna. Shakti warns them.

Kesar supports the kids which leads Shakti to slap Kesar then threatens both Garv and Keerti. Krishna wakes up hearing Pratigya’s scream and finds the snake has bitten her so he aids her. Meera calls and asks Krishna where is he. Krishna lies to Meera that he is alone later wonders why he is lying to Meera for Pratigya.

The next morning Pratigya thanks Krishna for saving her life. Pratigya then senses Krishna’s odd behavior and asks the reason behind that. Krishna lashes out at Pratigya to be in her limits.

Adarsh asks God to give strength to take revenge from the Singh’s. Shakti hears it and threatens Adarsh. One security sees Krishna and Pratigya together and thanks them for helping him in the past and invites them for his daughter’s wedding. Pratigya smiles at the security. Krishna gets confused hearing the security’s words.

Krishna scolds Pratigya for not stopping the man when he called her as his wife. Pratigya asks the same which makes Krishna speechless.

Krishna then says to Pratigya that today is his Sister’s wedding. Krishna gets shocked hearing Pratigya saying Komal’s name and asks her to concentrate on her work not to say him. Shakti tells the Singh’s that he heard Adarsh is praying god to give him strength to take revenge from Komal.

Adarsh acts and says that he knows Shakti doesnt like him but he never thought Shakti will stoop this low to stop this wedding. Krishna comes there and asks what’s happening. Adarsh acts and says that he don’t want to marry Komal if they dont trust his intentions then says that he loves Komal so much and he is happy to be part of this family.

Sumitra takes Shakti away and says even she knows Adarsh is upto something but they have no other option but to let Adarsh marry Komal otherwise Komal will reveal the truth to Krishna. Later Adarsh and Komal gets married.

Meera finds Pratigya’s earrings in Krishna’s car then gets hurt that Krishna lied to her. Pratigya recalls the moment she shared with Krishna then sees two men taking a girl with them inside the hotel so decides to tell Krishna.

Meera answers Krishna’s call but Krishna takes the phone away from Meera then goes inside the room. Krishna warns Pratigya to do her work only and not to interfere anything. Later Meera thinks that Krishna is not hiding anything from her so she hugs him from behind. Krishna gets worried about Pratigya.

Pratigya asks the men who is the girl to them. The men says the girl is their sister but the girl asks Pratigya to help her saying that they are lying. Pratigya threatens to call police.

The men laughs at her and says that Krishna knows about whatever happening here then pushes her out of the room. Pratigya looks up then gets shocked seeing Krishna there.

In the next week episode viewers will get to see that Sumitra will ask Krishna to invite his secretary for lunch. Krishna will call Pratigya.

Pratigya will ask Krishna where is he taking her for lunch. Krishna will ask Pratigya to come to his house. Pratigya will get shocked. Singh’s will wait for Krishna’s secretary. Krishna will call Pratigya again and again.

Shakti will say to Krishna it looks like he is her secretary not the other away around. Krishna will ask Pratigya to leave the hotel. Pratigya will look at Krishna.

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