From Moped turning vengeful to Darsh’s special date for Nandini: Read out Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha highlights of the week!

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Star Plus show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is gearing up for Darsh and Nandini’s wedding. The drama before the marriage is high. So far in the episode, Rawal’s get agree for Darsh and Nandini’s alliance along with Shobhit and Gunn. Darsh also assures Nandini that he will try to fulfil her all dreams. Elsewhere, Moped learns about Vanlata’s betrayal and decides to stop Nandini’s wedding. What more happened in the show this week, check out the highlights below!

This week episode starts with Rajvi informing to Darsh about his and Shobhit’s alliance. She tells to Darsh that Shobhit is also going to marry Nandini’s younger sister Gunn. Rajvi asks Darsh to get ready. Darsh stands shocked. There, Gunn dreams of having lots of money. Back to reality; Vanlata asks Gunn to behave properly till her wedding. Gunn thinks now she will tell to Rakla about her price.

Here, Rakla tells to Nirali that Gunn is very dangerous and she hurt her. He manipulates Nirali and asks her to talk with her sister Payal to let them stay at Rawal house. Nirali fears talking with Payal. Rakla tries to convince Nirali and says to her that her life is at risk thus, they need to stay at some safe place. Nirali sits confused.

There, Moped call Vanlata and informs her that he arranged her fee. Vanlata recalls promising the boy for Nandini’s alliance. She thinks she has already fixed Nandini’s alliance. Vanlata makes an excuse. She asks Moped to call her next day. Meanwhile, Darsh goes to meet Nandini. He tries to call Nandini but couldn’t reach her. Darsh thinks as per Nandini’s talk with her sister, she was not interested in marrying him than why she said yes for the marriage? He thinks if Nandini is under some pressure for marrying him.

Other side, Nandini shares a talk with Bansuri. She says Darsh is rich and can get any other good looking girl. Bansuri says to Nandini she is beautiful and Rajvi might have seen something in her thus, asked her hand for Darsh. She shares her doubt and says she don’t understand why Rajvi asked Gunn’s hand too. Nandini decides to talk with Rajvi and tell to her that she is not a perfect match for Darsh.

Meanwhile, Darsh looks for Nandini’s house. Moped gets irked with Darsh. He decides to teach Darsh a lesson. Moped burst crackers to trouble Darsh. Nandini comes for Darsh’s rescue. Both shares an accidental hug and eye-lock. Moped hide seeing Nandini. Nandini catch another man and lashes out at him for troubling Darsh. Moped gets angry on Nandini.

Later, Nandini takes care of Darsh. Darsh talks with Nandini and says to her that he know she is being forced to marry him. Nandini stands shocked. Darsh tells to Nandini that he overheard her talk with Bansuri thus, he is asking to think before saying yes for the marriage. Nandini reveals to Darsh that she was talking to Bansuri that she is not a perfect match for him. Afterwards, Nandini convince Darsh that she is lucky to have him in her life. Darsh asks Nandini what kind of wedding she wants. Nandini says during her childhood she wanted to elope and do wedding. Darsh runs with Nandini and says he will fulfil her wish.

He takes Nandini to the lawyer to register their wedding. Shobhit asks Darsh the reason. Darsh tells because Nandini wishes to have wedding by escaping the house thus, he is fulfilling her half-wish. Nandini, Shobhit and Darsh stands shocked when lawyer out there tell them that Nandini’s marriage is already registered with someone else.

Nandini panics. Person tells to Darsh and Nandini that Nandini’s marriage is registered with Mohan Patel. Nandini says to Darsh that she doesn’t know about any Mohan. She cries. Darsh and Shobhit asks Nandini to calm down. Shobhit says to Nandini to relax as he will cross-check. Nandini says to Darsh that she is not betraying her. Darsh says to Nandini that he trust her.

Nandini cries and Bansuri asks her to relax. Nandini worries what Darsh might be thinking about her? Bansuri console Nandini. Nandini says she is clueless who Mohan is. There, Mohan’s friend asks him how he got his name registered with Nandini without taking her. Moped says he tricked the person at marriage counsellor’s office. He smirks and says once he will pay to Vanlata, no one can stop his wedding from Nandini.

Afterwards, Rawal visits Naveen’s house. Naveen assures for the good wedding of Nandini and Gunn. Elsewhere, a mystery woman decides to stop Darsh’s wedding with Nandini. She force Doctor to make Rawal’s believe that Darsh’s eyesight can be revived. Vipul rethinks upon Nandini’s alliance with Darsh. Meanwhile, Darsh takes Nandini on a kulfi date. Nandini gets excited. Moped plans to ruin Nandini’s date with Darsh.

Now in the upcoming episode, mystery woman will trouble Nandini. Here, Moped too will plot against Nandini. Keep watching the show for more entertainment.