From Munawar Faruqui to Mannara Chopra, check out the Bigg Boss 17 top 5 contenders.

Bigg Boss is high on drama. In the last-night episode, Abhishek Kumar was praised for his game strategy during the twisted rationing task. Will Abhishek make up his place in the top 5? Well, time will only tell. Over all, he is performing really well in the game. Apart from Abhishek, as of now, we speculate on the top 5.

Here is the list of the contenders that are ruling the show currently:


Munawar Faruqui:

The poet and stand-up comedian, Munawar, is doing splendid in the game. His stint is impressive, as he always comes up with a valid point during the fights. Munawar is Bigg Boss’s favorite. He is quick at disclosing co-contender games. His analytical power is helping him to go forward in the game. Hashtag Munawar Is the Boss ruling on social media. He is surely one of the top-five contenders of the season.

Ankita Lokhande:

She is a big name in the industry. Ankita is famously known for the evergreen character Archana. Currently, she is receiving mixed reactions to her behavior in the game. Still, her strong, opinionated attitude is bringing her love. Ankita is shining out in the game among the other contenders. 

Hashtag ‘Ankita is the boss’ rules the internet. Ankita going strong is the latest trend.

Vicky Jain:

Apart from his rude behavior and controlling attitude towards Ankita, Vicky Jain is making his place in the top 5. He was exposed by the Bigg Boss and Salman Khan for breaking the show’s most important rule. Vicky was excused for being honest after getting caught. His mind’s game is helping him to go ahead in the game. He is making strategies to be in the camera light. 

Neil Bhatt:

He has the potential to rule the trending list. But Neil is spoiling his game by keeping quiet most of the time. His fight with Aishwarya Sharma seems fake. Still, Neil Bhatt is doing well in the game. 

Mannara Chopra:

Mannara is trying to be an over smart contender for the season. She might secure a place in the top 5. Mannara is getting makers support to go ahead in the game.

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