From Omkar planning to scare Vishakha till him getting exposed: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite Show Pinjara

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Vishakha sets a countdown timer for 5 minutes and warns Omkar to save Mayura if he can. Vishakha panics seeing fire. Omkar sees that shooter has already left from his place. He starts acting and asks where fire is. Vishakha blackmails him and says if he doesn’t reveal his truth in two days, she will harm Tara. Sanjay comes and says she is doing this because of her brother. Omkar tells how he had bought marbles from Vishal but it was not worth the cost so he had filed case. Out of bankruptcy and depression Vishal had committed suicide.

Vishakha sees gifts on table and then Omkar comes wishing her happy birthday. Vishakha again blackmails him about Tara. Omkar tells Mayura to take Vishakha outside and he will arrange surprise for her with help of Megha and Shankar. Mayura says he is changing for good and agrees to his plan. Omkar thinks he will get back both Mayura and Tara. He feels guilty of lying to her. Mayura takes Vishakha out on pretext on having urgent meeting. Vishakha suddenly observes a shadow which looks like her brother during birthday celebration . While Vishakha gets scared and follow the shadow to a room, she sees its written on mirror that I miss you Di, I remember you a lot. Some trophies of Vishal are also kept on dressing table, she sees a blur figure which looks like Vishal to her.

Vishakha runs out of room and blabbers everything to Mayura. She gets shocked to see mirror is clean and there are no trophies. Her staff says she didn’t find anyone around. Omkar watches all this and remembers how he planned everything. Vishakha goes to meet Omkar and warns him again about one day left for him to reveal the truth. At night when Vishakha is asleep, Megha quietly steals her laptop.

Mayura rushes to see what happened, Omkar tells he wanted to drink water and the jug fell. Mayura tells him glass is scattered so he should not move. But Mayura herself gets hurt by a glass piece. He tells her Mayura is suffering a lot because of his acting of being blind so as soon as they get Tara he will reveal the truth to her. During presentation, every time Vishakha inserts the pendrive to play the presentation Vishal’s photos pop up which make her utterly shocked. Then a message appears saying he was her younger brother, how could she let him die when he was her responsibility. Vishakha starts panicking.

Mayura checking laptop and sees everything is fine, she wonders why did Vishakha panic. Omkar calls Sanjay and says their plan worked. Mayura comes there and Megha tells her Vishakha made them leave the room. Mayura is about to go inside but gets call from clients. Omkar encourages her to handle business as a pay back to Vishakha. While Vishakha is in her room, she sees a rope for hanging outside window, then she sees a body near the cupboard. She panics and gets shocked to see her brother’s body there with his face bandaged. Mayura comes to room and sees Vishakha panicking. Vishakha sees someone running in the garden and runs outside. Vishakha blames Omkar for plotting everything. She frustratedly blurts out she has been seeing her dead brother everywhere. Vishakha loses her temper and picks up a vase to attack Omkar. Mayura asks Vishakha what is she doing. Vishakha picks up another vase to attack Omkar again but Shankar quickly stops her. Maurya goes and hugs Omkar.

Mayura asks Omkar if he is fine. Vishakha is locked inside her room and acts hysterically again. Mayura asks Vishakha to calm down and then opens the door. Mayura gives her injection to make her fall asleep. Megha shows Mayura some pills and asks what are those. Mayura tells those are pills taken to lift up mood when one feels low and overdose may cause side effects. Mayura tells Omkar she had talked to psychiatrist who has said to bring Vishakha to clinic. She says she won’t take Vishakha to clinic unless it’s the last possible option.

Omkar tells he wants to tell Mayura truth and ask for forgiveness but she won’t believe him. Omkar meets Vishakha and gives us her two options either to reveal her truth to Mayura or wait for Omkar’s next attack. Vishakha threatens him about Tara’s safety. Vishakha tells Mayura Omkar is hiding behind the curtains, Mayura checks there but no one is there. Vishakha sees Vishal’s shadow and hears his voice asking her to save him. She sees another shadow with knife coming towards Vishal’s shadow to attack him.

She runs to the place but there is gate in between. She loses her self control and runs towards other way picking up a rod. Vishakha comes to terrace and sees Mayura holding diya in her hand but she attacks her saying she is one who wnatdeto kill her brother with the dagger. Omkar saves Mayura but when she opens eyes Shankar is infront of her holding rod. Mayura decides to send her for treatment. Vishakha shouts at Omkar that she won’t allow him to take away her everything again. Mayura gets startled hearing Vishakha using again word.

Mayura asks Omkar if he knows Vishakha from before as she said about him snatching her everything again. But he denies. Then Mayura realizes Vishakha didnt help her for her problems but for personal reasons. She asks Omkar if he knows her brother. Omkar tells may be for business but he doesn’t remember him closely. Nurse pushes Mayura and she collides with Omkar. They share romantic moment. Later they get all files from Vishakha’s lawyer and again share some emotional words. They thank each other and Omkar tells her to keep trusting him.

Omkar gets worried after getting call from Vishakha. Megha, Sanjay and Shankar sees Vishakha ‘s guard entering inside a bungalow and locking it from inside. Omkar makes an excuse infront of Mayura and goes there. He enters inside and fights with the goons. Vishakha attacks nurse in the hospital and wears her dress to leave from there.
When Omkar reaches the room, Vishakha’s guard hands him phone. Its Vishakha on call, she mocks his plan and says now whatever will happen to Tara, Omkar will be responsible for it. She threatens him again and cuts the call. Omkar tries to find Tara there but fails. Mayura goes through files and finds a file named Vishal industries.

While she goes through the file, she finds Omkar’s name inside it. She wonders why Vishakha didn’t tell her if she had known Omkar before. She goes to police station and asks police information about Vishal industries. He informs her owner of the industry was Vishal who had died many years ago by committing suicide. She is confused why Vishakha told that her brother was murdered.

Omkar gets videocall from Vishakha, she again warns him to find Tara within 12 hours. She says him to solve the riddle to find Tara. He sees some papers inside an envelope, on joining all it forms the structure of their old bungalow. Mayura calls Omkar to inform him that Vishakha is missing from hospital. Mayura sees Vishakha standing there perfectly fine. She tells Mayura she will show her a surprise. At bungalow Omkar finds Tara lying unconscious on sofa, he hurriedly picks her up to take her to hospital.

Mayura is angry and takes Tara with her to take her to hospital. Omkar asks Vishakha what she had done to Tara. He tells her enmity is with him, so she should stop involving Mayura and Tara.
In the upcoming episodes we will see Omkar reaching hospital to meet Tara, but Vishakha provokes Mayura against Omkar. However Mayura slaps Vishakha angrily.

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