From Omkar plotting to make Mayura leave his house till Mayura getting official permission to stay with Tara: Check out what happened this week in Colors TV show Pinjara

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update

In the last week’s episodes, Mayura bakes cake to celebrate Tara’s doll’s birthday. After cutting cake,Omkar brings Tara to hospital. Dr Khanna and Mayura work according to their plan to make Tara secretly reach Mayura. At Dr.’s chamber, he makes Tara hide under the trolley and his assistant helps to take her outside. Omkar goes inside doctor’s chamber and gets agitated seeing Tara isn’t there. Meanwhile Tara actually goes missing which makes everyone panic. Some lady calls Omkar and asks for 50 lakhs as ransom. Police says they couldn’t trace the call but it was some lady. Mayura connects the dot and remembers Megha’s words.

Mayura goes to her home and charges Megha of kidnapping Tara. Megha however denies and says she has not done anything. Police says they have tracked kidnapper’s location. Later Shankar calls Mayura and informs her that Omkar has gone to Nisha’s home as he thinks Nayan is mastermind behind the kidnapping. Omkar says she isnt speaking truth so he asks police to force her parents to speak the truth. Nayan says Omkar she doesn’t need his money at all. But before she can complete her statement she hears Nisha’s parents screaming. She bursts out telling the truth that she is Tara’s mother and can never harm her. She washes off black color from her face and shows she is Mayura. Mayura gets call from Ashutosh who says Tara is at home. Omkar says he will punish her later but now he will take Tara away from her. Omkar even says Mayura is mentally unwell.

Mayura overhears Omkar and Megha’s conversation. Omkar thanks Megha for helping him. Mayura challenges Omkar and leaves. Tara is sitting with Mayura’s photo, Omkar enters the room with food so she quickly hides the photo. Later, Tara sees a shooting star and wishes for her to get her pari ma back.

Mayura is sitting outside Omkar’s home and demands to get her daughter back. Tara realizes Mayura is her real mother. Women organization ladies tell they will talk to Tara and ask her to decide if she wants to stay with her father or mother. Tara says she want to stay with both of them.Women organization lady says both Omkar and Mayura should stay together with Tara for 14 days and prove themselves. After 14 days they will make the decision. Mayura and Tara share emotional moments. She questions Mayura about scar but Mayura doesn’t tell her the truth.

Omkar comes to room and Tara shows him her drawing. She has drawn Omkar, Mayura and Tara. Omkar asks her to come with him for sleeping. She says she won’t leave Mayura or else she will go again. Mayura tells her to go with Omkar and says she won’t leave. Tara questions Omkar why he lied to her. Tara requests Omkar to let her sleep with Mayura. Tara asks Mayura to sing lullaby for her and they both fall asleep. Omkar feels angry at the turn of events. Manjiri assures him she will do something against Mayura.

Manjiri mixes something in Mayura’s tea. Tara asks both Omkar and Mayura should feed her one bite each alternatively. Omkar says always he only feeds her. But Tara says now Mayura is here so she should feed Tara too. Manjiri tells Omkar to bear for sometime. Tara asks Omkar and Mayura to feed each too. Manjiri tells Omkar that the medicine is mixed makes people see what doesn’t exist. However when ladies from welfare organisation come, its Manjiri who behave wierdly and hallucinates. Omkar realizes she must have eaten the tablet which she was supposed to give to Mayura. Mayura recalls how she had come to know of Manjiri’s plan and played it back on her.

Mayura acts infront of ladies and says them its unsafe for Tara being with Manjiri seeing her activities. Women organisation ladies warn Omkar and says if such mistakes are repeated he knows very well what their decision will be. Mayura tells Omkar that she is a doctor and knows very well how the tablet they mixed in her tea acts but instead of her, Manjiri ate it so she is acting this way. Omkar scolds her but Mayura says may be she should have made Omkar eat the medicine, so that ladies organisation would have given her decision today itself.

Omkar tells Manjiri that he cannot let Tara go to school as there might be many kids and Tara may get some disease from them. Omkar says now they should do something due to which Tara herself says she doesn’t want to stay with Mayura. Mayura tells Tara about her new school and prepares her for interview. But Omkar comes and lures her to play with teddy and new toys. Manjiri and Omkar try to instigate Tara against going to school. However next morning Mayura with help of Shankar convinces Tara to go to school. There have a small celebration at Mayura’s home after school hours.

In the upcoming weeks, we will witness Mayura getting attacked by goons and a new entry in their lives. Lets stay tuned to more episodes of Pinjara on colors tv and voot app to know how their lives will take turn further.