From Pallavi convince Jaya to not to leave Raghav To Raghav takes care of sick Pallavi: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite Show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.

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This week Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali episode starts with Pallavi asks Raghav through a letter to stay in another room as she wants this room for herself and asks him to read the law book if he don’t listen to her words. Raghav gets angry reading that it’s an non bailable offence and goes to stay in another room. Jaya sees Raghav in another room and scolds him for leaving Pallavi alone in a room and asks Raghav to stay with Pallavi. In the morning Raghav and Pallavi argues with eachother. Later Pallavi gets to know about the pipe lines cross connection and troubles Raghav with that. Jaya asks Pallavi to get ready as she wants to give her a surprise. Pallavi questions Jaya why she is bringing her to the Park.

Jaya meets Sharda and asks her is she happy now that Pallavi is married to someone just like how she wished. Sharda accuses Jaya for ruining Pallavi’s life by making her marry to someone like Raghav and advices Pallavi next time when she is in trouble asks her to let others help and reveals to Jaya that Pallavi is being forced to marry Raghav then leaves. Raghav asks him to bring Jaya for the puja. Jaya comes there and slaps Raghav and tells him that Keerti is indeed right about this marriage but she ignored her and says that she will leave the house once Pallavi comes back from the Saree shop in the evening and asks Keerti to pack their things. Raghav pleads his mother to not to leave and cries.

Pallavi stops Jaya from leaving the house and promises to tell her if Raghav threatens her. Raghav blames Pallavi for everything and asks Farhad to bring the vault keys because he wanted the diamonds for his client. Jaya tells Raghav that she is going to stay here only and going to protect Pallavi from him. Raghav promises his client to give those diamonds as per his wish. Farhad informs that the Vault key is with Pallavi now. Raghav gets angry and goes to confront her. Doctor says to Jaya that Pallavi is suffering with chicken pox and asks to take proper care of her. Milind stops Sulochana from sitting Pallavis chair. Vijay supports Sulochana and taunts Nikhil. Nikhil and Mansi gets into an argument and Nikhil leaves the place saying that he will do something first then only he will talk to them.

Jaya asks Raghav to take care of Pallavi as he is the one who decides to marry her forcefully so now it’s his duty as a husband to take care of his wife. Raghav takes care of Pallavi then realises that he is showing his soft side to her and says that he will make her pay back for what she is making him do for her and searches for the vault key then leaves.Raghav opens Pallavi’s voice message in which she asked him to give her shop keys then only she will give his vault key. Jaya stops Raghav and threatens if he don’t listen to her words she will leave the house. Raghav says that she will listen to whatever she is asking him to do and leaves the place. Jaya gets happy seeing Raghav’s change in behavior towards Pallavi.

Raghav bring Neem leaves to Pallavi as per Jaya’s wishes. Jaya, Keerti and Farhad laughs seeing Raghav in a torn clothes and covered with dirt. Then Raghav asks Pallavi to give his keys back. Pallavi sends him a voice message stating she will give his keys once he returns hers. In Deshmukh’s house Sulochana locks the kitchen cupboard and says that everyone’s contribution needs to be there. Vijay agrees with her and leaves the house. Later Amruta says to Sulochana that her plan is failed because Milind bought them food. Sulochana says that her goal is to change the house in her name legally and smiles.

Raghav asks Pallavi how is she doing. Pallavi says to Raghav that she is feeling better and says that she won’t fall for his nice behaviour and asks to give the shop keys to someone who will meet him soon. Krishna comes there calling Raghav as brother in law and asks the keys. Raghav gives her the keys. Farhad gets happy that finally Raghav gives in. Later Keerti says to her boyfriend that she will talk about their marriage to her mother and brother once Pallavi recovers fully. Inspector comes to meet Raghav and says the person behind everything is none other than Sulochana but Raghav refuses to believe which makes Farhad angry. Farhad says because of his ego only he is not thinking straight and leaves the place.. Raghav thinks whether he made the wrong decision of punishing Pallavi or not.

Raghav ask Keerti to give the morphed pictures of hers. Sharda says if Pallavi is here then they no need to go through this all. Vijay says that he will take care of his family like how he used to and declines Milinds help to give him money. Farhad gets happy seeing that Raghav decides to find the real culprit. The mobile mechanic shows the mobile model number in which the photos has been taken. Vijay gets angry seeing that Nikhil went to the shop and tries to throw all the things but Sharda stops him. Farhad explains everything to Krishna and asks her to help prove Pallavi is innocent. Krishna agrees.

Sharda shares her worries with Milind that Vijay didn’t have food since the night. Vijay says that he got a new job and he is going to earn from that and leaves. Raghav sees Vijay on the road and asks him to have water. Vijay and Raghav gets into an argument. Raghav asks Vijay to talk to him like that when he become successful and gives him the biscuit and says ego will only put him in more trouble and leaves. Nikhil searches for Sulochana’s mobile model number and wonders if it’s not hers then who it is. Later Nikhil overhears Amruta and Sulochana’s conversation and get to know that Sulochana changed her mobile. Nikhil searches for the mobile box in dustbin and finally finds the box.

Krishna informs Raghav who used the mobile phone in Deshmukh’s family. Keerti meets her boyfriend and then goes to meet Raghav as he asked her to meet him. Raghav calls Sulochana and offers a job for Amruta. Amruta gets excited and asks Sulochana to not to think much. Later Raghav helps Pallavi to get ready and they both jokes at eachother and Raghav gives new name to Pallavi and runs away. Raghav tells Keerti and Jaya that Sulochana is the one who behind whatever happened to them. Sulochana and Amruta comes there and praises Raghavs shop. Raghav asks Amruta to wear a dress and Sulochana says that her daughter’s never wore such dresses.

Raghav asked Sulochana about what she did to Keerti. First Sulochana refuses later she sees police there and Amruta asks her to reveal the truth so she says that she is the one who did this all. Sulochana says to Raghav that he and Pallavi humiliated her daughters so for that reason she did this to his family. Raghav asks Sulochana to be ready for her punishment and leaves the place. Jaya slaps Sulochana and warns her not to enter the house ever again. Sulochana and Amruta leaves the house.

Raghav have trouble in breathing. Pallavi take care of him and asks about his health issues. Raghav tells that he has Claustrophobia. Pallavi calls Sharda to get an idea from her for Raghav but Sharda refuses to speak to her saying that she is a wife of the richest man in the city. Pallavi gets hurt but pretends to not to show anything to Raghav. Raghav thanks Pallavi and asks her to say something. Pallavi advices Raghav to take care of the people who he cares the most and think about others happiness also. Raghav decides to tell the truth to Deshmukh’s. Police asks Vijay to remove the sarees which he is selling on the road and leaves.

Pallavi asks Jaya about Raghav’s health, Jaya says that it’s all because of his doings he is suffering. Sharda scolds Vijay for being stubborn. Sulochana and Amruta worries that their family members will throw them out when they get to know about what they did to Jaya and Keerti and then goes to their house in a beaten up condition. Sharda asks Sulochana what’s her new drama. Sulochana and Amruta says that Raghav and Pallavi threatened them and says now Pallavi is not weak and showing her true colors. Raghav comes to the Deshmukh’s house. Vijay mocks Raghav. Raghav asks Vijay to join as an assistant of some film director. Raghav refuses to leave the house when Vijay asks him to saying he will tell the truth then leave. Raghav says whatever the other day he told about Pallavi is a lie and he did all this because of what Sulochana did to his family.

In next week we will able to see Pallavi will cry then say to Raghav that he already destroyed her life and ask him to kill her. Raghav will ask Farhad to tell whether he is a good person or not. Farhad will say to Raghav he is a bad person and will say Jaya and the society is right about Raghav. Raghav will come to the room. Raghav will get shocked and will shout Pallavi’s name.

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