From Pallavi refused to agree to marry Raghav To Pallavi agrees to marry Raghav: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

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This week Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali starts with Raghav telling Pallavi that she has no other options left except accept his marriage deal. Pallavi questions Raghav’s reason behind this marriage saying even he hates her as much as she hates him. Raghav refuses to say and warns not to say this to Jaya and Keerti then leaves the place asking Pallavi to call him to bail Nikhil. Sharda informs Pallavi that Vijay’s health condition is detoriating and asking for Nikhil. Doctor asks not to stress Vijay much as he had an mild attack. Pallavi promises Sharda to bail Nikhil. Keerti says to Raghav that he must have put Pallavi in a helpless condition that’s the reason he is thinking that she and Jaya will come to the house then Keerti Keerti pleads Jaya to not to ruin both Raghav and Pallavi’s life because of her stubbornness. Milind and Pallavi fails to find a lawyer for Nikhil. Pallavi threatens the Inspector first but when the inspector asks the constables to not to give food for Nikhil Pallavi gives in. Krishna asks Pallavi to not to lose her hope saying she is a warrior. Pallavi says that she is tired of fighting with people going in a right way then she calls Raghav and asks him to meet her. Raghav meets Pallavi and asked her what’s her decision to which Pallavi replied for Raghav this marriage is a deal then be it that way.

Pallavi asks Raghav to bail Nikhil first, Raghav tells that he is not a fool to believe her this time and says that both marriage and Nikhil’s bail will happen at the same time. Pallavi meets Sharda and they both have an emotional conversation. Krishna pleads Pallavi to not to marry Raghav but Pallavi will say that Mandar must be proud of her for taking of his family always and asks Krishna to take care of everyone. Pallavi takes blessings of Sharda and Vijay while they are sleeping then leaves. In the morning Pallavi reaches the wedding venue, Raghav gets ready for the marriage. Farhad asks Jaya and Keerti to get ready for Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage. Keerti asks Farhad to say the truth but Farhad refuses to say it.

Raghav shows Palllavi the CCTV footage where the inspector and Milind talks to Eachother. Priest asks Pallavi and Raghav to sit on the Mandap to start the ritual. Pallavi gets emotional seeing Nikhil is out and not concentrate on the rituals which makes Raghav to threaten Pallavi. Keerti informs Sharda about Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage. Both Sulochana and Sharda goes to see what Keerti said is true or not. Other side Jaya looks happy and Keerti looks tensed on the way to the wedding venue. Raghav gets upset that Jaya and Keerti isn’t reached yet. Pallavi cries and closes her eyes after the exchange of flower garland and pheras when Raghav puts vermilion on Pallavi. Sulochana and Sharda gets shocked seeing Raghav and Pallavi’s doing marriage rituals.

Sharda asks Pallavi the reason behind the marriage and asks her not to marry Raghav. Sulochana accuses Pallavi for being greedy and letting Sharda and Vijay down. Pallavi asks Sharda to take care of Vijay and goes back and asks Raghav to put mangalsutra around her neck. Sharda and Sulochana leaves. Jaya and Keerti reaches the venue and finds Raghav taking an unconscious Pallavi to his room. Sharda accuses Vijay for throwing Pallavi out if the house and says that she will never forgive him for separating Pallavi from her. Keerti informs Pallavi that Vijay is been discharged from the hospital and asks Pallavi why she agreed to the marriage. Jaya comes there and says that she is the one who asked Raghav to marry her and asks Pallavi to say why she agreed for this marriage. Raghav comes there.

Raghav says to Jaya and Keerti that he forced Pallavi and tells that he is joking and then praises Pallavi for being strong and Independent women. Then Raghav asks his mother and sister to get ready for the evening party. Raghav warns Pallavi to not to reveal their deal to Jaya and Keerti and asks her to get ready giving a dress. Vijay comes there and gives the shop key and paper to Raghav and asks Raghav to say to Pallavi that he will never forgive him for destroying his dream. Raghav tells Pallavi whatever Vijay asks him to tell her then says that key is with him so he is the one who is going to be the owner. Later in the evening everyone asks Raghav where is his wife Pallavi. Pallavi makes an entry to the party wearing white saree. Raghav asks Pallavi what is she doing. Pallavi says to Raghav that she is Widowed daughter in law of Deshmukh’s family who they treated her as their daughter now he snatched everything now it’s her turn to do the same to him and leaves.

Pallavi refuses to change her white saree when Raghav asked her to later Pallavi asks the reporters to wait that she will say how their wedding happened. Pallavi then stands infront of everyone and says that she is a widow before Raghav married her and says that her ex husband family treated her as their own daughter, she had a loving family and everything then Raghav came into her life and proposed her infront of the whole family. Raghav imagines Pallavi is revealing the truth and Jaya slapped him the he realizes its Only his imagination. Pallavi asks Raghav to make her wear the things married women wear and show this world how big his heart is. Pallavi mocked him for being scare that she may reveal the truth and asks Raghav to act because Jaya and the guests are watching them. Later Pallavi’s lawyer give her some book and congratulates Raghav for their wedding and leaves. Pallavi asks Raghav to say thank You when someone congratulates saying otherwise it will be considered as bad manners and smirks at Raghav then leaves. Raghav gets angry.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pallavi will get ready to go somewhere with Jaya wearing a read saree. Jaya will call Pallavi as a beautiful woman. Jaya will bring Pallavi to meet Sharda. Sharda will accuse Jaya for destroying Pallavi’s life. Sharda will say to Jaya this marriage is a forced one. Jaya will look confused.

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