From Preeta learning that Megha is Akshay’s murderer to Karan taking the blame on himself to save Preeta: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya”

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Srishti questions Prithvi. Prithvi accepts that he went to the factory to meet the Blackmailer but he didn’t murder Akshay and Blackmailer knows that he went to meet Akshay in his hotel room so Blackmailer using that to blackmail him. He also reveals that he knows about Akshay’s blackmail so he went there to teach lesson to Akshay. Sristhi sees the bracelet  which she found in the factory and she remembers that she saw the same bracelet in Ruchika’s hand and she informs about it to Karan and Sameer.

Prithvi informs Sherlyn that Blackmailer contacted him again. Sristhi questions Ruchika by showing the bracelet and accuses her saying that she murdered Akshay. Ruchika reveals that Akshay wanted to marry Kritika for money so he blackmailed her later with videos/pictures but it’s Megha who murdered Akshay. Karan asks her to give statement for Preeta. Ruchika agrees to help.

Rakhi informs Sarla that Kareena accepted Preeta wholeheartedly. Sarla gets relieved hearing her and says to her that now she just wants Preeta’s release so her daughter can live happily with her family without any problems. Janki refuses to believe that Kareena accepted Preeta wholeheartedly. Karan meets Preeta and informs her that Megha is Akshay’s murderer and Ruchika revealed the truth to them and she is even ready to give statement in Preeta’s favor. She gets happy hearing him and thanks him for fulfilling his promise.

Srishti decides to bring Megha to the court and asks Karan to bring Ruchika to the court. Next day, Karan meets Lawyer Siddarth and informs him about Ruchika and Megha. Siddharth says to him that Ruchika could be Akshay’s murderer according to his calculation. Dadi informs Luthra ladies that Mahesh forgot the present again. Karan and Ruchika waits for Srishti and Megha in the court. Srishti brings Megha to the court. Police brings Preeta for court hearing.

Karan goes to Preeta and says to Preeta that he is doing everything for himself not for her and with him, his room also waiting for her so after release she has to handle him and his room. She says to him that he does everything for her and also he fulfills all of his promises. Doctor informs Rakhi that Mahesh didn’t recover completely yet so these kind of forgetting past incidents are normal in his case and asks her to not give any stress to Mahesh. Rakhi tells Kareena and Dadi about Mahesh’s health condition.

Kareena asks her to go to court because her presence is important in the court and tells her that she will take care of Mahesh so Rakhi need not to worry about him. Karan promises to Luthra’s and Sarla that today Preeta will return with them to the house. Lawyer Siddarth calls Ruchika to the witness box. She pretends like she is unwell and goes out to take 5 minutes rest. So Siddarth submits Luthra house’s CCTV footage to Judge saying that Preeta was in the Luthra house when Akshay’s murder happened. Kritika gets relieved hearing him.

Siddharth says to Judge that he has one more evidence to prove Preeta’s innocence and reveals that Akshay’s real murderer is present in the court and he turns around to point at someone but no one was there. He wonders where Ruchika and Megha went and looks at Karan. Srishti goes outside court to search them and informs Karan that they are missing.

Siddharth requests Judge to give him sometime to submit his evidence. Judge announces that court hearing will continue after lunch break. Karan tells Sameer to go to Ruchika and Megha’s house. Mahira mocks Preeta. Prithvi thinks Preeta made huge mistake by trusting Karan over him. Sameer informs Karan that no one is there in Ruchika and Megha’s house.

Prosecutor says to Judge that CCTV footage can be manipulate so that’s not a valid evidence and questions Preeta. He blames her saying that she wanted Akshay’s marriage to happen with Srishti and when that didn’t happen she murdered him in anger. Karan asks Siddharth to do something. Siddharth says to him that he doesn’t have anymore evidence to prove Preeta’s innocence and asks him to bring Ruchika to the court because now only her statement can save Preeta.

Prosecutor says to Judge that he already submitted evidence against Preeta so Ruchika’s statement can’t change anything. He also adds that Preeta attacked Akshay and left from the hotel and no one was there to help him that’s why he died after struggling a lot. He reveals that it’s Preeta who deleted hotel’s CCTV footage of 3 days and hotel camera captured her when she came out of the hotel.

Judge announces that all the evidence proves that it’s Preeta who murdered Akshay and was about to say his verdict but Karan stops him. Karan says to Judge that Preeta is not Akshay’s murderer because he murdered him. Judge asks him to come to the witness box. Karan reveals that Akshay blackmailed Kritika so Preeta went to meet him and there he tried to molest her that day he was also present in that hotel and he learnt that Akshay tried to molest Preeta so in anger he murdered him.

Preeta asks him to not lie to save her. Judge releases Preeta and orders Police to arrest Karan. Police arrests Karan and Preeta yells at Karan for lying and says to him that he did wrong with her by taking the blame on himself and cries. He hugs her to console her.

In the upcoming episode, Police will take Karan from the court. Preeta will run behind the jeep.

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