From Prithvi reminding Sherlyn about the revenge to Mahira learning about Sameer’s love: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya”

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Mahira says to Sherlyn that she won’t suspect her on the basis of what others saying but if she felt that the latter going against her then she won’t leave her. Sherlyn assures her saying that, that day won’t come. Prithvi sneaks into Megha’s room and finds her mobile and informs Sherlyn that he got the mobile. He is about to leave but Megha catch him. He snatches the knife from her and threatens to delete the video which she has against Sherlyn. Ruchika attacks him from behind to save Megha. Prithvi loses his consciousness.

Preeta confronts Sherlyn and reveals that she knows that the latter was in contact with Akshay on his murder day too. Sherlyn asks her to not accuse her without any solid evidence and fall down while trying to leave from there. And it turns out to be Preeta’s dream. Srishti and Sameer searches evidence in Sherlyn’s room and Srishti finds envelope and gives it to Preeta. Preeta learns that someone blackmailing Sherlyn with her pregnancy secret and she informs about it to her allies.

Preeta and her allies assumes that Akshay sent that envelope to blackmail Sherlyn. Preeta learns that Police shifting Karan to another jail and she informs about it to Sameer and Srishti. Srishti tells them that they need clue to confirm that Sherlyn met Akshay on his murder day. Preeta decides to talk to Megha to learn about Sherlyn’s pregnancy secret. Prithvi regains his consciousness and asks Ruchika and Megha to untie him. Ruchika demands 70 lakhs from him to hide his and Sherlyn’s secret.

Later, Prithvi reveals to Sherlyn that he failed to steal Megha’s mobile. Pammi informs Mahira about Sameer’s love and warns her to stay away from him. Prithvi tells Sherlyn about Ruchika’s demand. Sherlyn asks him that why they demanded 70 lakhs from him when they demanded just 50 lakhs from her. He asks her that why she hided about Megha’s demand from him and tells her that he can arrange the money. Sarla stops Preeta from meeting Megha saying that Megha won’t tell the truth.

Police inspector refuses to give permission to Sarla and Preeta to meet Karan. Sarla says to him that Karan is not an murderer so they should not treat him like that. He says to her that until court decides that Karan is not guilty, he is murderer only for them. Preeta takes Sarla with her saying that they can meet Karan tomorrow.

Sherlyn is not feeling well. Rakhi enquires about her health condition and assumes that the latter missing Sanjana. She hugs her then takes appointment for her check up from Dr Deepali. Prithvi overhears their conversation and reminds Sherlyn about the revenge. Sherlyn says to him that she didn’t forget the revenge and she won’t stay silent until she destroys Luthra’s. Then she asks him to accompany her to meet Dr Deepali.

Next day, Kritika plans to meet her friend Dr Deepali and asks Sameer to drop her because Prithvi going to his mother house. Sameer calls Srishti and asks her to wait saying that he will pick her. Rakhi informs Pammi that she took appointment from Deepali for Sherlyn and she gets ready to go with Sherlyn for hospital. Sherlyn tells her that she asked Sanjana to meet her in the hospital and leaves alone from there.

Pammi notices that Prithvi also leaving the house without anyone’s knowledge. She calls Rishabh and informs him that Sherlyn went to hospital and asks him to do video call to Deepali and Sherlyn. Preeta gives medicines to Mahesh. Rakhi tells him that they should go to meet Karan. Kritika meets Deepali in her house. Sherlyn informs Deepali that she is coming with her husband. Prithvi yells at her for that.

Later, Preeta informs Rakhi that Police shifting Karan to another jail and they can’t meet him from now on. Rakhi assures her saying that Mahesh will handle this issue and they talks about Karan’s release. Deepali notices Kritika’s nuptial chain and asks about the latter’s marriage. Kritika tells her that she is married technically and soon her marriage will happen with all the rituals. She talks about Prithvi and how she fell in love with him. Deepali tells about her boyfriend to Kritika. Kritika decides to open the door and goes downstairs.

Srishti and Sameer brings wounded Karan to the Luthra house. Everyone gets worried seeing Karan’s condition. Srishti says to Sameer that no one should know that they made Karan escape from Police custody. Rakhi asks Girish to bring the first aid kit. Preeta asks Srishti that what happened to Karan. Srishti lies to her saying that new jailer released Karan and while returning accident happened.Prithvi goes aside to attend Megha’s call and Sherlyn follows him. So when Kritika opens the door no one was there and she goes inside to attend her call. Sherlyn meets Deepali.

Preeta treats Karan’s wounds and he regains his consciousness. He learns about Srishti’s lie and reveals that court didn’t release him yet and accident happened while shifting him from one jail to another jail. Srishti reveals that how she and Sameer kidnapped Karan from Police custody. Sameer tells Luthra’s that Srishti emotionally blackmailed him that’s why he helped her. Karan decides to surrender himself to Police. But Rakhi opposes his decision.

Deepali asks Kritika to open the door for Sherlyn’s husband. Kritika shocks hearing Sherlyn’s name and assumes that Rishabh returned to India and plans to surprise him. Prithvi calls Megha and informs her that he don’t have money to give it to her. She reminds him that she is blackmailing him not begging. Karan says to Preeta that he can’t stay. She tells him that she knows that, he need to leave so he need not to worry about her. He tells her that she was just a headache for him in the past. She asks him that what he thinks about her now.

Srishti tells Luthra’s that Police will come to the Luthra house to search Karan and they should lie to the Police about Karan. Karan confesses that all of his feelings belongs to Preeta only. She gets emotional hearing him and hugs him.

In the upcoming episode, Kritika will see Prithvi in Deepali’s house. Karan will learn about Police inspector’s arrival and also about Luthra’s lies.

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