From Raghav helping Pallavi reach the Sangeet ceremony venue on time to Raghav getting into a fight with Vijay: Read out what all happened in your favorite show ‘Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali’

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Weekly Update

This week ‘Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali’ Begins with Raghav asking Pallavi to look beautiful and gorgeous. Pallavi tells Vijay that she took care of everything related to Mansi’s sangeet ceremony. Later they notices Raghav is there and gets angry. When Pallavi asks Raghav to Leave Raghav says her aunt invited him. Raghav notices Akash while searching for Jaya and Keerthi and warns him not to come nearby his sister. Jaya manages the situation then Raghav brings food for Jaya. Pallavi gets to know Jaya and Keerthi is Raghav’s mother and Sister.

Pallavi leaves the venue for some important work without informing anyone except Krishna. When Raghav saw Pallavi on the road alone ask her to show the attitude keeping the time and place. Sharda gets to know about Pallavi’s whereabouts through Krishna. Pallavi’s brother makes a huge scene for not treating or caring for his sister Pallavi. After Pallavi get into another car she realises her mistake and tries to get down from the car. Raghav rescues Pallavi from the group of people’s. Jaya promises Vijay, Pallavi’s disappearance is anything to do with Raghav she will punish him. Mansi, Rahul and Nikhil try to divert the guest attention by starting the performances. Vijay asks everyone in his family not to go and search for Pallavi.

Pallavi is shocked finding all the sarees are extracting colors, and tries to make other’s understand it’s not intentional. Raghav notices everything. Later Pallavi find the culprit and hell bent on sending her jail ignoring the lady’s pleas and offers to make double payment. Raghav asks the lady to give the double payment and advices Pallavi In business take care of yours only and stop thinking about others or else you will fail big time. Later Raghav help Pallavi reach the venue as soon as possible. Jaya slaps Raghav and which makes him upset. Raghav says you yourself doubt your upbringing, I am not always wrong the way you think of me and leaves the venue. Sharda scolds Pallavi for being careless.

Pallavi’s brother asks her to leave Kolhapur as no one is trusting her neither appreciating but Pallavi takes stand for her in-laws and asks him to calm down. Pallavi explains everything to Sharda and assures her she is fine and not to worry. Sharda finds a abortion slip. Pallavi gets happy for getting a new customer. Sharda and Sulochana gets into an argument regarding the abortion slip. Pallavi goes to Raghav’s house to give the blueprint of the shop also helps when she saw him struggling with food.

Sulochana accuses Pallavi for aborting Raghav’s child and shows her the abortion slip. Pallavi denies and swears on Shrada. To prove herself innocent Pallavi goes to the hospital to see the doctor. Raghav and Farhad admit a women who met with an accident. Dr.Keerthi says to everyone Pallavi is the one who aborted the child. Vijay slaps Farhad which leads Raghav to fight with him. Raghav thanks Dr.Keerthi for helping the Women. Pallavi assumes Raghav is the one who behind all this and confronts and challenges him. Raghav gets confused at Pallavi’s outburst but then ignores it. Vijay tells Pallavi no one will believe you without any proof also asks her to stay away from Raghav.

A group of women humiliates Pallavi. Raghav rescues her from them. Pallavi accuses Raghav for everything. Raghav tells Pallavi If she is the last women on the earth he will not touch her. Later Raghav decides to find who is behind all this. Pallavi decides to leave Kolhapur with her brother because no one in the family isn’t acknowledging her presence and decides to come back only after prove herself innocence. Raghav and Farhad asks Dr.Keerthi to put the seat belts on to ready for the most adventurous car ride. Pallavi leaves the house.

In upcoming episode, Raghav learns the truth about the abortion slip and tell the Deshmukh’s. Will Raghav able to prove he and Pallavi is innocent and expose the person who did everything?

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