From Rajvi announcing Nandini as the business head to Rawal’s getting impressed by Nandini: Here is what all happened in ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ earlier this week!

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Star Plus popular daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” is gearing up for a major confrontation in between the main leads.

This week the storyline focuses on the conflict in between Darsh and Nandini caused by Shobhit. He leaks the information about Darsh becoming the CEO of the company and provoks the shareholders against him. He indirectly blames Nandini and instigates Darsh against her. Further, Darsh causes trouble to Nandini, but she somehow manages herself. Meanwhile, both gets emotional remembering their ecstatic moments.

Here, Shobhit shows his interest in business to Vipul and fakes his care towards Darsh. Vipul proclaims to make Shobhit CEO of the company. Whereas, Gunjan tries to get close to Shobhit but he manages to get rid of her through money.

Nandini gets shocked seeing Rajvi working in the kitchen. She gets concerned about her health, whereas Gunjan blames Nandini for Rajvi’s anger. Ahead, Gunjan gets jealous from Nandini seeing Rajvi’s expensive gift with her.

Rajvi works restlessly to emit her anger out regarding Darsh and Nandini’s matter. Nandini gets inside and comforts her. She scolds Rajvi for being careless towards her health and then makes her laugh with her crazy talks. Rajvi questions her about the reason for cancelling the tickets but Nandini diverts the topic.

Elsewhere, Rakla tries to impress Keshav to get into business. Namrata taunts him on his face, while Gunjan laughs at his state. Namrata shows her disappointment towards their decision of not considering her as the head of the business.

Nandini and Darsh pretends to be happy in front of their family, whereas Shobhit gets vexed seeing them. Vipul talks to Rajvi regarding Shobhit’s idea. Shobhit presents his suggestion, while Namrata opposes it. They gets into chaos, when Nandini apprises them about her plan. Rajvi gets impressed and declares to make her the business head, shocking everyone.

Nandini takes Rajvi inside and states her prospective. She says that she don’t want to create rift in the family and denies the offer. Vipul hears their conversation and gets enthralled by Nandini.

Gunjan tries to provoke Shobhit, asking him to grab good position in the company. Meanwhile, he taunts her to be like Nandini and win family’s heart. Here, Rajvi have a conversation with Namrata and notify her about Nandini’s decision of not joining the company.

Shobhit burns Darsh’s photographs while Nandini comes there. He lies to her, while she treats him like her brother.

Ahead, Nandini gets shocked seeing sand in her bag. Darsh oaths to snatch everything from her. She gets irate by his behaviour, whereas he declares that he won’t let her become sucessful in getting their property. She dusts the sand particles on his face making him cough. She proclaims that she is not interested in his money and apprises about her decision regarding business. But, still he doesn’t trusted her.

She gets shattered seeing his hatred and remembers his vows during their marriage. She decides to leave him after Rajvi getting cured.

Gunjan tries to impress the family but gets unsuccessful. She instigates Shobhit against his family and taunts him. He shouts at her and confronts regarding the deal of their marriage. She gets dumbfounded, while he covers his act stating it to be a pun. Meanwhile, he mentally thinks about taking revenge from Gunjan and Nandini as well.

Darsh gets allergy due to sand particles and suffers from sore throat. Rajvi orders Nandini to go along with him and motivates her. Whereas, Shobhit thinks it to be Darsh’s plan.

Here, Darsh and Nandini goes for the meeting. Darsh blames her for his sore throat, while she reminds him about his deeds. He gets inside the office leaving her out. She rings the fire alarm by her trick. Darsh grows worried for her, while she gets stunned seeing his care. She reveals about her act and moves inside the office. They both attends the meeting with Miranda regarding the plot. Suddenly, Nandini cancels the deal seeing the pictures of land. Whereas, Darsh gets furious and scolds her.

Nirali talks to Rakla regarding their home, while he says that they don’t have enough money to get settled. Gunjan taunts Rakla and offers to help him showing off her money. Whereas, he mocks her for not getting Shobhit’s love.

Rajvi and Namrata questions Nandini about the cancellation of the deal. Namrata scolds her while Nandini shuts her up. At that time, Vipul comes there notifying them about the collapsing of building in Miranda’s plot. He states that it is a quicksand land. Nandini presents her reason for cancelling the deal. Meanwhile, Rawal’s gets impressed by her.

Ahead, Nandini sees Darsh in pain and handover his medicine to Shobhit asking him to give it to Darsh. While, he smirks thinking to create problems in between them. He lies to Darsh and instigates him against Nandini.

Gunjan tries to seduce Shobhit but he escapes her. Further all the newly wedded couples went to restaurant. Shobhit feels annoyed with Gunjan’s behaviour. Here, Darsh troubles Nandini while she acts to get romantic with him. Shobhit fumes seeing them happy.

Now in the upcoming episode, Darsh will blame Nandini for trapping his family. He will tag her as gold digger, while she will ask him to take his words back. He will stay firm on his statement making her anxious. She will leave him, whereas everyone will get shocked. Lot more drama and twists to come in “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha,” don’t miss watching the show.

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