From Reema trying to suicide to Reema realising the truth about Devesh: Here is what all happened in ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ earlier this week!

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers.

The wedding ceremony has finally arrived but there is a twist about the bride, inplace of Reema Simar have been married to Aarav. Badi Simar secretly decides Chote Simar to be the bride. In the upcoming week it will be interesting to see the reaction of Oswal family and what Geetanjali Devi will do after realising the truth.

The episode starts with Chitra and Shobha are feeling terrible. Badi Simar takes apology from Geetanjali Devi. She tells Badi Simar that her condition is still unfulfilled as she has asked Chote Simar to stay away from the wedding.

Aarav calls Chote Simar and ask her to come near balcony. She hesitates but goes, Aarav shows her card and bouquet. Meanwhile Reema comes and gets angry on Simar. Chote Simar goes to meet Aarav but she insults him and discard his gifts. Aarav also get furious and tells her that narrow minded people like you should stay away from him and his wedding. Simar thinks whatever she has done is good for everyone.

Geetanjali tells him that she accepted whatever he asked but now if something happens then he should be ready for its consequences and she will not spare anyone. Aarav gets a call from Reema. Simar checks out Reema’s wedding outfit but Reema pulls her from there.

Simar comes back to her room and thought that today is her last day to apologize to Reema as she is getting married. Avinash comes and asks Simar to stay at home as Geetanjali Devi condition. She pretends to be happy staying at home.

Reema comes to Simar and tells her that she will forgive her but for one last time she have to tell a lie for her. Simar agrees to this. Aarav is getting ready for his wedding, he checks the gift he bought for Reema and also writes note for her.

Geetanjali Devi gives a khandani broach to Badi Simar to put it on Aarav. She also reminds Aarav that everything should go smoothly as the whole Agra is looking forward to the Oswal family. Chote Simar tells Reema that she could not pretend to be the bride.

Reema then tries to threatened her that she will do suicide. Simar agrees to Reema’s demand. Reema dressed up Simar as bride and sneakily leaves from there. Simar waiting for Reema when Roma knocks the door and asks her to come.

Indu asks her to forgive Simar. Indu see Simar’s face in the mirror. When she removes her veil she finds Simar in bridal costume in place of Reema. Indu and Rome gets traumatized. Then Simar tells them the truth.

Indu and Roma decides to hide the truth from Avinash. Gagan finds that Simar is in bride dress and Reema is missing. Simar tells them that Reema gone to participate in the Miss India contest. Indu tells Simar that she didn’t realize how big mistake she did by helping Reema.

Roma warns Simar that she will be responsible for breaking her two sisters wedding. Avinash welcomes the Baratis. Gagan goes to find Reema. Reema walks the ramp but the judges stops her as her name is not on the list. Devesh tells her that there is no wild card entry in Miss India contest and makes fun of her.

He insults her and throw her out of the contest. Reema is shatters after realising the truth. Geetanjali Devi asks Badi Simar to call other family members.

Indu calls Gagan, he tells her that Reema is not there. Avinash finds that the girl in bride dress in not Reema it’s Simar. He is shocked. Devesh meets Reema, he gives her a penny and tells her that this is the place where she belongs.

Reema enraged, tries to slap him but he holds her hand and tells her not to repeat her mistake. Reema tries to reach her wedding on time. Avinash tells that he will go and tell the truth to everyone that one of his daughter ran away from her wedding and another daughter is dressed up as bride.

Badi Simar hears the truth. Avinash gives his turban to Badi Simar and requests her to tell the truth to Geetanjali Devi as he doesn’t have the courage to face them. Badi Simar then secretly decides Chote Simar to take Reema’s place.

Badi Simar supports Simar’s decision to help her sister. She disgrace Reema’s action as she ran away from her wedding without understanding her responsibilities towards her family.

Badi Simar requests Avinash to give his daughter to marry Aarav. She also asks Simar do she see Aarav as her life partner? and she leaves the decision on her. Badi Simar reminds Chote Simar that how she had sacrificed her love for Reema. She gives her Mata Rani necklace to Chote Simar. Avinash tells Badi Simar that he doesn’t support her decision.

She confronts Indu and Avinash that she takes the responsibility of their daughter. Reema tries to reach the wedding on time.Chote Simar gets ready for the marriage, she hides her face and comes to the Mandap.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Aarav will unknowingly marry Simar and the wedding rituals are over now. Reema will reach but she will be late as the wedding is finished and everybody has left. Aarav and Simar will reach Oswal resident and when Geetanjali Devi will remove the veil she will be shocked to see Simar in place of Reema.

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