From Riddhima trying to protect Vansh from Sara to Vansh’s family getting trapped: Read to know what happened this week in Voot’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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The week begins with Sara looking at Vansh’s photo and thinking different ways to kill Vansh. Meanwhile Dadi puts on an act. Dadi lies to Angre that the black box is missing from the locker. Angre checks the cupboard and decides to tell Vansh about it. Riddhima is looking for Vansh. Riddhima comes across Angre, who is also finding Vansh. She asks Angre about Vansh and Angre replies that he doesn’t know. They decide to split and look for Vansh. Riddhima’s ring falls in the pool. Sara comes out of the pool holding the ring shocking Riddhima. The latter asks Sara what she’s doing here. Sara says that she never leave her any work incomplete. Sara further says that Vansh isn’t answering Riddhima’s call and states that dead people don’t speak.

Riddhima shouts at Sara and leaves saying she will find Vansh. Later Riddhima gets shocked finding a knife soaked in blood in her room. Sara comes out of the washroom and tells Riddhima that she has killed Vansh. Riddhima shouts and refuses to believe Sara. However Sara asks Riddhima to be ready to become widow and spend her life alone in pain. She leaves. Riddhima gets a note stating to find her gift in the washroom. Riddhima gets shocked finding a dead body in the washroom and shouts Angre. The latter checks the body and finds that it’s hotel staff’s dead body. Angre assures Ridddhima that Vansh’s fine.

Vansh comes back. Riddhima cries hugging Vansh. Vansh says that he went to the shop to get Riddhima a necklace piece. Vansh asks Riddhima why she looks worried. Before Riddhima can tell anything, Sara comes there and pretends to meet Riddhima after years. Riddhima introduces Sara to Vansh as her childhood friend Gayatri. Vansh excuses himself to give the two friends privacy to talk. Sara challenges Riddhima that she will kill Vansh in the next 12 hours. Sara then reveals why she wants to kill Vansh. Sara accuses Riddhima of snatching her love and seeks revenge from Riddhima for that. Riddhima decides to save Vansh from Sara.

Riddhima introduces Sara as her childhood friend, Gayatri, to Vansh’s family to find out if anyone reacts on seeing her. However Riddhima is disappointed that her plan failed. Sara reveals that she doesn’t know any Black Mampa and even Black Mamba doesn’t know her.
Other hand Dadi hides the black box in the microwave and thinks that Vansh should find it. Vansh and Angre come to Dadi. Vansh tells Dadi that he had checked the CCTV footage and no staff have entered her room. He says that the box must be in the room and starts searching for it. Dadi gets tensed and prevents Vansh going near microwave. Vansh finds Dadi disturbed and makes her sit and asks her to relax. Vansh opens the microwave to boil water for Dadi and gets shocked finding the black box there. Vansh confronts dadi. Dadi asks Angre to go out and tells Vansh that she doesn’t trust anyone, so she lied to Angre to protect the black box. Vansh takes the black box back as he’s safe now and also he doesn’t want to stress Dadi out by giving her such a big responsibility.

Later Sara makes a drink. She offers the drink to Vansh. Vansh refuses as he decided not to drink alcohol. Sara assures him it’s alcohol free. Riddhima comes there. Sara mixes something in the drink and gives it to Vansh. Riddhima gets worried. Vansh drinks it and feels dizzy because Sara mixed Vodka in his drink. Vansh reprimands Sara for doing such insensitive act and walks away. Riddhima tries to prevent Vansh from going for his business meeting. However Vansh convinces Riddhima and assures that he will take extra care of himself. Later Vansh reaches the deal location. Angre informs Vansh that the deal’s time is rescheduled as the dealer Agustin’s flight is delayed.

Vyom meets Aryan and convinces him to help him by threatening to harm Sia. As per Vyom’s instruction, Aryan steals the master key from the hotel manager’s room and slides it from under Vyom’s room door. Vyom gets happy getting the master key. Riddhima locks Sara inside the washroom to prevent her from harming Vansh. However Sara manages to come out of the washroom. Vansh sits on the sauna. Sara follows Vansh. She gets the room key from the reception by making the receptionist unconscious. She locks the room from outside to trap Vansh inside. She then increases the sauna heat to kill Vansh. Riddhima is looking for vansh. Sara bribes a hotel staff and asks to inform Riddhima that Vansh is waiting for her in the poolside restaurant.

Vansh gets stuck inside the room. He shouts for help. Riddhima reaches the restaurant and looks for Vansh. She senses Vansh is in danger and runs to find him. She phones Angre and learns that Vansh went to the sauna. Riddhima runs to the sauna. She tries to open the room door. Riddhima finds the room key on the ground. She opens the door with the key. Riddhima gets shocked seeing Vansh unconscious and bleeding. She rescues Vansh. Later Riddhima confronts Sara. Riddhima warns Sara to stay away from Vansh else she will give her a painful death. Sara confidently says that Riddhima can’t kill her as she’s a coward. Sara further says that she has failed in her first attempt, but Vansh can’t get saved next time.

Vyom tries to fail Vansh deal by stealing the suitcases which contains diamonds and gold biscuits. However Vansh spots Vyom in the CCTV footage and stops Vyom before he can leave the hotel with suitcases. Vansh confronts Vyom and asks him to return his suitcases. However Vyom challenges Vansh to get it and points Vansh gun at Vansh. Vansh kicks the gun away. Thet start fighting. Sara aims the gun at Vansh, but she misses her shot and shoots Vyom by accident. Vyom says that Vansh cheated him by calling his men and got him shot. Vyom warns Vansh and leaves the place. Vansh notices someone running and goes after Sara. Sara removes her hoodie and throws it behind a tree and manages to escape from Vansh.

Sara reaches her room. She wonders how she can mis her shot and gets nervous. She takes some pills. Her hands start shivering and she drops the pills. Riddhima angrily barges into Sara’s room, but she gets concerned seeing Sara’s state. She helps Sara to take the pills. Riddhima questions Sara about her illness. Sara blames Ridddhima for her condition. Sara says that from an innocent girl she turned into a murderer. She had to go to the jail and had to held weapons in the place of books. Police and her enemies are behind. All this is because of Riddhima. Riddhima offers Sara a better deal than Black Mamba’s deal. Ridhhima assures to give Sara money, house and a new identity so that she can lead normal life. Sara gives 48 hours for Riddhima to fulfill her promise else she will Kill Vansh, Riddhima and their child.

Meanwhile Vansh tells Angre about the shooter and they both search near the poolside to find any clues about the shooter. Vansh notices a shoe impression. As it’s a small foot size, Vansh comes to a conclusion that the shooter is a girl and he doubts Sara. Vansh decides to confront Sara. However Sara realizes that Vansh is clever and till now he would get clue about her, so she decides to leave that room taking all the evidences. However Vansh spots her and runs after her. Vansh misses her. Vansh hears a gun shot and goes to check. He finds Sara injured. Sara lies to him that the shooter escaped shooting her. She says that she tried to catch the shooter, but couldn’t. She shows the shooter’s shoe. Vansh realizes this shoe’s size is the same to the foot impression he found near the poolside. Vansh takes Sara to her room and gets her treated. Vansh asks Sara not interfere in his matter and leaves. Sara is determined to kill Vansh.

Vyom threatens Dadi and makes her remove his bullet. Vyom says that Vansh cheated him and got him shot. Dadi says that Vansh doesn’t cheat. Later Vyom confronts Vansh and accuse him of cheating him and got him shot. Vansh reminds him that he cheated him and tried to steal his consignment. His man didn’t shot him, but whover did it, Vyom deserved it. Vyom says that he will snatch everything from him. Vansh pushes Vyom down and warns to kill him if he interferes in his life or business again. Vansh leaves. Vyom says that he will kill Vansh before.
Ishani and Angre get shocked finding drugs packet in Ishani’s bag. Ishani panicks. Angre pacifies her and assures to find out who did it. Ishani asks Angre that Vansh shouldn’t know about it. Officers from narcotics department come to search Vansh hotel. The head, Ajay says that they got information that someone from the hotel is taking drugs. Vansh asks them to search. The officers don’t find any drugs. Vansh notices Angre going nervously. Angre collides with a lady and the drugs falls down. Angre gets caught. Ajay prohibits anyone going out until they give their blood samples and their blood reports come.
The blood tests are taken and the blood samples are kept in the evidence room. Ajay asks his men to make sure that no one enters the evidence room. He further says that Vansh is clever and he can try to get Angre out of the case, so they shouldn’t let Vansh meet Angre. However Vansh finds a way to talk to Vansh. The week ends here.

Next week it will be shown that Dadi tells her family what if their blood samples go out. Vansh will tell some plan. Aryan will steal the blood samples. Vyom will meet Anjay and will give some fake evidences and will Anjay to get Vansh and his family jailed. Ishani will record their video. She will tell that this recording should be telecasted live on media. Vansh will come out clapping hands. Vyom will look shocked.

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