From Riddhima using Ishani’s identity to make fake documents for Sara to Riddhima trying to reconcile with Vansh: Read to know what happened this week in Voot Select’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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This week begins with Sia finding out that Vyom is disguised as the lobby manager. She asks Vyom what he’s doing here, but he refuses to tell her. Sara meets Riddhima and threatens to harm Vansh if she doesn’t fulfill her promise.

To prove her words, Sara takes an injection and moves towards Vansh, but Riddhima shouts Gayatri to get Vansh’s attention and save him as well. Vansh scolds Riddhima and walks away. Vyom, who overheard Riddhima and Sara’s conversation, realizes that Sara is the sniper whom he’s looking for.

Later Riddhima goes to Angre and asks if he knows anyone, who can create fake identity for people, since she wants to send her one friend, who is in abusive marriage, abroad on fake identity. Angre tells about some Tapan, but refuses to give her his details.

He asks Riddhima if she’s thinking of leaving Vansh. Riddhima denies it. Vyom introduces himself to Sara on the pretext of helping her and clicks her photo without her knowledge. He sends the photo to his man and asks to collect her details.

Riddhima sneaks into Angre’s room while Angre and Ishani are having a private moment in the washroom. Riddhima gets Thapa’s details from Angre’s phone. While going out, Riddhima gets caught by Ishani. The latter badmouths Riddhima.

Later Riddhima comes across Vansh. He ignores her. Riddhima pretends to get a leg sprain and seeks his help. Vansh says that he only cares for his baby and asks to take care of her by herself. Riddhima says that she can’t live without him.

Riddhima phones Tapan using Ishani’s identity and convinces him to make fake documents for her one friend. Vyom overheard Riddhima and reveals himself to her. Riddhima tells him that she’s not scared of him and advises him to let go off his anger and hatred before it finish him. She further tells that he she won’t expose him to Vansh since he saved her and asks to leave before Vansh learns about this. Vansh meets goes to a room to meet someone.

Riddhima gets a nightmare in which Sara kills Vansh. She gets worried and goes to check on Vansh. She gets shocked on seeing Sara coming out of Vansh room. Sara tells that her shower isn’t working, so she used Vansh’s bathroom with his permission.

Riddhima threatens Sara and chases her. Riddhima wonders where Vansh is. After while Vansh comes back to his room and finds Riddhima sleeping in the corridor. He takes her to her room.

Vyom learns from his man that Sara is a professional killer and confronts her. He asks why she shot him. Sara reveals that Vansh was his real target, but he got shot accidently. Vyom asks her who gives her Vansh’s contract, but Sara refuses to tell him as it’s against her profession’s rules.

Vansh scolds Angre when he advises him to reconcile with Riddhima. Vansh coughs. Riddhima gets concerned and comes to Vansh. She asks Vansh if he’s fine. Vansh angrily leaves. Angre tells Riddhima to do something to convince Vansh. Riddhima thinks of planning a surprise for Vansh and seeks Angre’s help. The latter agrees to help her.

Dadi learns from Aryan about Riddhima and Vansh’s fight and about Vansh going to backyard. Dadi goes to Vansh and asks about his fight with Riddhima. Vansh tells her that he will handle it. Vansh gets shocked when Dadi asks about Vansh going to that room. Vansh says that he gets peace in that room.

Riddhima goes to Sara and clicks her photo to send to Thapa. Sara learns that Riddhima is using Ishani’s identity to contact Thapa. Later Thapa phones Vansh and tells about Ishani making fake documents. A furious Vansh confronts Ishani in front of the family.

He asks why she contacted Thapa to make fake identity. Ishani denies it, but Vansh refuses to believe her. He says that Thapa will send the photo in a while. Ishani and the family get shocked when Vansh shows Ishani’s photo. Ishani shouts that she hasn’t done it and lashes out at Vansh. Riddhima takes Sara apart and questions how the photo got changed.

Sara admits that she changed the photo. She further says that she doesn’t trust Riddhima. She doesn’t want any new life; all she wants is to kill Vansh and takes her revenge on Riddhima for the pain she has given her in the past.

In the night Vansh feels restless. He goes to Riddhima’s room and brings a sleeping Riddhima to his room. The morning, he takes a sleeping Riddhima back her room. Later Riddhima notices Vansh going to the backyard. Vansh meets someone. He plays piano. Riddhima comes there hearing piano’s sound and knocks on the door. Vansh comes from other side. He tells her to stop following him. Riddhima reveals to him that last night she pretended to sleep and tells him to come back to their room. Vansh leaves.

In the night Riddhima and Vansh meet and find the anniversary cake. They realize that they both didn’t send any anniversary card. Angre comes there and reveals that he sent them the card so that they forget their fight and celebrate their anniversary.

Vansh gets angry and scolds Angre for crossing his limits. Angre leaves. Riddhima tells Vansh’s that his ego doesn’t let him to see her love nor Angre’s efforts. She leaves getting upset. Vansh’s inner self appears and argues with Vansh. His inner self tells that he’s incomplete without Riddhima and tells him to convince her.

Angre confronts Riddhima and asks for whom she asked Thapa to make fake documents. Riddhima refuses to him. Angre stops Riddhima from leaving holding her hand and insists to tell him. Vansh gets furious seeing this. He takes Angre to a room and beats him with the belt.

Riddhima stops Vansh and takes him to his room. Vansh says that he will whoever touches her and says I love you and falls asleep. Riddhima gets happy hearing this and says I love you too. In the morning, Vansh realizes his mistake and apologizes to Angre. Later Riddhima apologizes to Vansh and requests to end their fights. Vansh agrees, but he asks her to tell first what Angre asked her last night and what she was doing in his office the other day.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Riddhima will reveal to Vansh that she contacted Thapa. Riddhima will lie that she’s making the fake documents to go far from him since that’s what he wanted.

A furious Vansh will ask Riddhima to get out of his life. A heartbroken Riddhima will walk away. Vansh will regret his words when he will realize that Riddhima really left.

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