From Rishita insulting Raavi to Janardhan plotting to attack Dev and Shiva: Read to find out what all happened this week in Star Plus’ Pandya Store

Pandya Store Weekly Update

The week begins Raavi and Rishita completing the griha pravesh rituals. Then Dhara asks them to seek God’s blessings before beginning their married life. Rishita happily thanks God for getting Dev which upsets Raavi. She walks away. Raavi cries remembering Shiva and her arguments. Shiva comes to her. He tells that he hates her more. Raavi accuses him. She says that he never wanted her marriage to happen with Dev, so he married her deliberately to which Shiva replies that he would’ve never married her if he had a choice. Meanwhile Janardhan vents out anger. He wants to kill Dev. Bua slaps Janardhan and blames Kalyani for what happened. She advises Janardhan to do whatever he wants after the election. Janardhan burns the belongings of Rishita. Other side Raavi asks Rishita why she betrayed her trust. Dhara says that the situation went out of her hands and seeks Raavi’s forgiveness. Later Suman blames Dhara and scolds her for ruining Shiva and Raavi’s life. Gautam defends Dhara saying she’s not to blame. He says that she doesn’t know about Dev loving Rishita and when she got to know about it, she took Dev’s alliance to Janardhan and got insulted in return. Even Rishita insulted Dhara in front of all and Dhara tolerated it silently. She’s the string who keeps their family united without her the family will be shattered. Suman gets angry with Gautam and asks Gautam and Dhara leave.

Dhara gets upset with Gautam that he broke the promise of not speaking between her and Suman. Dhara tells him that like he got upset on her when he went to Janardhan against his words, Suman also have the rights to get on her. He shouldn’t have talk in that tone in front of Suman and asks him to apologize to Suman. Gautam admits his mistake, but says he doesn’t regret what he said. He assures that he seek forgiveness to Suman.

Dhara guides Rishita and Raavi to perform the rituals. An upset Raavi refuses to do the ritual. Dhara tries to convince her. Krish intervenes and makes Raavi do the ritual. Dhara reprimands Krish for the same. Krish apologizes to Raavi and leaves.  Other side Prafula complains that the guest gave less money as presents for Raavi and curses Dhara for getting Raavi married to Shiva. However Jagat supports Dhara.

Dhara and Gautam decide to give their room to Raavi and Shiva as they can’t fulfill Raavi’s dreams and thinks of at least giving her a comfortable room to stay. Dhara notices Shiva going to the shop. She stops Shiva and says that he just got married and can’t go to the shop. Dhara tells Shiva to shift his and Raavi’s belongings to their room and requests Dev to stay at the storeroom until they arrange for a new room for Dev. Dev happily agrees.

Later Rishita creates a scene seeing her room. She complains that her room is very small and says that she can’t stay there. She likes the room given to Raavi and argues with the family members asking for that room. Rishita keeps stating she’s Dev’s wife, so she has the rights on that room. Raavi loses her cool and asks Rishita to stop insulting her. She asks Dev if he doesn’t have the courage to a stand for her. She firmly says that she doesn’t want Dev or the room and runs away. Shiva gets angry and taunts Dev. He says that he can adjust in small room, but Dev changed after marrying Rishita and wants a big room. Shiva asks Dev to go and stay at his father-in-law’s house which angers Gautam. Gautam raises his hand on Shiva, but Dhara stops him.  Gautam and Dhara reprimands Shiva for disrespecting Rishita. Shiva apologizes to them. He says that he can’t tolerate their insults and angrily walks away. Dev apologizes to Dhara and Gautam and leaves. Rishita complains that all putting Dev down and asks what Dev’s mistake is. He just married his love. Dhara cries hard that she can’t handle the situation. Gautam comforts and assures her that everything will be fine

In the night, Rishita is eagerly waiting for Dev in their room. Dev comes to her and scolds her for always thinking only about herself ignoring other’s pain. Dev defends Raavi when Rishita calls her a burden. Rishita gets upset and asks Dev to stop taking Raavi’s name as she feels bad. She says that she waited lot for this moment and asks not to spoil it. She tries to get romantic, but Dev stops her saying he’s feeling sleepy. Rishita cries.

Gautam comes to Suman and apologizes for raising his voice in front of her. He asks her to beat as punishment. Suman gets convinced and complains no one asked her for food. Gautam feeds her. Suman tells that Dhara and Gautam should take the responsibility of family member’s happiness and bring sweetness in the bitter relationship of Shiva and Raavi. Dhara hears them.

Dhara and Gautam pacify an upset Shiva. Dhara advises Shiva that he shouldn’t get angry on small issues, there are two new women in this house and small issues may arise and these small issues makes the life more fun. She further says that Raavi has become a part of his life. She is broken and asks Shiva to be friendly with her and not argue with her. Shiva assures that he will try.

Shiva goes to Raavi. Raavi scolds him. They argue. However Shiva holds Raavi preventing her from hitting her head on the wall. Morning Rishita puts her lipstick on Dev’s cheek so that the family believes they had their wedding night and Dev gets embarrassed in front of his family. Meanwhile Janardhan plans to attack Dev and Shiva and take Rishita home. He orders his men to attack Shiva and Dev. Later Raavi breaks down when Dhara asks her to get ready for Puja. Dhara tries to comfort her. However Raavi accuses Dhara of spoiling her life by forcing her to marry Shiva. The week ends here.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Shiva and Raavi will be going on the bike. Janardhan’s men will attack them. They will beat Shiva and he will fall unconscious. Raavi will try to wake him.

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