From Saaransh accepting Sunny as his brother to Kabir sending court notice to Rudraksh for Saaransh custody: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Yeh Hai Chahatein”

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Rudraksh learns that Saaransh still avoiding Preesha and asks her to give sometime to him. Sonia takes Rudraksh with him for practice. Preesha gets ready to leave the house to pick up Saaransh but Sunny stops her saying that his stomach paining a lot. She gives medicine to him but he doesn’t let her leave the room and pleads her to stay with him so she voice messages Rudraksh to pick up Saaransh.

Mishka brings Saaransh to the house and scolds Preesha for her carelessness. Preesha reveals about her voice message. Rudraksh informs her that he didn’t receive any voice message from her.

Saaransh yells at Preesha for lying and says to her that he hates her. Khurana’s shifts to new resort and Rudraksh attempts to cheer Preesha’s mood. Sulochana praises Mishka.

Kabir reveals that its him who deleted the voice message from Preesha’s mobile. Sonia reveals that it’s her who deleted the voice message from Rudraksh’s mobile. Mishka says to them that they need more incidents like this to prove in the court that Preesha is negligent mother.

Preesha cries saying to Rudraksh that Saaransh still avoiding her and she feels like problems keep increasing from the time Sunny entered their life. Sunny hears that and informs about it to Yuvraj.

Vasudha and Sharda tries to convince Saaransh saying that he did wrong by saying that he hates Preesha. He tells them that he just said that to hurt Preesha because she is keep hurting him and she loves Sunny only and now also none understanding him and runs from there.

Saaransh spoils Sunny’s toys and bed by spraying red paint on them. Sunny throws banana peel on Saaransh’s way but Preesha fell down without seeing that. Rudraksh treats Preesha’s wound and Saaransh cries seeing her.

Preesha explains Saaransh that she loves him so much and Sunny lost his mother so he has none except them now. Saaransh apologize to Preesha and accepts Sunny as his brother. Yuvraj decides to execute the next step of his plan.

Rudraksh and Saaransh plans surprise breakfast for Preesha. Sulochana informs Rudraksh that Sunny is missing and gives Sunny’s letter to him. Preesha reads the letter and realises that Sunny heard her and Rudraksh’s conversation. Sulochana blames Preesha for Sunny’s decision.

Rudraksh defends Preesha saying that it was not her mistake. Then everyone searches Sunny in the resort but could not find him. Preesha and Rudraksh decides to give missing complaint in the Police station and leaves the resort but they finds Sunny near adoption centre.

Adoption centre manager scolds Rudraksh and Preesha and blames them saying that their actions made Sunny took this decision. Preesha apologize to Sunny and Rudraksh also convinces him successfully. They brings Sunny to the resort.

Saaransh hugs Sunny. Mishka scolds Yuvraj for involving her in his stupid plan. He reveals that adoption centre manager is one of the proof against Preesha and Rudraksh and one more thing going to happen now.

Rudraksh learns that Sonia gets lost in the forest while searching Sunny and he decides to find her. In the forest, Rudraksh finds Sonia. She suggests him to spend the night in the forest for their safety but he opposes her.

She sprains her foot so he gives support to walk. They hears animals sound so they decides to spend the night in the forest. She gives water to him and he loses his consciousness after drinking it.

Yuvraj comes there and praises Sonia’s acting. He removes Rudraksh’s shirt and asks her to remove her shirt and pose with Rudraksh then he clicks their pictures.

Preesha gets worried for Rudraksh. Sulochana informs her that Sonia is missing too. Rudraksh wakes up and wonders how he slept. Kabir and Yuvraj comes there and everyone leaves for resort.

Preesha gets relieved seeing Rudraksh. Rudraksh informs his family that he went to the forest to find Sonia. Yuvraj shows Rudraksh and Sonia’s pictures to his allies.

Sulochana decides to show the pictures to Preesha but Yuvraj stops her saying that Preesha blindly trust Rudraksh and moreover this is their second proof which they are going to submit in the court. Yuvraj tells them that they now needs proof to prove that Preesha is negligent mother.

Preesha gives vitamin C tablets to Sunny and Saaransh. Sunny and Saaransh fails to wake up so Rudraksh calls the Doctor. Doctor reveals that they took sleeping pills and scolds Preesha. He threatens to file a case against them.

Rudraksh loses his control and yells at him. Then Kabir and Mishka provokes the Doctor against Preesha and Rudraksh and asks him to give statement in their favor in the court.

Mishka recalls how she exchanged the tablets to prove that Preesha is negligent mother and reveals to her allies that how she and Kabir provoked the Doctor and he also agreed to give statement in their favor in the court.

Yuvraj tells them that they have enough proof against Preesha and Rudraksh so it’s time to file a case for Saaransh’s custody.

Vasudha and Sharda reveals about their picnic plan. Rudraksh receives notice from the court and he confronts Kabir. Kabir says to Rudraksh that from the time the latter’s biological son Sunny came, Rudraksh treating Saaransh as an orphan.

Mishka badmouths about Preesha and says that she failed as a mother. Rudraksh and Kabir argues with each other. Sulochana slaps Kabir and asks him to withdraw the case. He refuses to listen her and reveals that tomorrow is court hearing.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that, Yuvraj will become Rudraksh’s Lawyer in Saaransh custody case. Sulochana will learn about it.

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