From Sai sneaking out of the house with Devyani to getting Devyani and Pulkit married what happened this week in Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Weekly Update

This week began with Bhavani stopping Sai while she is trying to sneak out of the house with Devyani. Devyani hides behind the couch before Bhavani can catch her. Sai promises Devyani to get her married to Pulkit.

Sonali makes fun of Omkar for staring too much at Barkha. Bhavani gives money and silver coins to Barkha and invites her for next year Holi. Everyone bids Barkha goodbye. Barkha praises Virat and Sai’s dance and asks him to take good care of Sai. Sai is waiting on the road for cab with Devyani. Virat is intoxicated with Bhaang and he thinks he is imagining Sai everywhere. Pakhi’s parents join the Holi celebration.

Virat recalls his moment with Sai during Holi and wonders if Sai became upset. He decides to freshen up and tell I love you to Sai. Pulkit is worried about the drama that is going to follow his marriage with Devyani. Virat looks around for Sai.

Virat asks Ashwini about Sai’s whereabouts. Shivani informs everyone that even Devyani is missing from her room. Bhavani doubts Sai taking Devyani with her.Pakhi’s father tells we saw Sai and Devyani going somewhere in a cab. Pulkit has decorated the wedding venue beautifully and Devyani wonders if all this is just a dream.

Virat thinks where can Sai take Devyani? Bhavani tells Virat see Sai has took Devyani out without informing anyone. Pakhi tellls she thinks Sai took Devyani to Pulkit. Virat tells Sai can never go against me. Pakhi tells Sai only listens to herself and she challenged everyone that no one can stop her from getting Devyani married to Sai. Virat tells Sai will definitely get punished if she took Devyani to Pulkit. Mohit tells what if Sangita is framing Pulkit and he is innocent? Virat tells he has no idea what step he will take if this turns out to be true.The episode ends with Virat sending his team to Pulkit’s house and he tells them to meet them there.

Pulkit tells Devyani that this lodge is one of the finest venues in Nagpur. Pulkit tells Devyani that his patients helped him in all the marriage preparations. Virat is furious at Sai and tells no one has the right to play with his sister’s life. Pakhi instigates him further against Sai.

Madhuri introduces herself as Pulkit’s sister and tells now she will take care of her. Virat decides never to forgive Sai for this act of hers.Devyani asks Pulkit what happened to our child? Pulkit tells her about Harini and tells we will meet her after our marriage. Pakhi burns the letter she wrote as Sangita Deshpande and frames it on Sai. Sai helps Devyani dress up and tells she is looking gorgeous. Madhuri gives Saree and jewelleries to Sai and Devyani makes Sai promise that she won’t leave before her marriage. Sai is worried about Virat. Virat prays that Sai shouldn’t have taken Devyani to Pulkit.

Virat reached Pulkit’s house. Virat inquires about Sangita to the neighbors and finds out they don’t know anything about her. Sonali tells we found Sangita’s letter burned in kitchen and tells Sai might have done this. Devyani enjoys Pulkit’s baraat and asks Sai to be her mother-in-law.

Sai does the rituals as Pulkit’s mother-in-law. Virat finds out Sai is in Pawni lodge. Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage begin. Pulkit tells Devyani let us complete the rituals now. Panditji tells to exchange garlands. Devyani remembers her marriage in temple with Pulkit. Pulkit tells today we are marrying again so that no one can separate us,today our long wait is finally over.

Sai prays to God for Devyani’s hapiness and does Devyani’s Kanyadaan and Gatbandhan. Sai fears Virat might be coming here anytime. Bhavani gets furious on Sai for running away with her daughter. Devyani tells Pulkit to put the necklace Sai gave her with mangalasutra because it is her most precious gift. Virat reaches Pawni lodge and informs Pakhi about Sai’s location. Bhavani leaves for lodge along with Omkar and Ninad. Sai looks at Virat walking towards them.

Madhuri thanks Sai for getting Devyani and Pulkit married. Virat enters just before the last fera and tells this marriage won’t happen because it is unlawful. Sai tells how can you say this marriage is unlawful? Virat tells Sai you know everything. Bhavani tells today history will repeat itself. Virat asks Bhavani why did she come here? Devyani tells Bhavani you are liar and you never think about my well-being.Devyani asks Virat doesn’t he want to see his sister happy?

Devyani asks why should I go to that house where no one cares about my hapiness? They leave me alone and lock me inside the room and give me wrong medicine. Devyani tells I will stay with my husband. Sai tells Bhavani they are getting the chance to rectify their mistake so they should give their blessings to Devyani and Pulkit. Pulkit tells I never did any crime,I am a honest person and I loved Devyani truly so I called everyone because I want to show them that I and Devyani are one.Pulkit tells Devyani is not mentally weak,she was being given wrong medicines so I asked Sai to discontinue them.

Madhuri tells all this allegations against my brother are false. Bhavani tells you are a allegation on brother and sister’s relation. Pulkit tells Bhavani how dare she question his relation with Madhuri like this? Virat asks Bhavani to let him do his work and not speak in between. Virat tells Pulkit you are under arrest and the episode ends with Sai coming in between Pulkit and Virat.

Virat tells Pulkit he is under arrest. Sai asks Virat to show arrest warrant. Pulkit shows Virat the original documents with Devyani’s name written as his wife’s. Devyani tells Virat now you know the truth so you will let me marry Pulkit? Virat tells he will proof Pulkit’s documents are fake. Sai tells him he has no right to stop this marriage until then.

Bhavani tries to stop the marriage but Sai and other guests stop her. Pulkit and Devyani complete the last fera and Panditji tells now the marriage is complete. Bhavani leaves from there. Pulkit thanks Sai. Back at Chavan Nivas everyone starts criticising Sai for her action. Ashwini cannot believe why Sai would do this. Devyani tells Sai not to go home because Virat is very angry with her. Sai tells why to be afraid when she didn’t do anything wrong. Virat tells that Sai did wrong today and all this is because of the freedom I gave her but it’s enough now you all will see what I do with Sai.

In the upcoming episodes Virat is going to punish Sai by not letting her inside the house. What will Sai do next?

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