From Sanya Malhotra to Soundarya Sharma & Ananya Panday: Divas who Ace the oomph game with precision and perfection

The Indian entertainment industry is filled with gorgeous and enthralling beauties who are effortlessly on fire with their swag game. All of them naturally enhance the vogue quotient like damsels and well, no wonder, all the young fashion enthusiasts all over the country take inspiration from such people.

While some people are known to burn the vogue game and oomph quotient with external help and assistance, some people do it effortlessly and show us how to master that art. Well, today, we share a list of three such people who have been off-late killing it in that department and are making heads spin with their fashion and lifestyle.


So, here’s taking a look at three such beautiful divas in the Indian entertainment industry who should right now be on your list of go-to fashion idols. Let’s take a look –

Sanya Malhotra: The ‘Jawan’ actress has been a master in this department for a long time and no wonder, whenever we see her dazzling her fashion quotient, the internet feels the heat and can’t stop showering her with love.

Be it her stylish accessories or her high-chic swag outfits, we simply can’t take our eyes off her. To add to that, her natural curls and the way she embraces them is a treat to the eyes for real.

Soundarya Sharma: Well, what can we say about this beautiful and gorgeous diva? The ‘Vimal’ girl is going viral for all the right reasons. Be it for becoming the first-ever actress to work with Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar in the same project at the same time to slay the internet game with her fashion and fitness moments, we have simply loved seeing Soundarya in literally anything and everything.

Be it her ethnic fashion game or her stylish western swag outfits, the internet can’t stop drooling seeing her. Well, we are confident that she’s going to continue being on top of her game and we are going to continue to get our share of visual delight.

Ananya Panday: Last but certainly not the least, how can we not include this gorgeous and beautiful damsel who manages to win our hearts effortlessly like a queen in everything that she wears? She’s a quintessential human version of Barbie doll and no wonder, we can’t get enough of her cuteness. Agree folks?

Well readers, do you all agree with our list? Let us know your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned.