From Saroj’s accident to Sirat’s realization; check out ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ highlight of th week!

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Star plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was high on drama this week. The twist in the show came when Sirat closed her eyes and found Kartik’s face instead of Ranveer. She gets confused over her feelings for Kartik. Sirat than decide to distance herself from Kartik. Now in the upcoming episode Kartik and Ranveer will find Sirat’s behaviour weird. Do Sirat’s truth will come out in front of Kartik and Ranveer, well time will only tell. For now check out what all happened in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai this week!

This week episode started with Ranveer spotting Kartik and Sirat together. He thinks he asked Sirat to return necklace to Kartik but why she didn’t yet returned. Ranveer leaves the place. Kartik makes Sirat wear the necklace. He says things reach to the people who knows to value it. He further asks Sirat to come as Goenka’s has prepared a lot for her post wedding ritual.

Ahead, Ranveer sits and Sirat comes. She asks Ranveer why he is upset. Ranveer confronts Sirat about the necklace. He asks her why she doesn’t return necklace to Kartik. Sirat tells Ranveer that she tired but Kartik insisted her. Ranveer says to Sirat amid husband and wife third person should not interfere. Sirat tells to Ranveer that Kartik is just her friend. Ranveer says Kartik is his friend too and understands Sirat. He asks Sirat to return the necklace. Sirat says Kartik will feel bad if she will again return it to him. Ranveer asks Sirat to leave for now. Sirat gives kiss to Ranveer to cheer up his mood. Ranveer asks Sirat to come inside as Goenka’s might be waiting for them.

Later, Kairav plays games with Goenka’s. Amid the game Kartik miss Naira post Ranveer talks stuff related to wife. Kartik leaves the place. Sirat asks Ranveer what was the need for him to quote for wife as Kartik got upset. Mainsh says Kartik finally confessed he is lonely because Naira is no more. Sirat decides to meet Kartik. Kartik watches Naira’s picture. Sirat comes and talks with Kartik. Kartik thanks Sirat for trying to share his pain. Sirat about to talk with Kartik to remarry but Mauri interrupted her. Mauri asks Sirat to come.

Sirat see Naira’s picture and talk to her. She says they both know how to fix Kartik’s life. Sirat decides to talk with Kartik later about the re-marriage. Goenka’s play ring finding game with Ranveer and Sirat. Kartik asks Ranveer to win the game. Kairav, Suwarna and Gayu takes Sirat’s side. Ranveer wins the game. Sirat gets upset with Kartik for taking Ranveer’s side. Kartik asks Sirat to ask anything from him so that her mood can be fixed. Sirat takes promise from Kartik that he will fulfil whatever she will ask from him. Kartik agree. Sirat asks Kartik to marry again. Kartik and Goenka’s gets shocked.

Other side, Ranveer’s mother faints and falls from the stairs. Nidhi and Chauhan stands shocked. There, Kartik promise to Sirat and Ranveer that he will marry only if he will like a girl. Sirat gets happy and decides to find a perfect match for Kartik. Surekha asks Sirat to focus on her married life. Sirat says Kartik is her friend and she promises to find and fix Kartik’s life. Ranveer and Sirat dances along with Kartik and Goenka’s.

Afterwards, Kartik thinks he will not marry with anyone thus he kept condition he should like the girl. Furthermore, Saroj falls down from the stair. Ranveer, Sirat and Kartik runs to meet her. Sirat and Ranveer accuse Chauhan behind Saroj’s condition. Nidhi reveals difference between Chauhan and Ranveer is leading Saroj to loose herself. Ranveer and Sirat than decide to shift with Chauhan and Ranveer. Saroj return home and welcome Sirat and Ranveer.

Ahead, Sirat decides to look for a girl for Kartik. Kartik gets furious and asks Sirat to stay away from his life. Later, Kartik and Sirat stuck together post Kartik’s car stop in the middle of the road. Kartik apologize to Sirat about his rude behaviour towards her. He further share with Sirat that once he and Naira got stuck too but time just passed away in her company. Kartik adds if partner is good one doesn’t care about the time. He apologize to Sirat about his rude behaviour. Sirat asks Kartik not to be sorry. Kartik tells to Sirat that he can’t think about anyone else because if he closes his eyes even now than can see only Naira. Sirat says it is very filmy. Kartik says she can try to by closing her eyes. He says she will see Ranveer’s face.

Kartik says he will bring water. Sirat decides to close her eyes. She stands shocked seeing Kartik’s face. Ranveer asks Sirat what happened. Sirat says to Ranveer that she is fine and was worried because he was not there. Ranveer says but Kartik was there. Sirat says to Ranveer but he was not there. Ranveer tells to Kartik and Sirat that he brought mechanic. He offer tea to Kartik and Sirat. Sirat says to Ranveer to leave as they have to leave for their honeymoon too. Kartik thinks what happened to Sirat suddenly. Sirat and Ranveer leave.

Sirat decides to distance herself from Kartik. Keep watching the show mon-sat for more entertainment.