From Shaurya and Anokhi’s closeness to Devi’s plot to bring Shagun: Here’s everything that has happened in the past week of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Weekly Update

The past week of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is definitely a treat for its fans, as the viewers witnessed many romantic moments between the leads to the exciting entry of new characters.

In the previous week we have seen, Shaurya was jealous once again seeing Anokhi and Ahir together. Shaurya tried to call Anokhi to explain his point of view but a furious Anokhi ignored his calls. Shaurya gets frustrated when Shagun appeared in front of Shaurya on roads. Shaurya tried following Shagun in the heavy rain but Shagun disappeared as instructed by Devi. Shaurya wondered whether he was dreaming about Shagun but left things aside. Anokhi on the other hand, was really angry at Shaurya for his behaviour in hotel. She called Aastha and invited her for the cultural fest but Aastha declined the invitation. She later called Babli who agreed to help her with the fest. Vineet doubted Babli. Suddenly Anokhi heard a knock on door and opened it to find Shaurya drenched in rain. Shaurya burst out his feelings for Anokhi despite having heavy cold. Anokhi got flustered when Shaurya said about his problems with Ahir. Anokhi understood that Shaurya was jealous of Ahir and felt elated . Shaurya fainted before he could confess his feelings for Anokhi. Anokhi wondered what to do as she couldn’t take anyone’s help as its a girl’s hostel. Shaurya was burning with fever. Anokhi felt helpless and called Babli and took doctor’s number from her. She called doctor who explained her about what to do. Anokhi did as doctor said and took care of Shaurya the whole night. Anokhi started feeling for Shaurya too. On the other hand, Devi was worried about Shaurya as there was no sign of where he was. Sabherwals lodged a missing complaint and Ahir investigated about Shaurya. Anokhi on the other hand, had mixed feelings for love, care, fear for Shaurya. Reema came there and Anokhi explained the situation. Later she heard another knock and got shocked seeing Ahir. Ahir said that he came in search of Shaurya and Anokhi invited him in. She showed the unconscious Shaurya to him. In the meantime, Devi, Alok and Tej too reached college learning that Shaurya’s car was parked outside the hostel. Devi got terrified whether Shaurya came to visit Anokhi.

In the further episodes we witnessed, Shaurya woke up once his temperature was down. Anokhi and Ahir explained about the situation to him. Shaurya asked Ahir to take him out from another way so that Anokhi doesn’t land up in trouble for his stay. Devi came to Anokhi’s room and knocked the door. She asked about Shaurya when Ahir brings Shaurya in front of them. He lied that Shaurya slept in library the whole night. Anokhi had a narrow escape while Shaurya left with Sabherwals. Both Anokhi and Shaurya were lost in each other’s thoughts. Kanchan shared with Shaurya that he fell for Anokhi. Next day during fest, Anokhi’s eyes searched for Shaurya.  Babli came ro help Anokhi with the preparations. A confused Anokhi wondered whether she should attend the fest. Both Shaurya and Anokhi felt shy with the thought of whatever happened last night and finally decided to not attend it. Sabherwals came to the fest when Shaurya searched for Anokhi. Shaurya got shocked seeing Shagun amidst the fest and started following her while Shagun played hide and seek with him on Devi’s instructions. Devi tried making Shaurya believe that he still missed Shagun why is why he was seeing her everywhere but Shaurya rubbished it off. He stopped looking for Shagun and goes to Anokhi’s room. He scolded her and asked her to get ready or else threatened to cancel the party. With Shaurya’s constant bickering, Anokhi agreed to attend the party. Shaurya got mesmerised seeing Anokhi in the dress selected by him. They both left for the party. Shagun on the other hand, felt bad for playing with Shaurya’s emotion but Devi assured her that it’s the right thing to do. Alok found Devi and Shagun together and understood Devi’s plan. Devi and Alok got shocked seeing Anokhi and Shaurya and sends off Shagun before she could witness it. Ahir came to the party on Sabherwals invitation and Shaurya once again got jealous seeing him with Anokhi.

Will Anokhi and Shaurya confess their feelings for each other? Will Ahir and Shagun become a hindrance in Shaurya and Anokhi’s love?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Keep watching Shaurya and Anokhi Ki Kahani, Monday to Saturday at 7 pm on Star Plus and anytime, anywhere on Disney plus Hotstar.