From Shiva and Krish planning a ghost drama to Dhara taking a stand for Raavi: Read to find what all happened this week in Star plus’ Pandya Store

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The week begins with Raavi complaining about Shiva to Dhara. Dhara scolds Raavi and asks her to handle her husband herself. Raavi is stunned with Dhara’s reaction. Later Rishita comes to talk to Dhara. The latter informs Rishita about the bonfire organized by Gautam and asks her to participate in it. Dhara advises Rishita. She says that the brothers are still kids so they fight like kids unlike her dad who beats people in real life.

Rishita complains to Dhara that Krish doesn’t have any manners and enters married couple room without knocking. Shiva says that Rishita is dragging the matter unnecessarily. They all used to enter Dhara’s room without thinking and they all grow up there, so they don’t know about it all. Dhara reminds Shiva that they aren’t kids anymore and asks Krish to knock before entering Rishita’s room. Dhara further tells about the bonfire and asks Shiva to wear the clothes that she had kept for him. Dhara advises Shiva to think from an ordinary girl’s point of view and change himself.

Later Shiva tells Krish about seeing black shadow on the stairs in order to scare Rishita. Rishita also hears them and gets scared. In the night Shiva sees a locked room. He enquires about it to the security guard and learns it belongs to a lady called, Kesar, who lives in Chicago. Shiva scares Rishita saying that Kesar is haunting that room.

The family gathers to set bonefire and spends some quality time together. Shiva arrives there in his new look and stuns everyone in the family. Dhara and Raavi are marinating veggies. Dhara asks Raavi to put less masala as Shiva does not like it. Raavi says without masala, the food will be tastless. Shiva gets angry and argues with Raavi. Dhara tries to lighten Shiva’s mood and asks Dev if they can make Shiva to stand in the place of bonfire as he is always fuming in anger. Dev agrees with Dhara and passes a comment which enrages Shiva. Shiva and Dev starts arguing, but Gautam separates them.

Gautam demonstrates to the family that unity is the strength by asking Raavi and Rishita to break a bunch of sticks which is impossible. Gautam tells Rishita the importance of staying united as one family. He assures Rishita that they put efforts to understand her and asks Rishita to try to understand her family and walk with them. To everyone’s surprise Rishita doesn’t answer back Gautam and listens to him silently. Later Krish tells Shiva that they should drop the plan of scaring Rishita as Rishita didn’t oppose Gautam when he advised her. However Shiva is determined to execute the ghost plan in order to teach Rishita family’s worth.

Dhara shares with Gautam about her wish to keep Maha Mrityun jaap for family’s peace. Gautam says that in that case they have to stay 15 days more there. Dhara phones Suman to seek her permission for keeping jaab. Suman gives her consent and announces that she’s arriving there. Meanwhile Rishita is scared by Shiva’s ghost story and closes all the windows. She shares with Dev that Shiva and Krish were talking about a ghost story. Dev assures Rishita that ghost doesn’t exist and Shiva and Krish have the old habit of scaring people with Ghost stories and they did the same with him when they were kids. However Rishita isn’t convinced.

Krish gets ready dressed up like a woman to scare Rishita. Shiva sneaks out of his room taking a candle. Raavi, who was pretending to sleep, notices this. Other side, Dhara makes noodles for Gautam as he’s starving. Shiva spots Dhara and Gautam in the kitchen and tries to convince them to go back to their room, so they don’t spoil his plan. Rishita sees a woman in white saree and screams getting frightened. Raavi, Dhara Gautam and Shiva are shocked hearing Rishita’S scream. Dhara and Shiva rush to Rishita’s room while Gautam goes to check why lights went off.

Dev tries to comfort a frightened Rishita. The latter tells that she saw Kesar’s ghost. Dev, Dhara and Gautam try hard to convince Rishita that there’s no any ghost here and it could be her imagination. Rishita strongly denied it and says that she saw the ghost. She asks Shiva to tell everyone about the ghost story that he was telling Krish. Shiva covers up saying that he just alerted Rishita to be careful. Meanwhile Krish runs taking the ghost costumes. He bumps into Raavi and Raavi grows suspicious of Krish noticing bindi and kajol. She questions Krish about it. Krish lies that he did a puja. Krish diverts Raavi asking her to go and check why Rishita screamed. Later Shiva scares Raavi too saying that Rishita saw the ghost.

Rishita decides to leave the haveli, but Dev stops Rishita and convinces her to stay in the mansion giving swear on his love. Dev makes Rishita visit the whole mansion to prove her that there’s no any ghost in the mansion. Rishita agrees that she might have got influenced by Shiva’s ghost story and might have imagined the ghost. Raavi and Dhara are in the kitchen. Raavi tells that she misses her family and asks Dhara when they are going back home. Dhara says after 15 days as they are organized a puja. Raavi wonders how she’s going to spend 15 days more with Shiva in the same room. Dhara reminds Raavi that she has to stay with Shiva even after going back home. Raavi cuts her finger by mistake while cutting veggies. Dhara cares Raavi and asks her to get bandage. Shiva is cutting the woods. On the way Raavi gets hurt with a piece of wood. Shiva cares for Raavi. They argue. Shiva leaves from there.

Rishita asks Dev to kiss her, but he refuses. Rishita blackmails Dev emotionally. Dev agrees and moves close to Rishita, but stops seeing Raavi. He apologizes to Raavi and moves away from Rishita. Rishita gets furious and lashes out at Raavi. The latter bursts out in tears. Dhara gets shocked seeing Raavi in tears and asks what happened. Rishita complains to Dhara that Raavi spoiled her romantic moment with Dev. She insults Raavi. Dhara defends Raavi and reprimands Rishita for hurting Raavi. Dhara says that Raavi is also this house’s pride and Rishita doesn’t have any rights to insult her. Dhara then tells Rishita that she did wrong by romancing out of their bedroom. Dev realizes his mistake and apologizes to Dhara whereas Rishita gets more furious. Rishita insults Dhara. She says that she’s fed up with Dhara’s habit of poking her nose in others matters. Dev shouts at Rishita. Later Dhara tries to calm down Dev, who is furious with Rishita’s hurtful behavior towards his family members. The episode ends with Dhara making Dev understands that Rishita needs time to accept them whereas Dev blaming himself for all the wrong happenings.

In the upcoming week, it will be shown that Shiva will scare Rishita again. Rishita will spot Shiva and Dev giving hi-fi. She will grow suspicious of Shiva and Dev. She will think that Dev and Shiva are playing pranks on her.

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