From Shiva and Raavi tying the knot to Rishita humiliating Raavi: Read out what all happened in Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ this week!

Pandya Store Weekly Update

The week begins with Raavi getting heartbroken knowing that Dev loves Rishita and not her.  Raavi talks to Dev hoping he will say it’s all just a prank and he will marry her. However her last hope dies when Dev leaves her hands. Raavi runs from there and locks herself in. She attemps to take her life by hanging herself down, but Shiva saves her. Prafulla and Anita blame Dhara and rebuke her for ruining Raavi’s life. Meanwhile Suman gets unwell. Knowing about Suman’s health condition, Dhara and Gautam rush to her. Suman scolds Dhara and asks her to go away. Gautam defends Dhara and explains Dhara isn’t at fault, but Suman scolds him as well. Dhara feels guilty and decides to rectify her mistake. She begs Shiva to marry Raavi and save her life shocking everyone. Shiva agrees to sacrifice his happiness for his family.

However Raavi refuses to marry Dev. Jagat and Dhara request Raavi to agree whereas Prafulla supports Raavi because she thinks that Shiva and Raavi don’t have any match at all. Raavi is forced to give her consent when Jagat gets unconscious.

Gautam calls Dev-Rishita and Shiva-Raavi to the mandap. Rishita is excited to marry Dev while Raavi is sad. The couples perform the wedding rituals and tie the knot. Janardhan and his men reach the wedding venue to take Rishita back home. Janardhan tries to take Rishita forcibly from there, but Dev stops him. Gautam says that he’s ready to forget the past to keep the new relation.  However Janardhan does not share Gautam’s thoughts and he demands Rishita to come with him. The brothers stand together between Janardhan and Rishita. Rishita protects the brothers when Janardhan asks his men to hit them. Rishita tells Janardhan that she left a letter in the police station before coming here. In that letter she mentioned that she’s marrying Dev with her full consent and also Janardhan can harm her husband’s family. She threatens Janardhan saying his one wrong step can cost his reputation and his sister’s political career. Janardhan gets shocked hearing Rishita. He warns the brothers that he will not spare them and leaves from there.

Rishita gets upset that Janardhan left without blessing her. Dev consoles her. The couples are asked to take elders’ blessings. Dev apologizes to Dhara and bends down to touch her feet, while Rishita looks angrily at Dhara. Dhara apologizes to Raavi and Shiva for forcing them to do the marriage. Raavi have bitterness in heart for Dhara and decides not to forgive her for ruining her life. Prafula tells Jagat that he did a big mistake by letting t Raavi and Shiva’s marriage take place and it’s a big loss for them. However Jagat is confident that he took a right decision and reminds Prafulla that she had ruined Anita’s life. Prafulla is determined to get Anita married soon.

Later, the couples are asked to have sweets. Rishita is happy and enjoys the sweets and poses for the photohoot. Raavi cries hard seeing this. Shiva gets furious when the cameraman asks him to pose with his wife for a photo. Rishita asks to take their photo and states that they didn’t do a forced marriage. Raavi gets hurt hearing this and leaves the place crying.

Meanwhile Prafulla bumps into Hardik and Hardik drops the gifts. Anita comes there. Prafulla gets a plan. She asks Anita to help Hardik. Prafula throws the partition on Anita and she gets hurt. Prafula asks Hardik to take her home. He agrees. Other side Dev reprimands Rishita for celebrating her happiness when his whole family is undergoing a trauma. Rishita says that she left her whole family for marrying him and she has the right to celebrate the victory of their love and her intention isn’t to hurt anyone.

They all get ready to leave. Raavi sits in the car. Rishita takes the banner which has Dev and Raavi’s names. She shows it to Raavi and tears it into two. Family gets schocked with Rishita’s behavior. Gautam tells Rishita that doing such cheap act will not lower Raavi’s importance in Pandya family and reminds her that they both are the daughters-in-law of the family and have to stay together.

Later Dhara gets ready to welcome the newlyweds. However Rishita stops Dhara from taking the aarti shocking everyone. She states only her mother-in-law has the right to welcome her and Dhara isn’t Dev’s mother and asks Suman to peform the rituals. Dhara gets hurt hearing Rishita.  Prafulla supports Rishita. Shiva and Dev stand by Dhara’s side and say Dhara will welcome them. Rishita does not agree and keeps speaking against Dhara which makes Shiva furious. Shiva says that Dhara is their mother even though she didn’t give them birth and warns Rishita not to say anything against Dhara else he will forget their relation. Suman also supports Dhara.  She tells Rishita that Dhara is her mother-in-law. She can stay here if she agrees to it else she can leave. Rishita gets shocked. Dhara does the aarti while Rishita looks at her angrily.

In the upcoming week viewers will witness Shiva and Raavi arguing and expressing their hatred for each other. It will be interesting to see how their hatred will turn into love for each other in the future.

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