From Shiva-Raavi’s struggle to escape from the goons to Family planning a trip: Read to find what all happened this week in Star plus’ Pandya Store

Pandya Store Weekly Update

This week begins with Dhara comforting a heartbroken Raavi. Dhara asks Raavi to get ready for Puja. Gautam brings new clothes for Rishita as shagun since her family isn’t happy with her marriage and will not send Rishita any shagun. Rishita gets overjoyed on seeing new clothes and thanks Dev. Dev reveals to Rishita it was Dhara’s idea. Rishita’s bua, Kamini and Rishita’s mother, Kalyani make a plan to make Rishita come to home. Kamini phones Dev and says that Kalyani is very sick. However Rishita understands her bua’s trick. She taunts Kamini to find any better idea and cuts the call. Gautam-Dhara, Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish leave for the temple on bikes. Gautam-Dhara and Dev-Rishita reach the temple and are waiting for Shiva-Raavu and Krish.

Few men block Shiva-Raavi’s way. They beat Shiva and abduct Shiva and Raavi. The goons take them to a godown and tie them up. Janardhan consoles Kalyani, who is sad thinking about Rishita and assures her that Rishita will come to them very soon. He discloses his plan of kidnapping Dev and threatening Rishita with Dev and forcing her to come home. Janardhan plans to Kills Dev and send Rishita somewhere far so that no one can reach her. At the temple, all are worried for Shiva-Raavi and trying to contact them, but their phone is non-recheable. Rishita says that Shiva is irresponsible and he must’ve arguing with Raavi sitting somewhere. They are waiting like fool for them. Dev gets angry hearing Rishita’s comment and shouts at her.

Shiva learns that Janardhan is behind the kidnapping when one of the goons takes Janardhan’s name while speaking on a phone call. Kamini comes to know about Janardhan’s act and slaps him for inviting more trouble upon them. She then phones the goon and tells that no matter what, no one should know about Janardhan’s involvement in this kidnapping.

At the temple, Krish reveals to Gautam, Dhara and others that one of his friends saw few goons taking Shiva and Raavi in the car and tells that they both got kidnapped. They all get shocked hearing this. Dev suspects Janardhan to be behind Shiva-Raavi kidnapping. However Rishita isn’t ready to believe that her dad can do such cheap acts and wants to call Janardhan, but Dev stops her. Dhara is worried for Shiva and Raavi and starts feeling dizzy. Gautam and Dev care her. Gautam assures Dhara to bring Shiva-Raavi safe and sound. Otherside Shiva succeeds to free himself and beats a goon, who touches Raavi with bad intentions. Shiva tries to escape, but he gets caught by other goons. He gets beaten and tied up again.

Gautam and Dev go to Janardhan’s house. Gautam asks Janardhan to tell Shiva and Raavi’s whereabouts. However Kamini pretends to act innocent. Gautam threatens Janardhan saying he will give police complaints against them. Kamini is certain that police will not believe them. Gautam warns Janardhan and gives him time to release Shiva and Raavi. Other hand Dhara reveals to Suman, Prafula and Jagat about Shiva-Raavi kidnapping. The trio gets shocked. Prafula blames Shiva and wants to take police help to find Raavi, but Suman stops Prafula threatening to break all ties with Raavi. Other side, Dev wants to make a police complaint against Janardhan, but Gautam refuses that idea as they don’t have any proof against Janardhan. Gautam makes a plan to know Shiva-Raavi’s whereabouts.

Dev keeps an eye on Janardhan’s house. Krish comes to Dev. Krish phones Janardhan and lies that the girl they kidnapped escaped. Janardhan gets shocked. He tells about the same to Kamini, who asks him to call his men and ask what happened. Janardhan tries to contact his men, but their phones are non-recheable. Janardhan decides to go to the godown. However Kamini stops him and alerts him that it could be a trap. Janardhan agrees.  They send Janardhan’s servant,  Pappou to the goons.

The servant reaches the location and informs the goons that the girl they abducted run away. The goons say that she’s still there. The servant immediately informs Janardhan, who understands it’s Gautam’s plan. Meanwhile Raavi unties Shiva using her teeth. Shiva thinks of dealing with the goons first then untie Raavi and leaves. Raavi gets shocked seeing Shiva walking away without releasing her and misunderstands that Shiva abandoned her.

Gautam, Dev, Krish reach the place where Shiva-Raavi held. The four brothers fight the goons. Dev frees Raavi. Raavi faints and Shiva holds her. The brothers return home with Raavi. Raavi gains consciousnes and tries to slap Shiva, but Dhara holds her hand. Raavi says that Shiva left her alone with the goons and scolds him. Suman loses her cool and shouts at Raavi. Suman defends Shiva and asks Raavi to take divorce from Shiva, if she doesn’t like him. She asks Gautam to call the lawyer. Everyone gets shocked hearing Suman. Shiva says no need for lawyer, if Raavi thinks he didn’t save her, let her think so, he won’t give any explanation and adds that Raavi should decide whether to stay here or not. Dhara advises Raavi. Prafula intervenes and asks Raavi to come with her. However Raavi refuses to run away from the problems and decides to fight the problems on her own.

Suman asks Gautam who kidnapped Shiva-Raavi. Gautam hides the truth and lies that he doesn’t know and police is investigating it. Suman wants the family to visit Kuldevi temple. Rishita gets excited when Suman mentions about the mansion where they can stay during the visit. Shiva and Gautam want to teach a lesson to Janardhan, but Dhara stops them. She says that they should answer him back using their brain. Gautam phones Janardhan and lies that they have recording of his phone conversation with his goon and threatens Janardhan to stay away from his family. Rishita is excited about her first trip with Dev after marriage. Dev looks upset. Rishita questions Dev about it. Dev tells her that Janardhan kidnapped Shiva-Raavi. Rishita refuses to believe that her dad can do like that. Other side Shiva finds Raavi sleeping sitting. He lifts her and puts her on the mat. Raavi wakes up and tells that she hates him. This week ends with Pandya family going in the bus and Raavi and Shiva arguing.

In the upcoming week, the viewers will witness Shiva and Dev getting into a heated argument and the family trying to calm them down.

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