From Srishti spying on Mahira to Kritika revealing Akshay’s blackmail to Luthra’s: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya”

Kundali Bhagya weekly Update

This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta shows Falooda to Prithvi saying that Karan send this for her and says to him that she knows that she didn’t kill Akshay and her family also knows that she can’t kill anyone so everyone trying to find the real murderer. She asks him to not care about her because her loved ones are there to support her. He says to her that if she want to be deceived by others then he can’t do anything. Sameer informs Srishti about Mahira’s call conversation. Srishti thinks Mahira is involved in Akshay’s murder and decides to steal Mahira’s mobile to prove Preeta’s innocence. Karan and Peeeta miss each other. Sherlyn asks Mahira to make coffee for her and says to her that her mood swings troubling her so much.

Prithvi holds Sherlyn’s hand and says to her that mood swings are normal in pregnancy and he just wants her happiness. Pammi sees them so Prithvi changes the topic. Pammi says to him that Sherlyn was against his and Kritika’s marriage but now she is okay with it and she can understand how he convinced her. Prithvi leaves from there. Pammi says to Sherlyn that there is definitely something going on between her and Prithvi. Blackmailer calls Prithvi and demands 50 lakhs from him. Prithvi shocks learning that someone knows that he met Akshay. Mahira says to Preeta that Karan is already angry on Preeta so she can use this situation in her favor easily. She says to her that she will prove him that she can do anything for him and Preeta hides everything from him.

She says to her that she is happy that she won the challenge by separating Preeta from Karan in 3 days. Preeta says to her that she just attacked Akshay and as a Doctor she knows that he didn’t die because of her that means real culprit roaming freely outside but Police will catch the real culprit soon. Pammi reveals to Sherlyn that she saw when Sherlyn slapped Prithvi and also how they talks with each other sweetly and she is not naive so Sherlyn can’t escape from her. Sherlyn apologize to her and understood that Pammi wants her jewel so she informs her that she will give one necklace to her. Pammi thinks Sherlyn agreed to give necklace to her that means her doubt about Sherlyn and Prithvi was right. Prithvi decides to ask money from Sherlyn. Srishti and Sameer spies Mahira.

Sarla meets Lawyer and informs him about Preeta’s case. He tells her to contact Luthra’s because they can hire big Lawyer for Preeta easily. Prithvi notices necklace in Sherlyn’s hand and takes it from her. She snatches it from him saying it’s for Pammi. She informs him that Pammi suspecting their relationship and blackmailed her with that, that’s why she decided to give this necklace to Pammi. He informs her that someone blackmailed him too and demanded 50 lakhs from him. He says to her that he has to catch the Blackmailer because he is Akshay’s murderer definitely and asks her to give 50 lakhs to him. She tells him to steal the necklace from Mahesh’s room. Constables discuss about Vijay’s transfer. Mahesh meets ACP Deepak and talks about Preeta’s case. Deepak says to him that they arrested Preeta in murder case and they have proof against her so Mahesh has to wait for court order.

Prithvi steals the necklace from Mahesh’s locker with Sherlyn’s help. Sarla arrives at Luthra house to meet Rakhi. Kareena and Sherlyn insults her. Kareena says to Sarla that she already explained her family so no one will support Preeta so Sarla should not waste her energy if she came to talk about Preeta then. Sarla says to Rakhi that she needs her help. Kareena says to her that Rakhi won’t help Sarla because Preeta is an murderer. Mahira receives message from Blackmailer and she decides to meet the Blackmailer. Mahira collides with Prithvi and they drops their mobile. Srishti takes the mobile from the floor. Rakhi informs Sarla that she and Karan went to meet the Lawyer for Preeta. Kareena yells at Rakhi for hiring Lawyer for Preeta and says to her that last time Kritika’s marriage stopped because of Preeta but this time if anything happens then Rakhi will be responsible for that and threatens to leave the house.

Kritika says to Kareena that Preeta saved her life and everything happened because of her. Mahesh meets Preeta and assures her saying that nothing will happen to her. Mahira searches her mobile and asks Prithvi to help her. Srishti reads the Blackmailer’s message and informs about the location to Sameer and she keeps the mobile on the floor. Mahira finds her mobile. Preeta recalls the good moment she shared with Karan and talks to herself saying that Karan and his memories brings happiness in her life even though she didn’t thought that her marriage will happen with him still that’s the most beautiful thing which happened in her life.

Mahira stops Prithvi and gives his mobile to him saying that he took her mobile. Kritika says to Kareena that she is responsible for everything not Preeta. She says to them that Preeta loves everyone that’s why she took the blame on herself and Preeta is even ready to spoil her future for Luthra’s. She reveals about Akshay’s blackmail and also how Akshay tried to molest Preeta so in self defense she attacked him. Karan shocks hearing her. Rakhi consoles the crying Kritika. Kareena also cries.

In the upcoming episode, Pammi will praise about Preeta to Rakhi. Karan will inform Preeta that Kritika revealed everything.

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