From Tejo convince Rupi to say yes to Fateh’s marriage proposal for Jasmine To Veer’s and Sandhu’s fix the marriage date of Fateh and Jasmine: Check out what all happened this week in Your Favourite Show Udaariyan.

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This week Udaariyan episode starts with Gurpreet receives a call from Fateh’s mobile later she tells Jasmine that Fateh got his job. Jasmine asks Fateh to atleast wake up now. Jasmine comes to Tejo and asks her to meet Fateh saying May be he will listen to his friends words. Tejo convinces Gurpreet to go to the house. Tejo comes to Fateh’s room and says how much she is scared to lose him. Later Tejo threatens Fateh if he don’t wake up then she will ask their parents to agree for the Jasmines alliance. Priest words that three lives are tangled together makes Gurpreet confused. Fateh holds both Tejo and Jasmines hand and opens his eyes. Tejo informs Gurpreet about Fateh. Khushbeer and Gurpreet reads Fateh’s letter where he said that he won’t come to the house, Khushbeer leaves and Gurpreet cries. Jasmine refuses to eat after cutting her hand accidentally and goes to the room.

Rupi asks Tejo about Jasmines odd behaviour. Tejo says that she will talk to Jasmine and leaves. Everyone praises Gurpreets cooking. Khushbeer asks why no is with Fateh. Gurpreet says to everyone that he did a biggest mistake and says that when Elders are tok stubborn how can we expect from youngers and leaves the room crying. Fateh tries to stand up but fails. Tejo asks Jasmine about her sudden concern towards Fateh. Jasmine says that Fateh must be alone in this condition. Tejo also thinks how to help Fateh.

Jasmine comes to take care of Fateh. Fateh worries about what the people say if they get to know about her spending time with him alone. Jasmine ignores Fateh’s words and says that she don’t care about others. Khushbeer sees the way Jasmine takes care of Fateh from far. Tejo comes to pick up Jasmine and says to Fateh that their family members aren’t aware about this and takes Jasmine with her. Rupi thinks about Jasmine’s change in behavior and decides to ask Tejo the same but finds no one in their room and wonders where they must have gone. Rupi sees Tejo and Jasmine entering the house and asks where they went.

Khushbeer comes to meet Fateh and apologises to him for his behaviour and says that his Love wins and asks Fateh to come to the house and they both hug eachother. Everyone questions Tejo and Jasmine. Jasmine tries to lie but get caught. Finally Tejo reveals the truth that Jasmine went to take care of Fateh and says to everyone that Fateh is really a good guy. Tejo further says whatever she knows about him and Jasmine. Rupi asks Tejo even after she knows all this why she decides not to say this to their family.

Tejo asks Rupi to not to get upset because she hide the truth from them and asks Rupi to agree for Fateh and Jasmine’s marriage. Rupi says that he is upset because that someone throw their son outside because of that. Khushbeer brings Fateh to the house. Everyone gets happy. Fateh says to Gurpreet that Khushbeer agrees to both Jasmine and Canada. Rupi tells Tejo that he wont give his daughter to a family where the family members dont want to bless his daughter. Fateh asks Simran to arrange the house for him and Jasmine nearby hers. Jasmine decides to talk to Khushbeer and refuses to listen to Tejo and goes to meet him.

Fateh comes to Tejo and Jasmine’s house to inform that he is back to his house and Khushbeer agreed to his decision too. But he gets to know that Jasmines family members got to know everything through Tejo. Fateh asks Rupi to agree for the marriage saying that his parents will come to the house to fix their alliance. Rupi says to Fateh that he is a good guy but he wont give his daughter to him. Tejo asks her father that he is the one who told her it’s really hard to find true love, now Jasmine got her love so she will be happy and asks Rupi to agree to the marriage. Rupi agrees and everyone gets happy. Fateh asks Where is Jasmime. Tejo says that she went to talk to Khushbeer. Everyone gets worried.

Jasmine confronts Khushbeer and asks him to punish her if he has problems with her. Everyone smiles at Jasmine. Fateh comes to the house and says that he went to Jasmines house but she is here. Later Fateh gets a call from his friend who warns him about the company where he is going to join is in loss and they will close it in a week or so. Fateh’s family members gives shagun to Jasmine and Fateh drops her to the house and wishes no one snatch Jasmine’s happiness from her. Jasmine informs everyone that the Veer family is coming tomorrow. Tejo comes there and asks her grandmother Sukhmini to be happy after all her dream is going to be true.

Fateh tells Amrik that he is going to tell Jasmine everything but Fateh gets a call from the company and the worker says to him it’s all a rumor. Fateh gets happy then again worries about both the families meet. Tejo asks everyone to not to talk about Canada or do something that will upset Khushbeer. Fateh’s grandfather says to Fateh that he will take care of Khushbeer. Later Tejo wishes Fateh all the best and then prays to god.

Fateh’s family comes to Jasmine’s house and Khushbeer is not satisfied with them and shows his disinterest towards the marriage which makes Rupi upset. Satti and Gurpreet does the rituals for Fateh and Jasmine. Later the ladies planned to fix the marriage date as soon as possible. On the other hand Rupi realises that Khushbeer is not happy with the alliance. Fateh says to everyone that Tejo is his and will always be his best friend before his sister in law. Fateh thanks Tejo for helping him. Both of their grandparents looks at them and praises about their love for family.

Khushbeer asks Rupi why they forced Tejo to marry Jass when she don’t have any interest to go to Canada and says that its only because that he is from Canada right. In Fateh’s house Khushbeer refuses to sit on the puja which planned for the next day and asks Gurpreet to sit instead of him and then leaves the place. Fateh asks Khushbeer why he is upset to which Khushbeer says that let’s hope Jasmine’s thinking won’t force him to have a second thought about this marriage.

Khushbeer shares his worries and what he feels about Jssmine. Fateh tries to convince his father and says that he wont settle in Canada forever he will be back to India as soon as possible. Jasmine gets upset with Fateh for not picking her calls. Fateh apologise to her then plans to take her on a date. Jasmine challenges him. Next day Fateh’s aunt Nimmu comes to their house. She makes some snide remarks about Jasmine’s family. Jasmine praises Nimmu which makes Nimmu happy. Later everyone agrees to the marriage date which is fixed after five days from today.

Nimmu hears Fateh and Jasmine’s conversation about Canada and creates a scene saying that for Khushbeer his rules will change according to his loved ones. Khushbeer gets angry and leaves the place. Later Fateh and Jasmine shares some romantic time together. Gurpreet and Tejo caught both of them and makes fun. Gurpreet asks Jasmine to change the room as per her wish sayimg after all this is the room she is going to live with Fateh. Jasmine says it’s not necessary because they will settle in Canada forever and excuse herself when she gets a call from her friend. Tejo Gurpreet and Fateh looks at each other’s face and not say anything.

In the upcoming week episode it will be shown that Gurpreet will overhear Jasmine’s conversation with her friend. Jasmine will say to her friend after five days from now she is getting married after that she will settle in Canada. Nimmu will say to Jasmine to ask her mother in law’s opinion for the dress. Jasmine will say to Nimmu that Tejo will always choose her dress like how she used to do. Nimmu will say to Gurpreet and Fateh hope in puja Jasmine will not ask Tejo to sit. Khushbeer will say to Fateh and Gurpreet that he agrees with Nimmu’s words. Khushbeer will ask Fateh to confirm with Jasmine whether she will participate in the puja or not. Fateh will say to everyone Jasmine will be at the puja at eleven. Jasmine will say to her friend Preeto she will meet her next day at eleven.

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