From Tripathis getting to know about Nishant’s illness to Imlie confessing her feelings to Aditya check out what happened this week in Star Plus show Imlie

Imlie Weekly Update on

This week began with Malini wishing happy birthday to Aditya and apologises to Tripathis on behalf of Anu. She informs Aditya that their divorce date got finalized and Satyakam’s case hearing date too. Malini gets emotional before leaving and Imlie sees them.

Aditya also tells Imlie to promise him to reveal the truth on his birthday. Aditya talks to his family, they think Malini has done something but Aditya says the matter is about him. Imlie also gets scared.

But Nishant collapses that time. Tripathis get shocked to know that Nishant is seriously ill and Aditya calls himself selfish for not understanding Nishant’s pain. Imlie tells him to forget about divorce for some time.

Imlie tells Tripathis to create a happy environment around Nishant so that he gets better. Imlie gets to know about Nishant and Pallavi’s affair. She goes to thank Pallavi for the delicious dishes. Later Pallavi and Nishant both ask Imlie about each other.

Imlie decides to bring them closer. Afterwards Aditya gets impressed with Kunal’s preparations regarding Satyakam’s case. After that Kunal hugs Malini in front of Aditya and Imlie. Malini gets annoyed.

Aditya tells Malini to postpone their divorce as Nishant is ill. Later Malini’s parents warn Kunal for having an affair with Malini. Dev says he will get him blacklisted. Kunal gets to know Aditya is Malini’s husband.

Kunal meets Malini in college and they act in front of Imlie. Later Kunal informs Malini how her parents threatened him. Malini gets shocked to know about that. She apologises to him and assures him that he won’t face any trouble because of her again. There Dev pleads before Aditya to not divorce Malini but he doesn’t agree.

He says Malini has chosen a great life partner for her. He trusts Malini’s choice. They spot Malini and Kunal together. Dev thinks Malini is shamelessly hanging out with Kunal at public places. Imlie other side sets her secret plan to motion. Pallavi comes to Tripathi house to return Imlie’s book.

Pallavi meets Tripathis and they say she should keep visiting Tripathi house. Nishant stops Radha from revealing his truth and hurts Pallavi with his lie. He tells everyone that he can’t let Pallavi enter his life again as she deserves a good life partner who will live long.

Imlie sings song with everyone to show cheerful attitude. Aditya scolds her for not studying for her English exam. He tells her to talk in English only as a punishment. Afterwards he supports Imlie for bringing back Pallavi to cure Nishant.

Malini other side warns her parents to not trouble Kunal. She says Kunal is is a good human being and they won’t blame him else she will leave the house.

Imlie tries to speak in English. But she gets fed up after a certain point of time. She gets embarrassed when Tripathis laugh at her after hearing her mispronounced words. Aditya makes her understand his point when she gets hurt. Imlie goes back to study.

Later when Aditya brings food for her Imlie thanks Aditya for his support and confesses her feelings for him. The latter gets happy. Tripathis get shocked to hear that. Imlie and Rupy cover up the matter somehow.

Imlie plans something to unite Nishant and Pallavi. She locks them in a store room in her college. Pallavi demands explanations from Nishant saying why he left her without telling about her fault. Nishant is unable to answer and he faints after seeing Pallavi’s tears.

There Malini scolds lawyer Desai for his misbehavior with Kunal. She says Desai should not leak their personal conversation anywhere he wants also he has no right to accuse Kunal. Desai gets offended and leaves Malini’s case.

Later Kunal takes up Malini’s divorce case. Malini says she doesn’t want to bother him but Kunal replies he is trying to help her. Imlie and Malini later get shocked to see Nishant in that condition.

In future episodes Radha will slap Imlie for crossing her line as due to her Nishant fell sick. Malini will try to defend Imlie but in vain. Radha will warn Malini to not interfere in their family matters as she is not a part of their family anymore. Malini will get disheartened.

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