From Vansh and Riddhima reconciling to Riddhima hiding her baby’s truth from the family: read to know what happened this week in Voot Select’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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This week begins with Riddhima confessing to Vansh that she called Thapa. She lies that she made those fake documents for herself. As Vansh doesn’t like to see her face, she wanted to go away from him. Vansh gets furious hearing this. He shouts stating that she can like it or not, she can never leave him.

Later Riddhima comes to Vansh hoping to reconcile with him. However Vansh shouts at her and tells her to get lost of his life. Meanwhile Ishani fumes with anger learning that Vansh beat Angre for Riddhima. Angre gives his swear to Ishani and prevents her from creating a scene about this. But Ishani seeks revenge from Riddhima.

Ishani phones Thapa and gets to know that Riddhima called him using her identity. Vansh remembers his hurtful words to Riddhima and comes to the room looking for her. He finds that Riddhima’s belongings are missing and deduces that she left.

He informs Angre about the same and the two starts looking for Riddhima. It gets revealed that Ishani attacked Riddhima and locked her inside a car which contains smoke bomb. Riddhima comes to her sense and shouts for help. Vansh spots her in time and saves her.

Vansh reprimands Riddhima for trying to leave him and harming herself. Riddhima denies it. Vansh reconciles with Riddhima and puts two conditions: Riddhima should never leave even if he asks to leave and she shouldn’t interfere in his business.

Riddhima agrees. Riddhima also puts two conditions to which Vansh agrees. Later Vansh gathers the whole family and discloses that Ishani attempted to kill Riddhima and shows Ishani’s chain that he got from near the car in which Riddhima was locked. Ishani admits her crime, but she doesn’t regret it.

Vansh slaps Riddhima and demands her to apologize to Riddhima getting on her knees. However Ishani simply utters a sorry which Vansh doesn’t accept as a proper apology. Vansh warns Ishani and the family to not dare to go against him.

Ishani vents out of her anger on Angre. She lashes out at him for not taking a stand for her, when Vansh humiliated her. Later Ishani wanted to teach Riddhima a lesson. She intentionally sticks out her leg and Riddhima trips over it and drops the food plate.

Riddhima demands Ishani to clean the food. Riddhima threatens Ishani with the knife when the latter refuses to lean. Ishani obeys and cleans the food. Ishani vows to avenge her insult.

The morning Riddhima goes to freshen up and gets shocked red color water running from the tap. She then notices the message “Hello Miss murderer” written on the mirror. She also finds her old photo tagged her as murderer. Riddhima thinks that Sara is blackmailing her. She goes to Sara and accuses Sara of blackmailing her. Sara denies it.

They argue. Riddhima asks who else could know about their past. Sara takes Black Mamba’s name. Riddhima reminds her that she told Black Mamba is someone from her family and asks how he/she can know about their past.

Riddhima sees a person in hoodie and follows him, but he escapes. Riddhima comes across Angre. She asks him about Vansh’s whereabouts. Angre refuses to tell her, but assures her that he’s safe and will return in two days. Riddhima remembers Vansh’s condition and apologizes to Angre for questioning about Vansh’s work.

Later Chanchan arrives and meets Ishani, Sia, Riddhima and Angre. Riddhima gets nervous when Chanchal asks about her pregnancy. Riddhima keeps thinking about Chanchal’s words and faints. Angre takes her to her room.

Riddhima gains her consciousness and gets nervous knowing that the doctor has examined her. Chanchal and Ishani notice this and decide to find out what the matter is. Riddhima receives a letter and gets shocked reading it. She tears up the letter and Sia notices this.

Sia gets that letter and informs Vyom about the content of the letter. Riddhima visits someone’s graveyard and breaks down. Riddhima reveals that her baby died three months ago and she is hiding this truth from Vansh.

Vyom reads the letter in which is mentioned Riddhima isn’t pregnant and she’s fooling Vansh and his family. Vyom confronted Riddhima about the same. Riddhima admitted that she lost her baby. Vyom got elated hearing this and says that Vansh also lost his baby like he lost her daughter which angers Riddhima and she slaps him. Angre gets shocked after overhearing their conversation. Later Angre questions Riddhima about the same, but Riddhima doesn’t answer him.

Riddhima finds a baby toy stabbed in the garden and the letter in which is written “why did you kill me mamma”. Riddhima looks shocked. The whole family arrives there saying that Riddhima called them there and shows her message in their phone.

Riddhima denies it, but the family refuses to believe her. Ishani taunts her. The next day Chanchal learns that Vansh created a trust of 100 crores for his baby and made Riddhima its nominee.

Chanchal goes to Ishani and tells that she doubts that Riddhima is faking her death for money and tells about the trust of 100 crores. Ishani also has doubts on Rioddhima’s activity. They decide to dearch in Ruddhima’s room and expose her before Vansh’s return.

Chanchal goes to Riddhima’s room on the pretext of taking juice for her. She pours juice over Riddhima and sends her to the washroom to clean her dress. In the meantime she gets Riddhima’s tablets and prescription from Riddhima’s purse.

Ishani phones to the toy shop and finds out that a man bought that toy. She shares the same with Angre. The latter tells that he bought that toy for Riddhima on Vansh’s order, but he couldn’t give her and he doesn’t know how it came in the garden with a knife. Angre also shares withIshani about Riddhima lying about her pregnancy and requests her to not disclose this to anyone.

Chanchal meets Ishani and shows the tablets and the prescription she got from Riddhima’s purse. Ishani realizes that Riddhima is taking the pills taken after miscarriage and she cleverly using Ishani’sprescription to buy those pills. Ishani tells the same to Chanchal.

They both tell dadi about Riddhima faking her pregnancy. Dadi questions Riddhima about the same. Riddhima denies it and assures that her baby is safe. Ishani asks Riddhima to get an ultrasound test to prove that her baby is safe. Riddhima slaps Ishani refusing to do any test. Riddhima sees the person in hoodie running and she goes after him, but he escapes.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Dadi will question Riddhima why she lied about her pregnancy. Riddhima will say that she is telling the truth and will show her pregnancy reports. Dadi will ask her to rest. Angre will warn Riddhima that if she has taken any wrong step, Vansh wouldn’t be able to handle it.

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