From Vansh falling sick to Vansh learning about the jungle secret: Read to know what happened this week in Voot’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Weekly Update

The week begins with Riddhima asking Anupriya for fire torch. Anupriya guides her to Dadi saying she saw the fire torch in Dadi’s hand lastly. When Riddhima asks Dadi about the fire torch, Dadi tells that she threw it away shocking Riddhima. Riddhima says that fire torch could be a potential evidence to find the culprit. Dadi asks Riddhima to stop acting as detective and says that she should be ashamed for doubting on her own family. She further blames Riddhima for ruining her peace. Riddhima apologizes to Dadi and walks away.

The police team comes to search VR mansion. The inspector tells Vansh that he heard a murder happened in the mansion. Vansh says it’s not true. However the inspector shows the search warrant. The police notices Angre coming with the carpet and demands to check the carpet. Riddhima diverts police attention for a while pretending to fall down. Police then checks the carpet and finds nothing. Police team leaves apologizing to Vansh for troubling them. Vansh goes to his office and starts feeling dizzy and coughs. Riddhima gets concerned and wants to call the doctor, but Vansh stops her. Vansh receives Angre’s call. Angre informs that he placed Kiara’s body in Vyom’s house to frame him in Kiara’s murder.

Vansh is trying to open the black box with the code he got by decoding the tattoo. Anupriya comes there and takes him to Sia’s room. Riddhima also comes there. Anupriya says that Sia left the house and gives Vansh Sia’s letter in which Sia says that she’s going to her love (Vyom). Later Riddhima phones Vyom and warns him to stay away from Sia which he refuses arrogantly. Vansh takes Angre to a secret room where all VR family’s wealth is kept. Vansh asks Angre to care for the black box more than their lives. Angre is puzzled why Vansh suddenly telling him this.

Vansh confronts Vyom. The latter says that because of Vansh Police is behind him for Kiara’s murder case. They argue. Vansh asks Vyom about Sia’s whereabouts. Vyom provokes Vansh talking about Sia. Vansh hits Vyom in anger and calls out Sia. Vyom says that Sia isn’t here. Vyom kicks Vansh and Vansh falls down. Vyom holds Vansh at gun point and threatens to kill him. However Angre spoils Vyom’s plan. He comes from behind and points gun at Vyom. Vansh asks about Sia. Vyom says that she’s in his body and if he kills him, Sia will also die with him. Angre takes a sick Vansh home. Vyom says that apart him only the person, who stays at VR mansion, knows about Kiara’s muder secret.

Meanwhile Dadi is digging a grave. She recalls Vyom’s words. She remembers a FB. Kiara comes to the terrace and finds Vyom there. Kiara finds his face familiar. Vyom reveals that he was followed her everywhere in Thailand to get the black box. However she disappeared every time. He tells that he wants to make her disappear forever. Vyom forcibly feeds her the milk and peanut butter. Kiara shouts. Dadi, who is passing by the stairs, hears Kaiara’s scream. Dadi tries to stop Vyom. However Vyom blackmails Dadi to reveal to Vansh what Dadi did with Vansh’s dad. He further says that he’s doing everything for Dadi, if the black box gets opened and the secrets come out, her empire will get ruined. Vyom burns Kiara’s tattoo with the fire torch. He gives Dadi the fire torch and asks to clean everything and leaves. Dadi places the fire torch in Anupriya’s room and when she comes back to the terrace, Kiara is missing from there. FB ends. Dadi cries and buries the fire torch.

Vansh and Riddhima are having a romantic moment. Suddenly Vansh’s health gets worse. Doctor checks Vansh and tells that he’s poisoned which shocks Riddhima and Angre. Doctor has sent Vansh’s blood sample for test to find out poison’s name. Later Angre brings Vansh’s blood test report. Vansh learns the poison’s name and realizes that Kiara poisoned him. Riddhima insists Vansh to tell about the antidote. Vansh tells the antidote is some blue powder and Vyom has it and he won’t give it. Riddhima is determined to get the antidote from Vyom. However Vansh signs Angre to stop Riddhima from going to Vyom. Riddhima is adamant as it’s about Vansh life. Angre decides to accompany Riddhima.

Riddhima and Angre come to Vyom. Riddhima pleads with Vyom to give the antidote. Vyom’s men captive Angre. Vyom says that he has some conditions which need to be fulfilled before. He phones Vansh and asks to bring black box and exchange it with his wife and Angre.

Vansh gets ready to leave, but faints. He imagines Riddhima encouraging him to get up and come to her. Vansh finally gets up. Dadi comes there. Vansh tells Dadi that his enemy poisoned him and he’s going to die. Dadi looks shocked and cries. She wants to call the doctor, but Vansh stops her. Vansh gives the black box to Dadi and tells the passcode. He asks her to keep it safe and leaves.

Meanwhile Vyom locks Riddhima in a room and beats Angre. Later Vansh comes to Vyom and asks where Angre and Riddhima are. Vyom asks for the black box. Vansh tries to hit Vyom, but he can’t due to poison’s effect. Vansh sits down. Vyom pities Vansh and says Vansh has only 7 hours to live and mocks him. Vansh faints. Vyom goes to Riddhima and tells about Vansh’s arrival and he has less time. Riddhima shouts asking wher Vansh is.  Vyom shows the rope to tie her up.  After a while Vansh gains consciousness. Vyom comes to Vansh and tells that he has only 45 mins left. Vansh says that he is here now and asks Vyom to free Riddhima and Angre. Vyom refuses and reminds him the deal is to exchange Riddhima and Angre with the black box. He leaves.

Vansh sees an electric socket. He gets a wire from his pocket. He inserts the wire in the socket and creates a shock circuit and opens the doors. Vansh goes to Riddhima. He frees her. Vansh tells Riddhima there’s only 15 mins left.

Riddhima and Vansh come out. Vansh realizes that he doesn’t have much time in hand and asks Riddhima to leave. Riddhima cries and refuses to go. Vansh gives his swear and forces her to leave. Vansh goes and save Angre. Later Vyom finds Vansh and Angre. Vyom mocks Vansh and says his death news will be the headline of all the news channels. Vansh laughs at Vyom and says that if he dies, Vyom will never get to know about black box’s whereabouts. Vyom confidently says that he has people from his family, who can give the information regarding the black box. Angre asks Vyom to give the antidote.  Vyom asks for black box. Riddhima pushes Vyom and throws the antidote to Vansh. While Angre beats Vyom, Riddhima rescues Vansh giving the antidote.

After a week at a VR hotel, Vansh, Riddhima, Angre, Ishani, Aryan and Dadi arrive. The staffs welcome them. Later Vyom confronts Riddhima and asks her to keep him updated the details of Vansh’s new deal, which Vyom wants to stop from happening. Riddhima warns Vyom not to harm Vansh and says their deal is off. Vansh shows to Angre the drug used in Narco tests to make spill the truth and says that he’s going to use it to know about riddhima’s jungle secret. . Angre tells it could be harmful for baby. Vansh assures he has ordered less dosage which is not harmful for the baby.  In the night,Vansh arranged a romantic surprised for Riddhima. He spiked her drink to make her spill the truth. Vansh almost succeeds in his plan. Riddhima tells him about Sarah, a contract killer she met in the jungle and Sarah was paid to kill her. Riddhima falls asleep, so Vansh can’t know more about Sarah. The week ends here.

In the upcoming week, viewers will witness Vansh and Riddhima having a moment together. Riddhima will complain to Vansh that she doesn’t remember whatever happened after she drunk the drink. Vansh will say that she said ‘I love you’ and will romance with Riddhima.

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